East Grinstead Circular walk

Two walks in classic Weald territory, with an optional visit to the National Trust property of Standen


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Date Post # Weather
Sat, 23-Oct-21 Saturday walk - East Grinstead Circular 16
Sat, 10-Aug-19 Saturday walk - East Grinstead Circular - gentle Weald and an Arts & Crafts house 18 windy with intermittent light rain
Mon, 22-Apr-19 A Gentle Walk in The Weald 9 hot sunny day with some fluffy clouds
Sat, 27-Oct-18 Saturday walk - East Grinstead Circular 17 Initial sunny spells becoming more overcast as the day progressed with a chilly breeze
Sat, 27-May-17 East Grinstead Circular - new morning + longer afternoon 15 bright cloud with some sun
Sat, 16-Jan-16 Saturday Second Walk - East Grinstead Circular with NEW MORNING ROUTE 26 lovely sunshine and sun through high cloud
Sat, 19-Sep-15 Saturday Second Walk - Gentle hills with views of a lake 12 sunny warm
Sun, 16-Aug-15 Classic Weald walk 9
Wed, 19-Nov-14 East Grinstead Circular
Sat, 08-Feb-14 East Grinstead Circular 13
Sun, 10-Nov-13 East Grinstead Circular 16
Sun, 07-Apr-13 East Grinstead Circular (alternative route, via Weir Wood Reservoir) 16
Wed, 21-Nov-12 East Grinstead Circular
Sat, 25-Feb-12 East Grinstead Circular
Wed, 07-Dec-11 East Grinstead Circular
Sat, 09-Jul-11 East Grinstead Circular (alternative route, via Weir Wood Reservoir)
Sat, 08-Jan-11 East Grinstead Circular
Wed, 03-Nov-10 East Grinstead Circular
Sat, 27-Mar-10 East Grinstead Circular
Sat, 26-Sep-09 East Grinstead Circular
Sat, 18-Jul-09 East Grinstead Circular
Sat, 28-Mar-09 East Grinstead Circular
Sun, 01-Mar-09 East Grinstead Circular
Wed, 03-Dec-08 East Grinstead Circular
Sat, 07-Jun-08 East Grinstead Circular
Sat, 01-Mar-08 East Grinstead Circular
Sat, 23-Oct-21
Saturday walk - East Grinstead Circular
East Grinstead Circular T=swc.40
Length: 10.9 miles (17.6km) 5 out of 10

This walk takes you around pleasant hilly countryside to the south of East Grinstead, with fine views and relatively gentle gradients, and the familiar Wealden mix of pasture, woods and ancient houses. East Grinstead itself, though now surrounded by modern suburbia, still has a quaint old town, perched on a hilltop.

Early in the walk you pass Standen, a National Trust-owned house and garden exemplifying the 19th century Arts and Crafts style popularised by William Morris and others. If you want to make a visit to the house, three short walks to Standen are possible - see the walk text. Later the walk takes you pass the remains of Brambletye House, a romantic ruin almost since it was built in the 17th century.

Trains: Get the 0950 East Grinstead train from Victoria, arriving 1050 (Clapham 0956, East Croydon 1009. Return trains are xx06 xx36.

Lunch: It is 8.7km (5.4 miles) from East Grinstead to Forest Row. Obvious lunch choices are the Chequers Inn Hotel (01342 823333) which serves meals, pizzas and ciabattas 12pm-5pm. Next door to it on the left is the Java and Jazz Cafe and Pizzeria (01342 862699) which is open until 10.30pm Monday to Saturday, or 6pm on Sundays. Across the road is the Brambletye Hotel (a pub, essentially). Plus various other options, particularly the Hop Yard Brewery for it's beer, which has separate Thai and pizza concessions.

Tea: Various options: CJ’s Cafe Bar just before Cafe Nero, which is open until late in the evening. It has a roof terrace with a fine view of the churchyard. Just before it on the left is the Old Bank Cafe, open to 5pm daily. Pub choices include the Dorset Arms opposite CJs, and the Crown nearby.

