Grave of Jane Austens sister and mother near Chawton Church

22-May-04 • Peter Conway on Flickr

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Alton Circular walk

Selbourne church collection box. D.Allen. VIVITAR 5199mp

01-Jan-06 • magyardave2002 on Flickr

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Robertsbridge circular (short)

15-Aug-10 • moontiger on Flickr

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Bodiam Castle

Robertsbridge circular Bodiam Castle

15-Aug-10 • moontiger on Flickr

bodiamcastle book2 walk10 swcwalks

1008 066 Alton Circular, Hampshire, England

Wheat past it's prime

28-Aug-10 • Paul

1008 067 Alton Circular, Hampshire, England

Across the harvested fields

28-Aug-10 • Paul

1008 069 Alton Circular, Hampshire, England

After the harvest

28-Aug-10 • Paul

Alton Circular walk

Long but gentle walk visiting Selborne and Chawton, which inspired Jane Austen (writer) and Gilbert White (naturalist)



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