Farnham to Godalming

Pooh Corner. Follow the 3 pigs to find The Donkey!? D.Allen Vivitar 5199 5mp

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'Pooh Corner' on the Farnham to Godalming walk

Conundrum: Follow the 3 pigs to find The Donkey!? D.Allen Vivitar 5199 5mp

02-Jan-06 • magyardave2002 on Flickr

england corner surrey pooh book1 walkers walk12 swcwalks

Book 1, Walk 12, Farnham to Godalming 1

Keeping people out - in an attractive kind of way, 24 March '07.

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Book 1, Walk 12, Farnham to Godalming 2

Close to Tilford, 24 March '07.

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Book 1, Walk 12, Farnham to Godalming 3

Boots at The Donkey, 24 March '07.

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Book 1, Walk 12, Farnham to Godalming 4

A view from Peper Harow, 24 March '07.

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Book 1, Walk 12, Farnham to Godalming 5

Peper Harow, 24 March '07.

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Farnham to Godalming walk


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Updated: Fri, 22-Jan-21

Date # Post
Wed, 29-Jul-20 15

Wednesday walk Farnham to Godalming - River Wey, Waverley Abbey and Peper Harrow Park

Book 1, Walk 12 - Farnham to Godalming

Length: 20.6 km (12.8 miles). Continuing along the river at walk-end to Guildford adds 4 miles to the walk.
Toughness: 6 out of 10

Meeting place: outside Farnham station building at 11-30 hrs

We will do a socially-distanced meet up there and split into groups of no more than six. You must please be prepared to swop contact details with others in your group for contact tracing purposes

If you are comfortable travelling on public transport out of rush hour, and comply with social distancing rules and wear face covering etc, the suggested train to the walk-start is as follows:

London Waterloo: 10-23 hrs. Alton service. CJ 10-30 hrs
Arrive Farnham: 11-25 hrs

Return service: Godalming to Waterloo: 16-09, 16-25, 16-41, 16-51, 17-11, 17-25, 17-41, 17-51, 18-25 hrs and so on

Guildford to Waterloo: usually 4 fast trains an hour

Rail ticket: Buy an off-peak day return to Farnham plus a single from Godalming to Woking

Today's walk in the western extremities of leafy Surrey starts and ends along the River Wey. Fit walkers can have an extended walk beside the river by continuing at walk-end from Godalming to Guildford. At this time of year this extension should make for a very enjoyable early evening walk. But for us lesser mortals, 12.8 miles should be quite sufficient for today's walk, along mostly flat sandy bridleways and through commons.

The delightful early pub-lunch stop on this walk is the Barley Mow in Tilford. The pub has reopened and has a new menu for current conditions. But the traditional pub stop for this walk comes 50 minutes later on in the walk at the Donkey pub, Charleshill, which should be open and serving food and drinks. If stopping here say hello to the two donkeys, Pip and Dusty, resident in the back garden.

The afternoon leg of the walk takes you towards walk-end back along the river into Godalming. Tea options are listed in the walk directions, found here: L=1.12
hi Marcus please correct me if i'm wrong but just looked up the bus 46 route and there appears to be a stop at Charleshill where the lunchtime pub, the Donkey, is situated?
runs every 2 hours

Hi Anonymous, Yes the timetable shows there should be a Number 46 bus service to Goldalming stopping in Tilford, Charles Hill today at 12 52 hrs and 14 52 hrs. But I leave it to you to work out where the bus stop is !
I met ten off the posted train outside Farnham station, and we sort of splintered into a number of small groups before setting off, rather haphazardly, on today's walk. Three others had taken an earlier train, and one had driven to Godalming to do part of the walk backwards, so totting up, methinks that makes 15.
We were blessed with another warm summers day, sunny most of the time, but not as hot as the previous week in Balcombe: near ideal walking conditions. Infact, given over 85 % of the walk is within shaded woodland, we could have tackled this walk on a hot day and not felt uncomfortable.
We opted to delay lunch until the second pub, The Donkey in Charleshill, where four of us dined and met the early train three who were finishing their meal. The pub's owner and staff managed the Covid compliance very well and efficiently without being officious, and our food dishes, which arrived promptly, were delicious and enjoyed by all. So well done, and thank you to the Donkey.
Pip was in the paddock behind the pub, looking dozy, but no sign of Dusty today, having a snooze in her stable, perhaps.
After lunch, per usual, we separated into a number of sub groups, making for all ports in west Surrey. I remained with my three diners for the afternoon leg, now in warm sunshine, through more woodland trails before reaching Peper Harrow the only open bit of the walk. Onwards then to Godalming and the final leg beside the River Wey. Three of us stopped for a drink in the Star pub on the High Street (where our car driver was spotted loitering). Two or three from a different pod stopped for a pint in the sun at the Stag on the River in Eashing, and we met them at the railway station. The 18 25 was running a little late, but no matter: by then, we had enjoyed a long day in the sun and a snooze on the journey home was in order.
Wed, 06-Nov-19 9