Closer to the station is Bluebells (01342 458 491) on the corner of Railway Approach, which has a pleasant ambience and good selection of cakes and is open till 5pm.

  • 24-Oct-21

    I understand that there were about 14 on the walk, including one who arrived 30 mins later on the next train. We were walking quite speedy so that was impressive.

    Good weather, tons of mud.

    Five of us lunched in the Hop Yard Brewery, which did good pizzas, from nearby, and veggie burger. The beer was sadly kraft keg and fizzy and cold, ugggg.

    In East Grinstead, some went to the cafe with a book library, don't know what it is called. The cask real alers went to The Engine Room, off the London Road, on the way to the Station for the beautiful cider and smokey porter, in what is a haven.

    Lovely walk and recommended.

  • 24-Oct-21

    15 off the train at East Grinstead, plus 1 local, so 16 in all who set off in overcast-but-mild-becoming-sunny-later conditions. A pleasant stroll through woodland near Standen, with 2 of our group vying for the title of Worst GPS Navigator, became more demanding when the High Weald lived up to its reputation for mud (it's the clay - when wet it assumes the consistency of Vaseline without any of its redeeming qualities) making field gateways, thoughtfully churned into deep mud by cattle, trick to traverse, to say the least. Our group was treated to some loud and fearsome oaths by the male half of an older couple, clutching the walk instructions but rightfully fearful of following our wandering trail, who found the mud more of an obstacle than he expected. Still, we all made it through to Horseshoe Farm, (but not before the writer slipped in a gateway and went base over apex into the mud, necessitating his trousers being washed for the second time this year) where conditions improved. Past the ruins of Brambletye Manor (surely a project for a TV make-over programme?) to Forest Row where walkers lunched variously at the Hop Yard (so-so) The Swan (looked delicious) Cafe Coco (good) and the churchyard (very autumnal.)

    After lunch we elected to take the northern route via Cansiron Lane (did anyone take the lower, reservoir, route?) in what we agreed was ideal walking weather and scenery, arriving in East Grinstead in time for tea and very chocolately brownies at The Bookshop before heading for the station.

  • 24-Oct-21

    I couldn't possibly comment.

  • 24-Oct-21

    But those of us who walked past Thornhill House near Ashurst Wood might be interested to know that it is currently on the market.


Sat, 10-Aug-19
Saturday walk - East Grinstead Circular - gentle Weald and an Arts & Crafts house
Length: 17.6km (10.9 miles) or 20.2km (12.5 miles) T=3.40
Toughness: 5 out of 10

9.50 train from Victoria (9.57 Clapham Junction, 10.10 East Croydon) to East Grinstead, arriving 10.50.

For walk directions click here, for GPX click here, for a map of the route click here (the green line is the main walk, the pink line shows the shorter start and longer afternoon).

This gentle little Weald walk has had various incarnations, but the current main walk morning route, which to date has not had a summer outing, takes you out past the National Trust-owned Standen House. Those that wish to visit it can either do a short circular walk back to East Grinstead (4.8 miles), or finish in Forest Row (5.4 miles) and get the fairly frequent buses back to East Grinstead - see walk options in the walk directions for details. Or you could treat Forest Row as a tea stop and finish the main walk (another 5.5 miles) after tea: perfectly doable as an evening walk at this time of year.

Otherwise after lunch in Forest Row (various eating options - see the walk directions or home page), you have a choice between the main walk ending (5.5 miles) and a 7.1 mile longer afternoon route that loops around Weir Water Reservoir (though only once actually gets down to the edge of it). The latter repeats tiny bits of your outward route and may just get you back to Standen in time for tea (it closes at 5pm). Otherwise the pub at Old Dunning's Mill or the various tea options in the historic centre of East Grinstead are your backstop, depending on which route you take at the end of the walk (the walk directions explain these).

