Broxbourne Circular walk

Along the New River and up through the Spital Brook valley into Broxbourne Woods National Nature Reserve and an assortment of ancient, diverse and wild woods.


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  • Broxbourne Circular. 6/5/13.
    amib, May-13

    Despite the vast majority of this 15 mile Hertfordshire walk being through woodland, it is not one for the bluebells. Nope, the only sightings of the blue masses on this walk were within the proximity of the A10!

    It is, however, a very pleasant walk, with a nice, canal-side entree, followed by some parkland walking. Then, under the A10 and into the woods.

    There was something odd about these woods, apart from the lack of bluebells; they seemed too manicured in places, despite, apparently being of 'ancient' stock. Only one deer was briefly seen, despite this being a nature reserve, and there was little bird song. With plenty of marker posts within, there was little chance of getting lost, and so the masses felt confident enough to venture further in, meaning that there was never the solitude of the Surrey woodlands, for example.

    The 'lunch time' hostelry is around 9 miles into the walk, so this is a good one for a picnic, if you can't start early enough; there are a number of benches within Wormley Wood that facilitate this.

    There's some repetition after lunch, but this is not a problem as the woodland is then seen from another angle.

    All in all, a lovely walk for lovers of woodland environments, so this walker was fulfilled. The energy emitted by the freshly emerging leaves must have transferred to this walker as the 15 miles was hardly noticed...enjoy!

    (N.B. Some loss of visual quality due to focussing issues).