Amersham Circular via Chalfont St Giles walk

An easy walk along gentle hills above the Misbourne valley to the attractive village of Chalfont St Giles.


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Date Option Post # Weather
Sat, 09-Dec-23 Saturday Walk: Amersham Circular via Chalfont St Giles
Sat, 18-Mar-23 Denham to Amersham - note change of start - The Grand Union Canal and Misbourne Valley 9 drippy in the morning with sun for a time in the afternoon
Mon, 26-Dec-22 Boxing Day Walk - Amersham Circular 14 dry and sunny
Sat, 25-Jun-22 Amersham Circular 12 fine sunny
Sun, 02-May-21 Sunday Walk: Amersham Circular 15 cloudy with patchy sun
Wed, 26-Dec-18 Boxing Day Walk - Amersham Circular 17 mild and cloudy
Sun, 14-Aug-16 A summer amble in the Chilterns 3
Sun, 31-Jan-16 Gentle amble in the Chilterns 3 damp and dull
Wed, 12-Nov-14 Amersham Circular
Wed, 08-Jan-14 Amersham Circular
Sun, 20-Jan-13 Amersham Circular 0
Sun, 20-Nov-11 Amersham Circular
Sun, 13-Mar-11 Amersham Circular
Wed, 05-Jan-11 Amersham Circular
Sun, 08-Nov-09 Amersham Circular via Chalfont St Giles
Sat, 15-Nov-08 Amersham Circular via Chalfont St Giles
Sat, 26-Jan-08 Amersham Circular via Chalfont St Giles
Wed, 05-Dec-07 Amersham Circular via Chalfont St Giles
8.4 miles / 13.5 km
An easy walk along gentle hills above the Misbourne valley to the attractive village of Chalfont St Giles.

Trains: Take the 10:04 Metropolitan Line tube train from Baker Street, arrives at Amersham at 10:54. Return services are at xx:18/xx:48.
Lunch: Merlins Cave, Chalfont St Giles (Tel 01494 690090).
Length: 13.9 miles T=SWC.36
10.10 Chilterns train from Marylebone to Denham (Chilterns strike day service), arriving 10.30
The only part of the journey which is not within boundary zone six is the one stop from West Ruislip to Denham on the outbound journey.
A GPX of my suggested route is here and a map here.
This is an improvised route which I have created to cope with the rail strike. Note that I have changed the starting point (originally Uxbridge) since I have discovered that Chilterns are running a strike day service to Denham, allowing us a shorter start and less of a race to get to lunch....
You could just follow the South Bucks Way all the way from Denham to Old Amersham, which would be a mile or two shorter than my suggested route, but its route through Denham is a bit dull so I have created a longer loop that takes in a nice stretch of the Grand Union Canal. This then returns to the South Bucks Way and follows it to Chalfont St Peter and Chalfont St Giles. After this my suggestion is to reverse the morning of the Amersham Circular walk - again, slightly longer, but perhaps more interesting than the South Bucks route.
The first option for lunch is Chalfont St Peter, after 6.6 miles. I am hopeful about the Greyhound Inn here - its website was not working at time of writing, but it had very recent updates to its Facebook page. The other pub in the town - the White Hart - seems to be drinks only. There is a Co-op and takeaways in its high street.
Failing that, in another two miles (so after 8.6 miles) you come to Chalfont St Giles, the lunch village for the Beaconsfield Circular and Amersham Circular walks. Merlin's Cave here seems to have reopened and to do food all afternoon. Last year walkers also lunched at the Feathers.
At the end of the walk (13.4 miles) Old Amersham has tea places and pubs.

Metropolitan line trains back from Amersham are at 22 and 52 past. The Chilterns services at 11 and 41 past will not run due to the RMT strike
  • 14-Mar-23

    Map -,-0.51927,13&gpx_url=

  • 18-Mar-23

    9 on this one-off rail strike adventure into the Chilterns, not put off by a grey, wet start to the day. In fact it was only drippy in the morning with sun for a time in the afternoon . Slithery mud underfoot provided exercise for the lateral leg muscles.