Trains back from East Grinstead are at 06 and 36 past the hour till as late as you like.

  • 10-Aug-19

    18 on this walk, on a day that was windy with intermittent light rain , but far from the storm apocalypse forecasted by the weather people. Only once or twice were there gusts that were somewhat worrying, bending the trees to an alarming degree, but the showers rarely lasted more than a few minutes, even if they came quite frequently. A bit more sun would have been nice, though. Once or twice it seemed to be about to break through, but only late in the day did the weather really clear.

    We got lost once in the morning because I misread my own directions. See? I can admit it. There were gripes about the complexities of the various options on the GPX, but there is not much I can do about that as they all overlap. All I can say is the written directions explain everything perfectly clearly....

    Funny to see this walk at the height of summer, with the Himalayan balsam and bracken head high, brambles groaning with blackberries. There was a bit of mud on the paths to remind us that autumn is near.

    We arrived in Forest Row to be told the “whole village” was suffering a power cut. This left the Chequers and neighbouring lunch places in darkness. But our informant was telling porky pies because walking 100 metres up the high street we found the electricity was on. Five of us went to the Hopyard Brewery. They have a nice concept, which is allowing independent Thai and pizza concessions to operate in their bar: we sampled both and the food was delicious.

    What happened to everyone else? Did you get food? We saw half a dozen pass us on the way to do the main walk and one of our number joined them. The remaining four of us set off to do the longer afternoon and we saw no other members of the group after that.

    A pleasant and uneventful two hour walk got us to Standen at 4.10pm, where we found the back gate locked and the gardens apparently deserted. We debated whether to hop the gate regardless, but did, and found that parts of the garden had been closed due to the high winds. But the tea room was open and we had a cosy tea. (Cosy. That is a word I have not used since March.)

    We stopped at Dunnings Mill on the final leg for a snifter and got the 18.36 train. It would be nice to know how the other fourteen of you got on. Majority report needed!

  • Anonymous

    All National Trust and English Heritage sites with gardens across the country were shut on Saturdays due to high wind.

  • 11-Aug-19

    Err...not all, since Standen was open. Only parts of its garden were closed.

Mon, 22-Apr-19
A Gentle Walk in The Weald
Extra Walk 40 – East Grinstead Circular

The suggested option for today is the main walk, which is 17.6 km (10.9 miles). Toughness: 5/10.Shorter options are also available if you want to visit Standen or just have an easy day out. See the walk notes for details.

09:51 East Grinstead train from Victoria (Clapham Jct 09:58, East Croydon 10:10), arriving East Grinstead at 10:50. Buy a return to East Grinstead.

Return trains from East Grinstead are half hourly at xx:06 and xx:36

This walk takes you around pleasant hilly countryside to the south of East Grinstead, with fine views and relatively gentle gradients, and the familiar Wealden mix of pasture, woods and ancient houses.

Early in the walk you pass Standen, a National Trust-owned house and garden. Later the walk takes you pass the remains of Brambletye House, a romantic ruin almost since it was built in the 17th century.

After lunch in Forest Row - lots of food options here - the walk takes you past Tablehurst Organic Community Farm and cafe, and up over gentle uplands to East Grinstead, whose old town has plenty of tea options.

You'll need to bring the directions from the East Grinstead Circular walk page.
  • 22-Apr-19

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • 22-Apr-19

    9 disembarked from the train on a hot sunny day with some fluffy clouds

    Three separated from the group to visit Standen House and Gardens. We three all agreed the house and gardens were worth the visit, particularly on such a sunny day the full colourful display of gardens, in particular the tulips, could be appreciated.

  • 22-Apr-19

    One observation - although it is not always exact, the GPS track from Standen House to Forest Row was significantly "off-course" and I would suggest it is reviewed.

    I was using the GPX track with Open Street Maps on the OsmAnd app on an Android phone.