Wednesday Walk Farnham to Godalming - River Wey, Waverley Abbey and Peper Harrow Park

Book 1 Walk 12 - Farnham to Godalming

Length: 20.6 km (12.8 miles)
Toughness: 6 out of 10

Either (for Senior Railcard holders - and Clapham Junctioners)
London Waterloo: 09-53 hrs Alton service CJ 10-0 hrs Woking 10-30 hrs
Arrive Farnham: 10-55 hrs

Or (for non-Senior Railcard holders)
London Waterloo: 10-00 hrs Portsmouth Harbour service (Does not stop at Clapham Junction)
Arrive Woking: 10-24 hrs Change trains
Leave Woking: 10-30 hrs On Alton service
Arrive Farnham: 10-55 hrs


Godalming to Waterloo: 11, 25, 38 and 51 mins past the hour (plus 17-41 hrs)

Rail ticket: Buy a day return to Farnham plus a single from Godalming to Woking

Today's walk starts and ends along the River Wey. In between it passes close to the ruins of Waverley Abbey and heads through woods and along sandy bridleways to your choice of lunch pub stops. The (usually excellent and homely) Barley Mow pub is some 6.25 km into the walk at Tilford. Continue on for another 2.75 km and you will reach The Donkey pub in Charleshill, the traditional stop on this walk. Whichever pub you plan to stop at, best 'to phone ahead with numbers.
After lunch the walk takes you through more woods and along more sandy bridleways until you reach the Peper Harrow Estate (with only one 'pee"). Soon afterwards the walk returns to the River Wey for a relaxing river path walk all the "way" into Godalming. Proprietors or Managers of the tea options listed in the Directions will all welcome your walk-end custom.
Although I do not promise today's walk will be totally mud-free, the sandy paths help keep footbed conditions reasonably dry, making this walk suitable to do after lengthy periods of steady rain or in winter.
Walk Directions are here: L=1.12
9 of us. Sunny to midday then cloudy. Glorious autumn colours. Beech, larch, sweet chestnut all at their golden best and many oaks looking good too. Kestrels, a kingfisher (seen by one), still some fungi, pink spindle berries.

Two of us had lunch at The Donkey. Some tried to feed the donkey carrots but it was not interested. Some sandwichistas left early but others drank with the diners. Most (all?) of us finished the walk in the daylight, to my surprise. Of my group, only I went for tea in Godalming, the others being keen to rush home and catch the height of the rush hour.

Mid afternoon a lady coming the other way announced cheerfully “You are lost!” She had deduced this from the fact we were on her land and not on a right of way. Otherwise direction finding was trouble free. Despite its length this walk was a perfect fit for a November day. Minimal mud.
Sat, 26-Jan-19 13

Saturday walk - Farnham to Godalming - A quiet corner of Surrey

Length: 20.6km (12.8 miles). For a shorter 16.2km (10.1 mile) walk, see ** below
Toughness: 6 out of 10. T=1.12

Catch the 9.23 train from Waterloo to Farnham, arriving 10.25

If you just miss this train, get the 9.30 Portsmouth train from Waterloo to Woking and change there (arrive 9.54, depart 10.00) for the above train.

From Clapham Junction, get the 9.27 Exeter train and change at Woking (arrive 9.45, depart 10.00).

Buy a day return to Farnham. On the way back you need a single from Godalming to Guildford (tickets to Farnham are valid via Guildford, even though this is not the normal route).

For walk directions click here. For GPX click here.

Once you get free of the horrid A31, this walk is a very pleasant walk up an interesting river valley to the pretty village of Tilford. You are then into more woody heathy territory (which has the advantage of sandy soils to keep the mud quotient down) as far as Charleshill.

Lunch can either be at The Barley Mow in Tilford or the Donkey in Charleshill. The latter is quite small and somewhat gastro and it would probably be wise to have phoned to secure a place. (I have made a booking for 8 people, just to start the ball rolling...). The former is from memory a somewhat larger establishment but is only 3 miles or so into the walk.

