Chenies celandine wood

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Winter sunset, Chesham

Chorleywood to Chesham walk

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Chorleywood to Chesham

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Chorleywood to Chesham

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Hedgerow DSCN8575

Chorleywood to Chesham

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Chorleywood to Chesham

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Chorleywood to Chesham

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Chorleywood to Chesham walk

The Chess Valley, one of the most beautiful and tranquil parts of the Chiltern Hills, yet never more than a couple of kilometres from the Metropolitan Line. The walk dips in and out of the valley, with a number of fine panoramic views


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Updated: Thu, 17-Jan-19

Date # Post
Sat, 06-Jan-18 12

Saturday walk - Chorleywood to Chesham - The Chilterns by Tube

Chorleywood to Chesham
Length: 16km (9.9 miles) - with shortcuts possible - see below
Toughness: 5 out of 10

9.50 Metropolitan Line train from Baker Street to Chorleywood, arriving 10.31

Best ticket: Oyster

For walk directions click here. For GPX click here.

Given that it is never more than a kilometre or two from the Metropolitan Line, this walk is amazingly rural. You get your quota of fine Chilterns views, dipping in and out of a peaceful valley, and see some historic houses en route (fans of The Crown might recognise Chenies Court as the location it used for Winston Churchill's house at Chartwell). Mud there will be, but chalky soils can mean paths are not so afflicted with it. On the other hand mud on chalk can sometimes be a slippery combination, so take care

The Red Lion is the usual choice for lunch but the Bedford Arms down the road is more competitive on price than you might expect. Both are popular, but the walk start time is timed to get you to lunch quite early, hopefully giving more choice of seating. For tea the hippyish Drawingroom is very comfortable and has great cakes, but Caffe Nero et al provide a backstop.

Shortcuts: a shorter morning is possible if you get up a bit late (it is a perfectly pleasant route). There is a minor short cut as you approach lunch if you want to catch up with the main group. And (new feature!) there is now the option of ending in Chalfont & Latimer, though this gives a very short afternoon: useful if the weather turns bad, maybe... For details of all three, see the walk directions.

Trains back from Chesham are at 27 and 57 past the hour T=3.81
Great walk thanks. Natasha are you ok? (felt unwell at lunchtime)
12 fine dry mostly with a hint of icy rain nearing Chesham
Nice walk with good Chiltern views though I can’t help feeling it should reach Chesham sooner than it does. Maybe they should move it a bit closer. Slightly unusual to walk through a field of alpacas near the end but they were docile. The Red Lion wasn’t open but the Bedford was welcoming and people seemed pleased with what they got. There were plans to visit the Drawing Room at the end. I myself didn’t.

Sat, 25-Feb-17 17

Saturday walk - The Chilterns by Metropolitan Line

SWC Walk 81 - Chorleywood to Chesham
Length: 15.9km (9.9 miles) with shorter options possible
Toughness: 5 out of 10: some hills, lots of flat bits

9.57 Metropolitan Line from Kings Cross (10.05 Baker Street) to Chorleywood, arriving 10.46.

Chorleywood is in London Transport zone 7, Chesham in zone 9, so you can use Oyster or contactless. There once also was a zone 1-9 travelcard which you could buy from Underground ticket offices with a Network Card and get a 30% discount, but now there are no ticket offices, I have no idea how you get this.

For walk directions click here.

This is an easy and pleasant walk in the Chilterns with nice views in several places, during which you will also learn the origin various street names in Bloomsbury. It all feels very rural, making it all the more surprising that you are never more than a couple of kilometres from the Metropolitan Line. In fact, if you want to be hyper-lazy, the walk document now includes an option that takes you to Chalfont & Latimer station just 2.1 miles after lunch (reducing the walk to 6.2 miles in total), though I am assuming that red-blooded SWC types will ignore this.

There are also two shorter options in the morning - see walk document - option a) being just a slight trimming of the main route and option b) being a different start altogether (useful if you get up late and want to catch the group up at lunch).

The usual lunch stop is the small but recommended Red Lion in Chenies, but I was recently tempted by a walker comment to try the larger Bedford Arms up the road. This is now a hotel and has table service for meals in its bar, but is in other respects just like a pub: the food and prices are perfectly pub-like and if the sun decides to shine it has a big garden.

In Chesham the delightfully quirky Drawingroom cafe is always the top tea choice, though Messrs Costa and Nero will be happy to take your refreshment dollar if it proves wanting.

Trains back from Chesham are at 27 and 57 past. Do look out of the window to enjoy the longest gap between stations on the Underground and its most scenic views.