  • Anonymous

    Moon Brain, you were right. I did a careful check of the GPX files of all my walks a while back, but this route obviously slipped through the net. I have tidied up the GPX and posted it to the site, but it might take a while to go live there. I have also checked the other walk options.

    The walk author

Sat, 27-Oct-18
Saturday walk - East Grinstead Circular
Length: 17.9km (10.9 miles) or 20.2km (12.5 miles)
Toughness: 5 out of 10

9.51 train from Victoria (9.58 Clapham Junction, 10.10 East Croydon) to East Grinstead, arriving 10.50. T=3.40

For walk directions click here. For GPX click here.

Just to be clear, this walk was given a whole new morning route a couple of years ago, which is the one we will be doing today. The old shorter route across the fields to lunch got a reputation for being rather muddy in winter: but this is a completely different route, going out past the National Trust-run Standen.

Mud should in any case not be a problem today, which is one reason to give this pleasant and varied Wealden walk an airing now. It should make a good autumn outing, with a mix of small woods and open fields.

There are oodles of lunch options in Forest Row and after lunch you can choose between the main walk ending over gentle hills back to East Grinstead (the 10.9 mile version), or if you want to make the best use of the daylight on the last day of British Summer Time (it won't be light again till this late until late February), there is the longer afternoon route (the 12.5 mile version) which loops around the bottom of Bewl Water Reservoir, with a possible tea stop at Standen. On the main route you come back to East Grinstead High Street where there are plenty of places for tea.

Trains back are at 6 and 36 past the hour.
  • Sandy

    I was thinking of joining this one on Saturday, SWR permitting, but I'm struggling to understand the map. Is the purple line the short morning and long afternoon? Sorry if I'm being dim.

  • 24-Oct-18

    Yes. The purple line is the short morning and long afternoon and the green line is the “main walk”

  • 28-Oct-18

    17 on this walk, I hear, with 3 doing the longer afternoon. If anyone who was on the walk wants to post a more detailed report, please do

  • 28-Oct-18

    Didn't do a count up at the station but 17 sounds about right. Initial sunny spells becoming more overcast as the day progressed with a chilly breeze .

    The Chequers Inn Hotel - the recommended lunch time stop - looked somewhat forlorn when I walked in: just one other customer tucked away in a side room, no one behind the bar and a sprinkling of Halloween decorations trying their best to brighten the place up. An overheard conversation between the owner(?) and a subsequent customer suggested that it had been without a chef for a while and had only recently started serving food again. That said, the veg lasagne I ordered from the specials menu was very good, though it bore more resemblance to a ricotta filled cannelloni (also on the specials menu) covered in a tomato and béchamel sauce, and the salad it was supposed to come with never appeared.

    While I sat waiting for my food I saw half a dozen of our number - sandwich eaters I think - pass on the other side of the road, never to be seen again, at least not by me. The main contingent of our motley crew arrived some time later, bringing some much needed life to the pub, but by that time I had finished my meal (and a very nice pint of Harveys) and was keen to be on my way.

    Two of us left the pub together and save for passing one late (or early?) starter encountered no other members of our group on the walk back to East Grinstead. On reaching the centre she stopped of for some retail therapy whilst I pressed on for the train, stopping at the Bluebell Railway buffet carriage (very cosy looking) next to the station for a takeaway tea and cake.

    As to wildlife, Walker will no doubt be interested to know that it was limited to the odd buzzard, jackdaws, pigeons, cows (various), sheep and some fine saddleback and British Lop(?) pigs in a barn behind the farm shop and café just outside Forest Row.

    Not a walk that I particularly enjoyed, though that probably had more to do with my mood and the weather than any shortcomings in the route. On which subject …

    … the fenced orchard referred to para 42 of the instructions as being "to your right" in in fact to the left. And in a similar vein, in para 123 the instruction to "Veer slightly left across it [the field], to exit it in 130 metres by its far left-hand corner." should read "Veer slightly right across it to exit it in 130 metres by its far right-hand corner."