    This walk actually had a sneaky extra agenda which I did not put in the walk post, which was to pass some HS2 construction sites. There was a preview on the last leg of the train journey from West Ruislip to Denham, which gives a good view of the line emerging from its long London tunnel. Early in the walk we then went down Moorhall Road, where piers for the two mile long Colne Valley Viaduct have already been erected.

    A tranquil section on the Grand Union Canal followed, then a walk along the edge of one of the area’s many lakes (former gravel pits, now charmingly set amidst trees). We passed under a completed section of the viaduct where it crosses the A412 and then headed up into the hills. From Old Shire Lane (a bridleway) there was a fine view of the vast HS2 “factory site” for the viaduct and Chilterns tunnel, which will later be turned into 90 hectares of chalk downland using the tunnel spoil.

    After this it was into Terra Incognita - across a golf course and down into the not unpleasant (though rather traffic-laden) town of Chalfont St Peter. The Greyhound Inn here made a perfectly pleasant lunch stop.

    After lunch we slithered up the Misbourne Valley, the surface mud from the overnight rain being a bit of a nuisance. But the skies were by now brightening and there was an abundance of birdsong. In all during the walk I heard 20 blackbirds, as well as chaffinch, wren, mistle thrush and lots more besides. One very brief burst of chiffchaff.

    Once we got to Chalfont St Giles we were reversing the morning route of the Amersham Circular walk, a pleasant climb up into the hills. The sun came out. I stripped down to shirtsleeves for the first time since September. Springlike sentiments flooded through my mind.

    After passing through a stupendous bluebell wood (not yet out) on the edge of a golf course, two peeled off to do a shorter ending at Chalfont & Latimer station. Two others we did not see after lunch. So five of us continued down into Old Amersham.

    Here the tea room had disappointingly just shut. We went instead to the modernised Griffin pub, which had disturbing artwork on its walls, but which served us tea, fruit cordial and gin and tonic with courtesy. One then left to get the 6.22 Metropolitan Line train from Amersham while four of us walked up through a birdsong-filled dusk wood to be far too early for the 6.52. We had a nice chatty ride back to London, not fortified by two surreptitious airline bottles of wine from Tesco’s, because that is not allowed on the Underground.

Length: 8.4 miles (13.5km) 3 out of 10

There are no trains today. Options considered were Abbey Wood Circular, but no Elizabeth line and Wimbledon park to Richmond but no district line beyond Parsons Green or to Richmond.

"A pleasant and undemanding Chilterns walk goes out along one side of the Misbourne valley and back along the other".
Amersham is at the end of the Metropolitan Line , so this walk can be done with an Oyster Card / Zone 1-9 Travelcard.

Travel: Get the 1002 Metropolitan Line train from Baker Street that arrives Amersham 1054. The trains are every 30 minutes on Boxing Day. Return trains are xx22 & xx52

Lunch: Merlins Cave in Chalfont St Giles.
  • 27-Dec-22

    I'd estimate 14 people (but I didn't count so please correct me if I'm wrong). A pleasant and relaxing walk in dry and sunny conditions and good company.


Sat, 25-Jun-22 : Amersham Circular 12
SWC Walk 36 - Amersham Circular
Length: 13.5km (8.4 miles)
Toughness 3/10.
Catch the 10:00 Metropolitan line train from Baker Street to Amersham, arriving 10:57. (Return xx:20 xx:50.)
The planned rail strike limits possible day walks to just those covered by the underground network (engineering works permitting). I trust that we wont end up having to work our way through those walks over the next few months. T=swc.36
  • 24-Jun-22

    Hi, I'm planning to join you tomorrow. It's my 2nd hike with SWC - hope I can recognise the group. I assume there is only 1 exit from Amersham station so I'll be there at 10:57!

  • 27-Jun-22

    A fine sunny day for this fairly short walk. Most took lunch at the Feathers (Merlin Cave is being refurbished), the odd latecomer made our number 12 .

