Traffic Free / Off Road Cycling in South East England

Bikes on Tubes and Trains

Updated : June 2016

Its easily possible to take your bike to/from the start and finish of all these rides by trains. But, if you drive to a ride, do check that the start/finish stations are on the same line


TFL / London - Where can you take a bike?

National Rail - Where can you take a bike?

How to get your bike to, or between, London mainline train stations

You can cycle - with 'Boris bikes', and all his cycle super-highway improvements, there are a lot more cyclists about, but please, cycle defensively at junctions ....

But if you have a long ride ahead, or you live in outer London, the following may be useful:

You may be able to plan your rail journey to avoid London - check the London Connection map - link above. e.g. if you live in South London, trains go from Clapham Junction to Reading, avoiding the need to cross London to Paddington.



You live near Wimbledon and want to cycle the Lea Valley Path