  • Sandy

    I was in the "main contingent" and the group on the longer afternoon. Not much to add though, we went slightly astray near the phone mast in the morning hence the late arrival at lunch; I agree the proprietor of the Chequers only just seemed to be holding things together. Also agree that the walk wasn't a classic but the encroaching gloom didn't help. The three of us got to East Grinstead just before 5, failed to find an open tea shop and resorted to a swift half in the Ship before a surprisingly long walk back to the station; still got the 1736 though.

    Trail notes - the stiles at the start of paras 181 and 182 are now solid metal gates and the field is a vineyard. Follow the left hand edge to get to the second gate.

Sat, 27-May-17
East Grinstead Circular - new morning + longer afternoon
SWC walk 40 - East Grinstead Circular (Weir Reservoir Circular option)
Length: 20.6km (12.8 miles) - short walk visiting Standen also possible: see below
Toughness: 5 out of 10

9.53 train from Victoria (9.59 Clapham Junction, 10.10 East Croydon) to East Grinstead, arriving 10.48

For walk directions click here.

Back in 2015 I created a new morning route for this walk - rehashing some old elements, introducing some new ones - hoping it would be less muddy in winter. It was tried in January 2016 and proved just as muddy as the old route.

Since then it has languished in obscurity, so it now gets its first spring/summer outing. Mud will be no problem at this time of year and the route takes you past Standen, the National Trust property, mid morning. If you fancy doing a proper visit to this (after all, it is bank holiday weekend) see the Tourist option below.

The walk document contains two interlocking East Grinstead circulars, and in the morning we will be doing is the Anticlockwise walk - page 4 of the directions. This gets you to lunch in Forest Row in 9km (5.6 miles). The Chequers Inn is the obvious choice here: last time some of us tried the Swan but I don't remember being that impressed: there is also the Brambletye Hotel and the Java and Jazz Pizzeria, so you won't starve.

After lunch I propose switching to the clockwise walk - see paragraph 37 on page 13. This is the former "longer afternoon" of the East Grinstead walk, which takes you around the Weir Wood Reservoir, with some nice views, and then back to Standen, which you might just get to in time for tea. There is some slight overlap with the morning route, but only for a short section. Other tea options are the Old Dunnings Mill pub, or - less romantically - the Starbucks in the Sainsbury's by the station. Instructions are also included to take you up into the old centre of East Grinstead for more tea options.

Trains back from East Grinstead are at 07 and 37 past until late

Tourist options

If you want to make a proper visit to Standen, several options are outlined on page 3 of the walk document. Option i) uses the out and back routes of the anticlockwise and clockwise walk to make a 7.2km (4.5 mile) circular walk and ii) simply involves doing the anticlockwise morning, with a Standen visit in the middle: this is 9.3km (5.8 miles). You then take one of the very regular buses from Forest Row back to East Grinstead: eg at 16.27, 17.04, 17.26, 18.04, 18.35, 18.57, 19.49, 21.14.

You could also do the Standen visit, have tea in Forest Row, then carry on to finish the anticlockwise walk, which is 18.1km (11.2 miles)

  • 28-May-17

    15 on this walk: more possibly set out for it and got stymied by the closure of Victoria tube station due to "passenger action" in the half hour before the train was due to leave. As it was, two managed to catch up the original 13, having been forced onto later trains.

    It was not quite the blazing hot sunny day forecast, but actually the bright cloud with some sun , combined with fresher temperatures than of late, was perfectly pleasant. At Standen four peeled off to make a detailed visit to the National Trust house and gardens. I got separated from the rest at this point when I stopped to wait for one of those who had missed the train, so I hope the others enjoyed the rest of the walk (feel free to file your own report). The two of us had a lovely day, with beautiful buttercup meadows, pleasant sits to enjoy views, and one or two butterflies.

