Chippenham Circular walk

A gentle west country circular walk


17.9km (11.1 miles)

OS Maps

OS Landranger 173; Explorer 156


2 out of 10.

Walk Notes

A circular walk with a selection of lunch stops.

This walk is recommended only for those who are (or are accompanied by someone) reasonably proficient at map reading.

Walk Options

Via Bowden Hill option

SE from [5] to Bowden Hill then NE via [6] to [8] to link up with the main walk. (Additional 0.9km.)

WIP: gpx to be added.

Trains go from London Paddington to Chippenham, journey time just over an hour.

Suggested Train: For an earlier lunch in Lacock take the train nearest to 10.10am. Lunch at Derry Hill or Bowden Hill route option: 09.20am.

Lunch and Tea

Early lunchtime stops at Lacock (short diversion from the walk add 2km). Located 6km from the start of the walk.

The George Inn, 4 West St., SN15 2LH 01249 730263.

The Red Lion, High St., SN15 2LQ 01249 730456.

Sign of the Angel, 6 Church Street, SN15 2LB 01249 730230.

Later lunchtime stop.

Lansdowne Arms Church Rd SN11 9NS 01249 812422 (Located after 9.3km.)

Via Bowden Hill option. (Located after 7.8km.)

The Rising Sun, 32 Bowden Hill SN15 2PP 01249 730363

Many tea / supper options in Chippenham.

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Start SN15 3QE Map Directions


National Rail: 03457 48 49 50 • Traveline (bus times): 0871 200 22 33 (12p/min) • TFL (London) : 0343 222 1234


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Walk Directions

The directions for this walk are also in a PDF (link above) which you can download on to a Kindle, tablet, or smartphone. OpenStreetMap (not OS) mapping is used in the PDF for licence reasons.

  1. Exit Chippenham station through the main entrance. After 50m, turn right along Cockleberry Road, 250°
  2. In 250m at the bottom of the road, turn left at a T-junction.
  3. In 180m turn right a mini roundabout just before the bridge over the river to go along Bath Road.
  4. After 80m turn left along Lovers Walk passage way and in 100m fork right over a footbridge to come up to a pelican crossing over the A4.
  5. Once over turn left and in 50m follow the tarmac path into a park as the path veers right away from the main road, passing by a play area on your LHS.
  6. In 180m follow paths, small roads west through a residential area and in 200m at the end of The Cloisters next to a footpath (FP) post [1] (ST 91590, 72865)
Map 1
  1. Turn left into a field to go along LHS of two fields, south. After 650m turn left along a tarmac lane for 100m to then turn right over a stile.
  2. Take a direct route across this field, (do not be tempted to follow path along RHS of field), 170°, aiming for a hidden FP exit in the hedgerow (ST 9163, 7183). [2]
    • At the FP exit go along a plank walkway to fork right to cross a footbridge flanked by two metal gates to continue in a southerly direction.
    • In 200m cross a stile (ST 91670, 71605) and corrugated footbridge. Go past a sewage plant off to your far LHS. Go over a stile (ST 91680, 71254).
    • Cross a car wide bridge over a ditch stream (ST 91710, 70900)
    • Cross a stream flanked by 2 stiles (ST 91631, 70563)
  3. Cross a stile [3] (ST 91653, 70324) right of a metal field gate(FG) and cross a car wide tarmac lane.
  4. At a lane junction [4] (ST 91899, 69139) with a bridge off to your left.
  5. If skipping lunch at Lacock, turn left over the bridge and pick up at [*].
    • Otherwise for lunch at Lacock, continue ahead.
    • In 50m continue ahead up an initially car wide tarmac track.
    • In 60m go through a wooden kissing-gate to cross a field via a tarmac path, to then go through a wooden kissing-gate and turn left down a lane towards Lacock.
    • After lunch retrace your steps back to the junction with the bridge now on your right; turn right over the bridge.
  6. [*] Having crossed the bridge turn left though a metal kissing-gate to cross a field, NE.
    • At ST 93293, 70092 cross over a stile with The Old Canal on your LHS and fork right up through a small wood.
    • Cross a stile (left of a metal FG (ST 94316, 70218)) and fork left towards the lower house.
    • About 40m from the lower house, turn left through a metal FG into the next field.
  7. Continue up the RHS of the field to then cross a stile to reach a car wide track [6] (ST 94576, 70284) which you cross to then go through a metal FG to go along LHS of a field.
    • 600m further on you cross the A342 to reach the Lansdowne Arms PH on your left, the recommended later lunchtime stop.
  8. Cross a stile (ST 95090, 73224) (with a stream on your right), to continue along the RHS of a narrow overgrown field.
  9. Towards the end of the narrow field curve round to the left into wooded area border of the field to cross a car wide bridge [9] (ST 94951, 73467)
    • Then go through a metal FG (ST 94930, 73442) to come out into a field.
  10. Cross a stile [10] to exit the field to go over cycle route 403 to continue along a farm track towards Harden’s Farm
  11. Just past Harden’s Farm buildings where the car wide track curves to the left, turn right over a stile (ST 93485, 73107)
© Saturday Walkers Club. All Rights Reserved. No commercial use. No copying. No derivatives. Free with attribution for one time non-commercial use only.