Bluebell wood near High Hurstwood

Buxted Circular walk

06-May-16 • Saturdaywalker on Flickr

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16-Oct-10 • Andrew Murphy


16-Oct-10 • Andrew Murphy


16-Oct-10 • Andrew Murphy


16-Oct-10 • Andrew Murphy

trees and meadow

Buxted Circular

16-Oct-10 • moontiger on Flickr

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Never mind the bollards

Unusual bollards are made from old gas cylinders Buxted Circular

16-Oct-10 • moontiger on Flickr

book3 buxted swcwalks walk95

Buxted Circular walk

A gentle walk through the Weald to Poundgate, with some nice views of the Weald and the distant South Downs.

Hiking Weather

10 Day Forecast for Buxted

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Cloudy, windy but mild today. Rain affecting the west.


Cloudy and windy with outbreaks of rain spreading erratically to the west through daylight hours, however eastern areas are likely to remain largely dry, perhaps even with some occasional brightness across Kent. It will be mild. Maximum Temperature 11C.


Rain, heavy in places, will move erratically east, clearing away in the early hours. Drier conditions following with lighter winds, but occasionally heavy coastal showers may spread inland later. Minimum Temperature 5C.


Occasionally heavy showers at first becoming more confined to coastal counties, with the best of the drier and brighter conditions inland. Breezy around the coast, and feeling cooler. Maximum Temperature 10C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Thursday, breezy with occasional showers, some heavy. Friday, drier overnight but rain moving east through the morning, breezy afternoon. Saturday, bright spells and a few showers, brisk morning winds.

Day 6 to 15

Saturday looks like being mild with sunshine and showers. It is likely to be breezy in the south. Winds will probably be stronger generally on Sunday with gales around exposed coasts and hills. Rain may be persistent in the south though probably still showery in the north. The UK is likely to stay rather wet and windy for those last minute shopping trips on Christmas Eve. However, there are signs that Christmas Day itself may be drier, brighter, colder and less windy, though wind and some showers remain quite likely in the south. During the last week of December dry cold bright weather is more likely, with rain increasingly confined to the north and west.

Day 16 to 30

In the New Year there is an increasing likelihood that colder weather may begin to dominate as winds turn easterly. In the north, dry, cold and mostly calm weather is more likely, with frost and fog on many nights and mornings. Wintry showers are quite likely near eastern coasts. Although weather systems may be rather slow-moving and stay out in the Atlantic, where they do push across the UK there will be an increased risk of snow at times. Although signals suggest that a cold spell is the most likely scenario in January, the extent and longevity of the cold weather is uncertain. Wet, windy and mild weather are still possible.

Met Office : SE : 2018-12-18T01:22:07