    While most lunched at the Chequer's Inn, we tried the Java and Jazz Pizzeria which did very nice pasta, served quickly. We just arrived at Standen too late for tea but this also had the good effect that we went up into Old East Grinstead where CJ's Cafe Bar - which has been recommended to me before but which I have never tried - proved an excellent tea stop. It has a good cake selection and an upstairs terrace with a direct view out over the churchyard.

    It seemed too nice an evening (and time of year) to rush home, so we walked up the old railway line to the west of East Grinstead station for a short walk to listen to the evening birdsong. Then the 9.07 home.

Sat, 16-Jan-16
Saturday Second Walk - East Grinstead Circular with NEW MORNING ROUTE
SWC Walk 40 - East Grinstead Circular with NEW morning route
Length: 18.1km (11.2 miles)
Toughness: 4 out of 10

9.53 train from Victoria (9.59 Clapham Junction, 10.10 East Croydon) to East Grinstead, arriving 10.48.

For walk directions click here - you only need pages 1-10 since we will be doing the "winter walk".

The East Grinstead Circular has gained a terrible reputation as a winter walk in recent years due to fearsomely muddy fields near its start. I must be a bit touched in the head because back in the summer I set out to create a new winter start that would be drier underfoot. I stress "drier", not "dry" because this is the Weald and it is January, but I did my best to pick paths that were high and to use tarmac or gravel tracks as much as possible.

Will this actually work? The only way to find out is by giving it a test in full winter conditions. I am "cheating" a bit because if the forecast is right the ground may be partly frozen today. But we shall see.... C'mon. I appeal to your sense of adventure....

The other advantages of this new start is that it is a bit longer than the old one, and you pass the National Trust property of Standen quite early on, which amazingly is open today if anyone wants to visit it. (You could have a look at the house and grounds, have lunch there and then finish your walk in Forest Row, the lunch stop on the main walk and get a frequent bus back to East Grinstead from there: this makes a short walk of 9.3km/5.8 miles)

Lunch is in familiar old Forest Row, but since we are trying new things today, we might eschew the familiar old Chequers Inn and try one of the other pubs in the town - eg the Brambletye Hotel on the other side of the road just down the hill, or the Swan ditto but up the hill.

The afternoon is the familiar afternoon of the East Grinstead walk - I say familiar, but so rarely did anyone stick with this walk to do the afternoon that it might be a novelty to most of you. It has a long dry section on lanes and tracks in its middle with nice views. East Grinstead has nice pub and tea opportunites.

Trains back are at 07 and 37 past until as late as you like.
  • 17-Jan-16

    26 on this walk on a day of lovely sunshine and sun through high cloud . A beautiful day out in lovely company, but OK, OK, OK, the new "winter" morning route did not quite make the grade. Quite large bits of it were firm and dry, but where it crossed fields there was a tendency for boots to sink down 6 inches into the gloop. Luckily this was mitigated by frozen or part frozen ground in lots of places, but in our new "normal" 13 degree winter temperatures it would have been distressing.

    Having said this, am I allowed to say as the walk author, that I thought the new morning route delightful, and I think it will make a lovely spring, summer or autumn route? At least two people took advantage of the fact that it passes the National Trust property at Standen early on to visit that house - another big advantage of the new route.

    Our experiment with untried pubs in Forest Row was also mixed. The Swan was comfortable and pleasant, but its food was priced at the gourmet end and then turned out to be more of corner cafe quality. You don't expect to get cheap MacDonald's style fries with a £15 fish and chips, nor pre-sliced factory bread with a pub sandwich. Either food quality or the price points need to change. Ho-hum.

    These minor niggles were shrugged off in a very nice afternoon, largely firm underfoot, when the sun, which had been a bit hidden by cloud around lunchtime, reappeared. A few gloopy fields towards the end were thankfully freezing solid by the time we crossed them. We got to East Grinstead just in time for dusk (always nice to feel one has made full use of the day). Some of us tried a new tea place in the centre called Agora, but I found it a bit pedestrian. It is not often you find me wishing I had gone to Caffe Nero....

