Leadenhall Market

SWC Walk Short 24 - Sculpture in the City

11-Aug-16 • thomasgrabow on Flickr

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Sarah Lucas - Florian & Kevin

SWC Walk Short 24 - Sculpture in the City

11-Aug-16 • thomasgrabow on Flickr

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Damien Hirst - Temple

SWC Walk Short 24 - Sculpture in the City

29-Jun-17 • thomasgrabow on Flickr

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Thomas J Price - Numen (Shifting Votive Three), and a Sponsor's building...

SWC Walk Short 24 - Sculpture in the City

10-Aug-18 • thomasgrabow on Flickr

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Reza Aramesh - Site of the Fall - study of the renaissance garden: Action 180: At 9:15 am Sunday 28 May 1967

SWC Walk Short 24 - Sculpture in the City

23-Jul-19 • thomasgrabow on Flickr

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Jyll Bradley - Dutch/Light (for Agneta Block)

SWC Walk Short 24 - Sculpture in the City

23-Jul-19 • thomasgrabow on Flickr

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Oliver Bragg - In Loving Memory (I)

SWC Walk Short 24 - Sculpture in the City

20-Jul-21 • thomasgrabow on Flickr

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Sculpture in the City walk

Walk around an annual summer exhibition of contemporary sculpture in the confines of the City of London (financial district).

Start Liverpool Street Mainline Station, Liverpool Street Exit, Street Level, Kindertransport Memorial
Finish Leadenhall Market

2.9 km.

Time 1 hour.
Travel Liverpool Street, Bank/Monument, Aldgate/Aldgate East, Tower Hill and London Bridge tube stations are just a short walk away from Leadenhall Market, as are Fenchurch Street, Liverpool Street and London Bridge mainline stations. All are in Zone 1
Walk Notes

The critically acclaimed Sculpture in the City is an annual exhibition showcasing contemporary works by internationally renowned artists in the confines of the City of London, on streets, in squares or on buildings. The exhibition usually opens around end June, and most sculptures are displayed until the following May.

2021 sees the tenth incarnation of this popular attraction, displaying 25 artworks by 18 artists ranging considerably in scale – from large steel-, video- or fabric-works to small bronze plaques, thoughtfully placed between iconic architectural landmarks such as the Gherkin (30 St. Mary Axe), the Walkie-Talkie (20 Fenchurch Street), the Lloyd’s-Building (aka the Inside-Out Building, at 12 Leadenhall Street), the Scalpel (Lime Street) and the Cheesegrater (the Leadenhall Building). Wander the City's public spaces and stumble upon world-class public art, on an urban canvas recognised across the globe.

For more information on the exhibition, individual artworks and a map click here.
A printed booklet with a map, photos of – and information on – the art works can be picked up from early July at the City Information Centre, located between St Paul's Cathedral and Millennium Bridge. This year, there is also an Outdoor Exhibition, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Sculpture in the City. It is shown on Aldgate Square from 16 July to 08 August 2021, then on Guildhall Yard from 09 to 26 August 2021.

For a recommended route, as shown on the map on the ‘OS map’-tab above and on the gpx file, please follow below directions. The route finishes at Leadenhall Market in the heart of the City, with its multitude of refreshment options. From there, Liverpool Street, Bank/Monument, Aldgate/Aldgate East, Tower Hill and London Bridge tube stations are just a short walk away, as are Fenchurch Street and Liverpool Street mainline stations.


Leadenhall Market features more than 20 pubs, cafes, delis, bars, brasseries and restaurants. For more details click here.

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By Car

Start EC2M 7PP Map Directions

Finish Leadenhall Market (near Monument tube) Map Directions


National Rail: 03457 48 49 50 • Travelline (bus times): 0871 200 22 33 (12p/min) • TFL (London) : 0343 222 1234


Jul-21 Thomas G

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Walk Directions  

The directions for this walk are also in a PDF (link above) which you can download on to a Kindle, tablet, or smartphone. OpenStreetMap (not OS) mapping is used in the PDF for licence reasons.