Now I might do the Walk on Saturday. But I can't Guarantee I will. According to the Pub Restaurant. The website Address is
The Red Lion in Chenies is temporarily closed, due to the retirement of the landlord and his wife. However the Bedford Arms has lots of room, and the local ale from the Marlow brewery is very good.
17 set off. Due to the Red Lion being closed and the Bedford Arms being unable to accommodate us (already had taken 2 group bookings), most of the group made a diversion to Sarratt, where there are two pubs. The Cricketers was a good choice. People seemed to like their food and there was a wide choice of beer. Mr Tiger liked his beer so much he had to have another half. The diversion was straightforward – easy to follow. It turned the walk into a 12 mile one. 2 had diverted to Faundon and were never seen again. The group were intending to visit the Drawing Room for tea but 'yours truly' lagged behind and cannot confirm this occurred. Going was good, even if Doris had had a go at a few trees. If anyone’s missing a glove, I found one. Nice walk. damp start getting damper some rain pm a bit blowy
If its dark blue Ian hang on to it, I came home with just the one
It is indeed that colour.
We were told by one of the group that The Drawing room has the best chocolate cake in the world. To misquote Jasper Carrot, falsely attributed to John Lennon, The Drawing Room doesn’t have the best chocolate cake in the world. It isn’t even the best chocolate cake in the Chilterns.
Though I admit that it was very nice. Five of us supped there and all five of us had a piece and I think that we all thought it was very nice.
The walk was great
As the Red Lion was closed and The Bedford arms was fully booked we had to use the Cricketeers menu/
excellent venue only about 400 metres off the route so and extra 10 minutes walking. Good food and service very nice.

As proponent of the claim that the Drawing Room in Chesham serves the best chocolate cake on any of our walks (a step short of best chocolate cake in the world) I am delighted to learn that there is even better to be found not far away and look forward to being led purposefully and accurately to the location of this wonder at a very early date.
Sun, 06-Nov-16 5

A beautiful and tranquil Chilterns ramble.

Download walk 81. Chorleywood to Chesham
Distance 15.9km (9.9m); toughness 5/10, some gentle gradients
Travel by Metropolitan underground line from Baker Street 09.50 arriving at Chorleywood 10.31. (Alternatively and if it is more convenient you could take the 09.57 from Marylebone station arriving at Chorleywood 10.24.and wait 7 mins for the tube.)
Return journey: there are two metropolitan line trains an hour from Chesham at xx:23 and xx:53

Your best travel bet is an Oyster card or contactless payment
The Chess Valley is one of the most beautiful and tranquil parts of the Chiltern Hills – which makes it all the more amazing that along its whole length it is never more than a couple of kilometres from the Metropolitan Line of the London Underground. This walk explores it thoroughly, starting in Chorleywood, whose station and common already have a very rural feel, and afterwards dipping in and out of the valley, with a number of fine panoramic views.
Your recommended lunch pub is the Red Lion at Chenies. No need to rush as it is just 6km into the walk.

Click here for further details about the walk and the pdf tab for the full walk instructions.
A good report was also received recently of the Bedford Arms for lunch
Thanks Walker; the Bedford Arms is just 200m down the road from the Red Lion
5 on t his walk with the weather sun then cloud then rain at 3pm. Also chilly breeze.
3 were pub lunchers but 2 of us pressed on to the church at Latimer for a sandwich lunch and to try to get a head start on the rain which the weather apps were predicting to start at 1pm. We got back to Chesham at 3pm and were having a a coffee when the rain began. Hope the pub lunchers managed to avoid the worst of it.

This is a lovely walk, particularly the ridge stretch through Latimer Park where there are some lovely views. A fine walk to do at any time of the year and it has inspired me to do the full Chess Valley trail from Rickmansworth next Spring.

Finally, thanks to the generosity of local sponsors all the stiles have been replaced with kissing gates so a completely stile free waqlk.
Sat, 26-Dec-15

Boxing Day Walk - Chorleywood to Chesham

SWC Walk 81 Chorleywood to Chesham

There seems to be next to no useful trains running so another tube based walk. This walk was posted on a Wednesday in late October, and we got to Chesham around sunset, so you might want to take the option 1 shortcut, saving 1 mile. You could also start a bit later with the option 2 shortcut, saving 2 miles. If you find yourself too early in Chorleywood, there is a cafe down the hill from the station and turn left under the railway bridge.

The full walk is 9.9 miles (15.9km) with lunch after 3.8 miles (6.1km), rated 5/10.