Sun, 02-May-21 : Sunday Walk: Amersham Circular 15
Mr M Tiger
Mr M Tiger

13.5km., 8.4 miles
Difficulty: 3/10
An easy Chilterns walk along hills above the Misbourne valley to Chalfont St Giles and back. On the way you pass a memorial to the Amersham Martyrs, burned at the stake for something or other. (Not recently, though).
The poet Milton fled to Chalfont St Giles to escape an earlier plague. His cottage is still there but it is closed because of the current one.
Quickest Journey: Get the 9:57 Aylesbury Vale Parkway train from Marylebone arriving Amersham 10:32
Return trains direct to Marylebone are at xx.39
You could also get the Met line from Baker St 9:31 arriving Amersham 10:26
(Return tubes are half-hourly at 15 and 45)
Amersham is in tfl zone 9. Oysters are valid. As is a Freedom pass.
If you want to check connections from your gaff, use journey planner

Lunch: There are several pubs in Chalfont St Giles. It's hard to rely on pubs right now so bring a picnic (and water) in case you need it. There is a village green with a duckpond. Merlin's Cave appears to be open with Covid measures in place Tel: 01494 871072 The Feathers 01494 872614 also appears to be open. The Crown, though, (mentioned in the walk notes) is a goner.

Tea: Seasons Deli 01494 728 070 6 Market Square, Old Amersham, still seems to be open (till 5). There are several pubs on the High Street which may or may not be open.
Allow about half an hour to reach Amersham station from Old Amersham - there's a hill to climb and a wood to navigate.
Walk directions are here
Covid-19 Compliance: please note the current guidance on this website and observe social distancing. Please sign up for this walk in advance if you can, using the London Walkers User Group site. (This saves time collecting contact details). Otherwise bring a piece of paper with your email address on it, which will be put in an envelope and accessed if needed for contact tracing. To report a Covid case after this walk, use

T= swc.36

  • 03-May-21

    15 today. The weather was cloudy with patchy sun It tried to rain once or twice but gave up. After the Martyrs monument, some of the younger ones ran gleefully ahead - downhill on the wrong path – ignoring our earnest entreaties to return. They caught us up later, shamefaced and maybe a little wiser. Any hopes that this was a bluebell-free walk were soon dashed. The wood adjoining the golf course was full of them. A display grudgingly described as “quite good”

    The stretch after the golf course, that has been described as ‘waterlogged’ and ‘impassable’ in earlier comments, was bone-dry. The nearby stream is almost at path level, though, so maybe not advisable to post this walk after prolonged rain. There are confusing and contradictory path diversion signs over the next stretch (and similarly on the way back). However, other than generating frissons of doubt, these did not affect our route,

    In Chalfont St G, some were fed and watered in Merlins Cave. Others sat on the green.

    The climb up out of Chalfont could perhaps do with a little more confirmatory detail - perhaps a few house names or something (I can only remember Laurel House).

    A regular walker commented that the walk was more than a 3. Which, coincidentally, was about the time we reached Amersham.

Boxing Day Walk - Amersham Circular T=swc.36

There are no trains today, and I thought that as the walks in London tend to go through various parks, the best bits would be busy on Boxing Day.

"A pleasant and undemanding Chilterns walk goes out along one side of the Misbourne valley and back along the other". Amersham is at the end of the Metropolitan Line , so this walk can be done with an Oyster Card / Zone 1-9 Travelcard.

Length: 8.4 miles (13.5km) 3 out of 10

Travel: Get the 1005 Metropolitan Line train from Baker Street that arrives Amersham 1054. The trains are every 30 minutes on Boxing Day. Return trains are xx47 & xx17

Lunch: Merlins Cave in Chalfont St Giles. There is also the Fox & Hounds, but the landlord is apparently averse to Muddy Boots inside his front door.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone attending this walk? I shall be boarding the train at Harrow on the Hill station and hope to see some of you on the train. Merry Christmas and hope all of you had a great Christmas lunch.