Sat, 19-Sep-15
Saturday Second Walk - Gentle hills with views of a lake
SWC walk 40 - East Grinstead Circular with alternative afternoon
Length: 11.2 miles (18.1 km)
Toughness: 4 out of 10

9.53 train from Victoria (9.59 Clapham Junction, 10.11 East Croydon) to East Grinstead, arriving 10.48

For walk directions click here.

The standard East Grinstead Circular is a very pleasant walk which has suffered in walkers' perceptions in recent years because of several outings in winter when its initial descent across fields has proved very muddy**. But the fields are dry as a bone at this time of year, and even if we do have some heavy rain this week it should quickly soak in/evapourate (it takes a couple of months for the Wealden fields to build up their characteristic winter squelch).

So this is an attempt to rescue this walk's reputation - long overdue as it has many delights, including a mansion which has been lying in ruins since the 17th century. Those who have done this route previously will also be pleased to hear that the Chequers Inn in Forest Row, the usual lunch pub, has recovered from its deep funk and now seems to be offering a large and varied menu. There are in any case oodles of other options nearby.

This is also a chance to do the longer afternoon route (the 11.2 mile version of the walk: though if anyone wants to do the shorter main route instead I won't tell the teacher). The alternative afternoon takes you to around the Weir Wood Reservoir (though with distant views of it rather than close encounters) and up to Standen, a National Trust property. If you can get here before it closes at 5pm you can have tea in its tea room. If not, the walk offers lots of other options.

Trains back from East Grinstead are at 07 and 37 past till late.

** Out of interest, a completely new winter start to the walk has been researched and will be trialled later in the year. This will also allow one to make a morning visit to Standen in the summer months.

  • 22-Sep-15

    12 sunny warm

    I'm not entirely sure how to add meta data to this comment! Anyway, on the East Grinstead Circular there were 12 people. The walk poster had promised it would be dry underfoot, however, it was actually quite muddy in parts. This was the first time I had done this walk and was presently surprised how pretty it was. The reservoir looked particularly attractive in the sun. One walker asked, with impeccably good manners, whether we could have tea and cakes in the National Trust property and they thankfully said yes. All in all an enjoyable walk with good company. Thank you 'Walker' for posting it before the mud builds up to such an extent, to make it, shall we say, challenging!

Sun, 16-Aug-15
Classic Weald walk
Free walk 40a East Grinstead circular via Weir Wood reservoir
18.1km (11.2m); toughness 4/10
Trains: London Victoria 09.53 (Clapham Junction 09.58, East Croydon 10.09) arrives East Grinstead 10.47. Return trains at xx:12 and xx:42 to London Victoria.
A walk in classic Weald countryside of woods, hills, and open fields. Your recommended lunch time hostelry is the Chequers Inn in Forest Row, 6.1km into the walk.

See here for the pdf walk instructions and further details about the walk.
  • 17-Aug-15

    9 w= dull-with-light-rain . 7 men and 2 women. The other chap first walked with NA 25 years ago! Weather disappointing and by the afternoon we had a light drizzle for the rest of the day. Still we had an excellent days walking and we all did the longer tour around the reservoir.(You could take a path on the other side of the reservoir where you are much closer to the water and thus avoid a lot of road walking so if you have a map this could be worth checking out.

    The path across the first fields you enter are now enclosed (fences put up 6 weeks ago) so no problems there with direction finding. On other sections of the walk you have to pay attention with some stiles well hidden.

    The Chequers Inn was virtually empty (Is it long for this world?) but there are other options on the High Street in Forest Row with the Swann a fairly posh looking place near the church a possibility.)

    Refreshing tea at Standens and then the 5.12pm train home

  • 17-Aug-15

    In fact 7 women & 2 men!

  • 17-Aug-15

    Thanks. I really must check my posts before hitting send!!