Trains Take the 1005 Metropolitan Line starting from from Baker Street (1026 Harrow on the Hill) arriving Chorleywood 1047. There are no Chiltern trains on this route, and no Circle line or Metropolitan line trains on the Hammersmith to Aldgate route. Return trains from Chesham are xx26 and xx56.

Lunch There are two lunch pubs in Chenies, The Red Lion

Tea Plenty of options in Chesham

Unfortunately, it's no longer possible to buy a zone 1 9 travelcard with the network railcard discount.
Wed, 28-Oct-15 7

Midweek Day Walk - Chorley Wood to Chesham

Chorley Wood to Chesham

The Chess Valley, one of the most beautiful and tranquil parts of the Chiltern Hills

Book 3* Walk 81

* online only

Length : 16 km or 10 miles

Toughness : 5 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:02 am Metropolitan Line from London Aldgate to Chorley Wood.
The main calling stations are:

  • Liverpool Street 10:04
  • Kings Cross 10:12
  • Baker Street 10:20

Meeting point : Chorley Wood Station at 11:02

Tickets : Buy a zone 1-9 travelcard/oystercard unless you have a freedom pass.
Travelcard prices are here

Brief Description

I suspect the walk is not really 10 miles but more like 8. Yes it's hilly, but I'd say the toughness was more like a low 4.
Anyhow you may find full details here and a printable PDF here

Suggested Lunch stops

The Red Lion in Chenies t: 01923 282 722
The Bedford Arms also in Chenies t: 01923 283 301

Suggested Tea stop

The Drawing Room in Chesham t: 01494 791691 (open late)


OS Explorer : 171 and 181

Return train times

Metropolitan Trains return from Chesham twice an hour at :22 and :52 minutes past the hour.

Lovely, intending to go
this sounds lovely, am going
How does one log walk reports now?
The same way you asked this question! By adding a comment against the walk. The walk transfers to the "recent walks" page shortly after it's happened so you'll probably have to look for it there. (Click the big red "Recent Walks" button). There is guidance on the page on how to add walk number and weather info. The only other think to remember is if it was a walk posted by Mr Tiger, you say nice things about it. Anybody else, say what you like.
Thank you for that jfk
7 plus 2 late runners arriving at lunchtime. W= Mild and mainly dry underfoot despite rain early am before setting off sunny pm. Pub food excellent but very long waits for food 40 50 mins!
Wonderful scenery no problems with route directions and a very enjoyable day out in excellent company.
Sun, 18-Oct-15 10

Sunday Walk 1 – the Chess valley

Extra Walk 81 – Chorleywood to Chesham
Length: 15.9 km (9.9 miles). Toughness: 5/10

10:12 Aylesbury train from Marylebone (Harrow-on-the-Hill 10:24), arriving Chorleywood at 10:39. [If you miss this hourly train, head for Baker Street and take the tube, then do one of the morning short cuts to catch up.]

Metropolitan line tubes go from Chesham to Baker Street at 22 & 52 minutes past the hour.

Chorleywood is in TfL Zone 7 and Chesham in Zone 9, so buy a Zones 1-9 Travelcard or use your Oyster card (and remember to touch out at Chorleywood).

This attractive walk in the Chess valley should provide some early autumn colour without you having to venture beyond the capital's underground network. There's a choice of two pubs in the lunchtime village of Chenies (the Red Lion and the Bedford Arms); it's less than halfway through the walk so you'll get there just after noon. Chesham offers the usual set of tea places plus one that's anything but commonplace, The Drawingroom.

You'll need to print the directions from this pdf document.T=swc.81
anyone going on this please?
yes hope to go
10 cloudy but bright
An excellent walk on a good day. Wonderful mix of autumn colours. 5 lunched at the Red Lion at Chenies and reported favourably. 4 took tea and cakes at the quirky Drawingroom in Chesham definitely a more interesting option than the standard high street chain cafés.
Sat, 08-Nov-14 3 Chorleywood to Chesham
Sat, 09-Nov-13 11 Chorleywood to Chesham, with short cut to Chenies
Sun, 14-Oct-12 Chorleywood to Chesham
Sat, 07-Jan-12 Chorleywood to Chesham
Sun, 13-Feb-11 Chorleywood to Chesham
Sun, 07-Nov-10 Chorleywood to Chesham, with short cut to Chenies
Sat, 15-May-10 Chorleywood to Chesham, with short cut to Chenies
Wed, 07-Apr-10 Chorleywood to Chesham
Sat, 16-Jan-10 Chorleywood to Chesham