  • Anonymous

    Intend going will catch tube at Liverpool Street (9:48 Metropolitan Line departure)

  • Anonymous

    Apparently 9:57 departure from Kings Cross/St. Pancras if your suffering from a high BMI (big mincepie intake)

  • David

    I have a few comments/corrections about today's Amersham circular walk.... 6. Continue along the field edge for another 30m. 9.... after about 30m take a path between houses on the right. 11. bear left across a small green to reach a fenced footpath, which leads down to a residential road. 18. (delete "and across a stile"). 27. Follow the fenced path round two sides of the field to reach a narrow wooden footbridge. One more point.... the "thatched house" mentioned in "19" has changed name, so I suggest the following...just after the last house before the bend to the right, take a fenced-in footpath, indicated by a small footpath sign above a 40 mph speed restriction sign....

  • David

    Re my comments below, the "thatched house" was mentioned in "21" (not "19"). There were 17 walkers and the weather was mild and cloudy . I did the walk by myself and had sandwiches outside Merlins Cave in Chalfont St Giles. Perhaps someone else can comment on the lunch options?

  • Anonymous

    Apparently Spurs won 5 nill at Wembly. Walkers on the tube back from Amersham got all the details as the train filled up at Wembly station

  • 27-Dec-18

    In response to David below, most of the non sandwichers dined at Merlins Cave, which managed to accommodate all in the group who wished to have lunch. The staff were very friendly and efficient and the food passable (small portions at Chalfont St Doodah prices) but the pub was a welcomed stop on the day - and the draught beer was very good !

    Today's choice of walk was perfect for Boxing Day, an ideal length over terrain with mud levels manageable. The turnout was excellent - and probably a SWC record for a Boxing Day walk.

    With LT underground travel working well, all seemed to have a thoroughly enjoyable day. And how nice to escape from the family and stretch ones legs in the countryside after Christmas Day indulgences.

Sun, 14-Aug-16 : A summer amble in the Chilterns 3
Download walk 36. Amersham circular via Chalfont St Giles
Distance 13.4km (8.5m); toughness 3/10
Travel :
Using your travel cards/ oyster cards take the Metropolitan Line Tube at 10.05 from Baker Street arriving Amersham 10.50. See the Metropolitan line web site for departure times for intermediate tube stations.
There are 2 trains an hour back from Amersham Underground to Central London.
This lovely gentle walk is usually done in autumn or winter but makes a relaxed summer outing in the Misbourne Valley with some fine views. Chalfont St Giles has a number of attractive places for a pub lunch as well as a village green with seats for picnic lunchers.

See here for more information about the walk and full download instructions.
  • 08-Sep-16

    " 3 on this walk" LT

Sun, 31-Jan-16 : Gentle amble in the Chilterns 3
Book 3 Walk 36
Amersham Circular
Length 13.5km (8.4m); toughness 3/10
Trains: it is recommended you use London Underground Metropolitan Line from Baker Street and take the tube nearest to 10am to Amersham. This walk can be done with an Oyster Card or a Zones 1-9 travel card.

A pleasant and undemanding Chilterns walk with a number of lunch options in Chalfont St Giles. See here for more information about the walk and full walk instructions.
  • Anonymous

    are we meeting at Amersham station then ? good to have a meeting point..

  • 27-Jan-16

    There's a Metropolitan Line tube from Baker Street to Amersham at 10:05, arriving at 10:55. I guess that's been recommended because it would allow people to join from a number of intermediate stations in north-west London. If you take the faster Chiltern Railways service from Marylebone at 9:57 (arriving Amersham at 10:32) you might be able to grab a coffee while waiting for the others.

  • River Lady

    3 damp and dull Light rain in the morning, dry in the afternoon. Alas, this did not apply to the wet mud which was an almost permanent feature of this walk. Three set out from the station, missing the monument but eventually locating the right path. One went on ahead and wasn't seen again. Two had lunch at Merlin's Cave in Chalfont St Giles which was pleasant but a bit pricey. The Crown is now a Costa Coffee and the Feathers is currently closed for renovation. After navigating even muddier fields with large puddles in places, two enjoyed tea, teacakes and scones in Amersham before the final climb back to the station.