  1. [Numbers in brackets] indicate the sites of the artworks, with the numbers matching those on the website linked above and in the printed booklet.
  2. Meet outside Liverpool Street Mainline Station, in Liverpool Street by the Kindertransport Memorial at street level (i.e.: not by the one on the concourse level).
  3. With the station in your back, turn left along Liverpool Street. In 100m turn right at a T-junction with Bishopsgate.
  4. In 50m at the far corner of St. Botolph-without-Bishopsgate church turn right along a broad paved path into its former churchyard to an overview panel of the Sculpture in the City route 40m away and artwork [01] to the right on a grassy area.
  5. Turn back to Bishopsgate and turn right along its pavement. In 30m cross Wormwood Street at a set of lights and on the opposite corner of the four-way junction, you find [02].
  6. Turn left to cross Bishopsgate at a set of lights and turn right along the opposite pavement. Spot [03] at the higher level of the facade of the building on the other side of the road (99 Bishopsgate).
  7. In 30m from the junction, by the info panel for the artwork, turn left along a paved passage to the right of a new office tower.
  8. In 20m you pass a blue plaque on the right ("On this site until the mid-16th century stood the first hall of the Parish Clerks' Company") and in another 50m you reach a courtyard with [04] in its middle.
  9. Turn left along another passageway between office buildings and in 50m cross Camomile Street a little to the right at a set of lights.
  10. Continue a little to the left along Outwitch Street and in 40m, where the road turns right and continues as Houndsditch, you bear left to cross it at a set of lights and turn right along its opposite pavement.
  11. In 25m turn left into Jubilee Gardens and find [05g] in the middle of the mini-park (consisting of a negative space and a commemorative plaque). Return to Houndsditch and turn left along it.
  12. In 60m turn right to cross the road at a set of lights and continue along a pedestrianised alleyway between high office buildings (St. Mary Axe).
  13. In 25m you pass [19] and in another 10m turn left to enter the office building at number 70 St. Mary Axe (the 'Can of Ham' building, accessible at all times) to find [18] in the lobby on the right. The corresponding info panel can be found out on Bevis Marks (street).
  14. Cross Bevis Marks/Camomile Street and continue along St. Mary Axe towards the 'Gherkin' building. In 50m, at the corner of The Baltic Exchange building on the left, turn left along Bury Court.
  15. In 50m in a small courtyard (effectively the back entrance to an office building) you find [17] and [05f].
  16. Turn right from the previous direction along a narrow path to the left of the glass wall-protected entrance to an underground car park and continue dowm some steps and to the left of the 'Gherkin' building and curve to the right around it until in 110m you reach St. Mary Axe (road).
  17. Cross the road and continue along Undershaft (road), with a fine facade on the right made of glazed red bricks. In 50m you find [06] on the right and, 20m further along, [05a].
  18. Turn left in front of the Hiscox Building and find [07] 40m away in the direction of the 'Cheesegrater' Building. Continue in the same direction to the left of the 'Cheesegrater', with the AVIVA building on the left.
  19. In 30m turn right through the undercroft of the ‘Cheesegrater’ (i.e.: the Leadenhall Building) and continue until you are standing beneath its escalators. [08] is a work on the underside of the escalators.
  20. Turn left towards Leadenhall Street 30m away, opposite the Lloyd's Building, with the 'Scalpel' building away to the left.
  21. The coloured ventilation shafts ('Trumpets') are a permanent artwork. The maypole away on the right is a replica of one that stood next to the original St. Andrew's church away on the left, and is what gave the church and subsequently the street its name, as it overtopped the church: (St. Andrew) Undershaft.
  22. Turn left to continue along Leadenhall Street to the right of a landscaped area (St. Helen's Piazza). In 60m cross St. Mary Axe (road) to the right of St. Andrew Undershaft Church.
  23. In 110m turn left through a narrow passage under a building (Cunard Place) and in 25m in the subsequent courtyard find [15]. Continue in the same direction towards Holland House and in 30m turn right along Bury Street.
