Chenies celandine wood

01-May-13 • Saturdaywalker on Flickr

swcwalks book3 walk81 banner 8700620534

Descending to Chesham

Chorleywood to Chesham walk

14-Apr-15 • Saturdaywalker on Flickr

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Boardwalk DSCN8588

Chorleywood to Chesham

16-Jan-10 • moontiger on Flickr

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Chenies celandine wood 2

01-May-13 • Saturdaywalker on Flickr

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Chorleywood beech woods

Chorleywood to Chesham walk, shorter start

08-Nov-17 • Saturdaywalker on Flickr

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Winter sunset, Chesham

Chorleywood to Chesham walk

08-Nov-17 • Saturdaywalker on Flickr

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Tree over Chesham

Chorleywood to Chesham

26-May-21 • moontiger on Flickr

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Chorleywood to Chesham walk

Download GPS Route

These GPS files are free for non-commercial use only. Do not upload them to other websites. If you wish to use them commercially, please Contact Us

GPX for most apps and handhelds, including OS Maps & Orux

KML for

The app has recently been sold. The latest version, at least on Apple, seems to have problems. Best not to install/upgrade the app for the moment.

How to use GPS data

The Android and iPhone apps, and GPS devices like the Satmap 20, work while you are out walking as the maps are stored on your device, i.e. they don't use 'data', and you don't need a signal.

The best bit is the 'you are here' symbol on the map! Also, taking a powerbank with you is highly recommended!

Apps - OS maps

OS Maps

android iPhone PC

OS Maps Online - a website for planning routes, and an android/iPhone app with OS 1:25K and 1:50K mapping.

Anquet OMN

android iPhone PC

Anquet OMN comes with an annual subscription for OS 1:25K and OS 1:50K mapping for Great Britain. Use discount code SWC20 at checkout for 20% off


android iPhone

To test

Apps - OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap is a global free alternative to OS maps. It's more accurate in places, but doesn't have rights of way information. Brilliant for when you go on holiday!

android iPhone is a free Android and iPhone app. It uses OpenStreetMap maps, which are also free.

Easy to use. Works with our KML files. Doesn't have contours.

Orux Maps


Orux Maps is a cheap Android map app. Use it with OpenStreetMap mapping (free). How to do this.

Excellent, but over-complicated to use. There is a free version on the Oruxmaps website.

Other Options

android iPhone

Many others, including:

Dedicated GPS Devices

Satmap Active 20

GPS Device

Satmap Active 20 is a dedicated, rugged, waterproof, walker's GPS device. £285 with Openstreetmap mapping £360 with OS mapping.

Very good but very expensive


This Website (and many others)


Use a website, e.g. this one, for viewing OS or OpenStreetMap maps (free).

Requires web access, so cannot be used out walking.

Bing Maps Aerial Imagery - view the route with low altitude photos.

Prices Updated: Mar 18