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Traffic Free / Off Road Cycling in South East England

Below are traffic free / off road long distance cycle routes in Southeast England. They consist of canal and river towpaths, disused railway lines, and some long distance walks which are also permissive routes for cyclists. While the new "NCN" national cycle routes show promise, few of them in the southeast are traffic free for significant stretches. I look forward to being proved wrong!

Please note that most of these routes are mainly aimed at pedestrians, so please don't shame yourself and spoil it for other cyclists by cycling aggressively.

  • Always give way to pedestrians, especially children, the elderly, and the less able
  • Slow down when you meet pedestrians (and at blind bends)
  • When approaching pedestrians from behind, please do not ring your bell (which can startle them), but slow to walking pace, and say 'excuse me'
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