  24. You pass the interesting looking ship-shaped prow of Holland House on your left (all the tiles on the facade of the house are from Delft) and in 30m cross Creechurch Lane (the former site of the first Synagogue, 1657-1701, after the resettlement, is on your right) a little to the left to continue along Mitre Street.
  25. In 50m, by the blue metal gate leading to St Katherine Cree Churchyard on the right, you turn left across the road into a green courtyard, where in 30m you find [16] and [05d].
  26. Continue in the same direction, noting a blue plaque on the right on a wall ('Site of the Priory of the Holy Trinity founded 1108') and a corresponding info panel, to continue along St. James's Passage past Sir John Cass's Foundation CoE Primary School (the only school in the City of London).
  27. In 30m you emerge on Duke's Place, on the corner of Aldgate Square, the now traffic-freed former Aldgate roundabout, with a fountain and the Kahaila Cafe 30m ahead (open to 19.00) and [05e] just to the right of it.
  28. Turn right across the square towards a set of lights across Aldgate (street). There you find the London Wall Walk's plaque #5 on the right, and an interesting upright London Wall info panel with an illustration of the historic Aldgate.
  29. Cross the road and, on the far side of the crossing, notice the blue plaque for the Algate ('...demolished 1760') and turn right to cross Jewry Street and continue along Aldgate and then Fenchurch Street.
  30. In 150m you cross Llloyd's Avenue and you get (at least for now, as there is a new building rising in front of it) views of 120 Fenchurch Street or One Fen Court. [The building has an acclaimed design, with the top floors clad in dichroic glass (glass which causes visible light to be split up into distinct beams of different wavelengths/colours or - in architect-speak - is '...activated by daylight and the weather conditions...", making for "...a building of iridescence..."). This effect is best appreciated from further away and in daylight.]
  31. In 30m, just before the historic East India Arms pub, turn left into the courtyard of 71 Fenchurch Street (may be locked out of hours) for a look at a ship-shaped fountain.
  32. Continue past the pub and in 20m turn left along Fenchurch Place towards Fenchurch Street station’s forecourt.
  33. In 20m turn right onto a square and pass [5c] on the first seat along, with [14], a work in three parts, spread around the square. Turn right out of the square to continue along an alleyway (London Street) and re-gain Fenchurch Street in 40m.
  34. Cross the road at a set of lights and turn left along its opposite pavement. In 40m turn right into the undercroft of One Fen Court (a public passageway called Hogarth Court) and in 25m walk under [13], a 6 hour video work on a loop. [The artwork is planned to be shown every other month (July, September, November, January, March and May).]
  35. You pass the entrance to the much-lauded 'The Garden at 120' (free entry, but booking required) on the right and in 25m turn left along Fenchurch Avenue.
  36. In 30m turn left along Fen Court, a pedestrianised lane and in 20m pass a permanent artwork ('The Guilt of Cain - Michael Visocchi and Lemn Sissay', see the info panel on the left) about the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade (an earlier St Mary Woolnoth church was close by, where the reverend John Newton delivered many anti-slavery sermons).
  37. You find [05b] amongst the benches and seats on the right. Continue down the lane to Fenchurch Street and in 40m turn right along it.
  38. In 50m, turn right up Cullum Street and in 30m turn left with it. In 50m find [12] by Bolton House on your left (with the The Bunch of Grapes pub away on the right on Lime Street).
  39. Turn left along Lime Street, ignoring Beehive Passage to the right of the pub. In 40m turn right along Lime Street Passage into Leadenhall Market.
  40. In 10m bear left between shops and restaurants and in 40m turn left by Loch Fyne restaurant and in 20m go up some steps and turn right along Ship Tavern Passage past The Swan pub to in 40m find [09] up on the left on a building's facade at the junction with Gracechurch Street.
  41. Turn right along Gracechurch Street and in 40m turn right along down Bull's Head Passage back to Lime Street Passage in 60m and turn left along it.
  42. In 20m turn right along a passage between shops, with [10] hanging above.
  43. In 15m turn left at a three-way junction, in 15m with [11] hanging above, and turn left at a T-junction to in another 20m reach the central crosspaths in Leadenhall Market.
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