After Charleshill you are out in quite wild and remote Surrey territory. Truth to tell, I have not done this part of the walk for 15 years or so, so my comments must needs be somewhat approximate. I can vouch for the pretty ending in Godalming though an area of wild riverside also passed on the Warnborough to Godmalming walk. For tea Godalming has various choices, including - if all else fails - a Costa Coffee open till 6.30pm.

** The shorter option, a walk of 16.2km (10.1 miles) is to do the Farnham Circular option of the Guildford to Farnham walk. To do this, follow the Farnham to Godalming walk as far as the Donkey and then switch to paragraph 109 on page 9 of these directions (you need only print pages 9 and 10). GPX here.

Trains back from Godalming are at 25 and 53 past and from Farnham at 28 and 58 past

I can recommend Changing Perceptions Community Cafe and Workshop in Godalming for tea. Cafe Mila is also good although last time I was there it was very busy with families.
13 on this walk. Despite rain being threatened for the afternoon, it largely held off, with only very minor precipitation after 3.30pm. It was even sunny at times around lunchtime and in the early afternoon. So mostly dry and occasionally sunny.

I had booked for eight at The Donkey, a wise precaution as it turned out. As it happened, eight was the exact number who wanted to eat, so that was handy. One also joined us as a drinks only companion. Four picnickers presumably went on without us, as picnickers are wont to do. We eight had a very nice lunch in the conservatory with a good view of the eponymous donkeys, who some of the party communed with after eating.

The afternoon stretch was the bit of the walk I had not done for years. It is perfectly pleasant in winter, dry underfoot, with some nice wooded bits. We got to Godalming around 4.30, so filled the day nicely. Cafe Mila was just closing and there was some fragmentation of the group as we looked for alternatives. Four of us ended up in Costa Coffee and two of those joined two others later in a pub. The train home was full of football supporters on the way back from Portsmouth, but fortunately the BTP (British Transport Police) were out in force and there was no rowdiness.
Sat, 07-Oct-17 30

Farnham to Godalming (or Circular) - Surprisingly remote for Surrey

Farnham to Godalming (Book 1, walk 12) - 20.6km (12.8 miles)


Farnham Circular (Book 2, walk 12c) - 16.2km (10.1 miles)

Toughness: 6 out of 10 (officially, but I remember it as fairly flat actually...)

9.23 train from Waterloo (9.41 Surbiton) to Farnham, arriving 10.25

If you miss the above, the 9.30 Portsmouth Harbour train from Waterloo gets to Woking at 9.54, where you can catch the above train at 10.00

From Clapham Junction, squeeze onto the 9.27 Exeter train, arriving Woking 9.45 and connect as above.

Buy a day return to Farnham. If returning from Godalming you will need to get a single from Godalming to Guildford (two stops) on the return leg. (Guildford, not Woking, it having been established in the past that a Farnham return goes through the automatic barriers at Guildford and is thus valid for travel to that station.)

For walk directions click here. For GPX file click here.

If you are doing the Farnham Circular option you also need pages 6, 7 and 11 of this document (starting with page 11), with the GPX file available here.

This walk (Farnham to Godalming) basically shadows the River Wey throughout, though for much of its length water is not in sight. An exception is the start of the walk where there is a pretty walk up the river valley (including remains of Second World War defences) to Tilford. Though it is only about a quarter of the way into the walk, the Barley Mow here is a possible lunch stop. You might at least like to check before passing it whether the Donkey in Charleshill, the official lunch stop for this walk, can accommodate you, as the latter is a small-ish pub (though a very nice one).

After Charleshill, the Farnham to Godalming walk continues through woods and heaths - surprisingly remote countryside for Surrey - to pretty Godalming for tea. The Farnham Circular option is to instead switch to option c of the Book 2 walk 12 directions, which takes you over heaths and through woods back to Farnham - a slightly shorter walk for those who think 12.8 miles is a bit of a stretch.

Trains back from Godalming at 25 and 53 past
from Farnham at 28 and 58 past. T=1.12
Anyone interested in doing Farnham circular?
I probably will do the Farnham Circular but we do not need to choose until after The Donkey pub the recommended lunch venue. Stephen
Yes,I'm keener on doing the circular one. Also at lunching at the Donkey, the other one sounds too soon into the walk.
See you on Saturday !
Sounds good, Stephen and Gabriella. I will join you.
30 got off of the train at Farnham
The guard on the train seemed to have loads of extra work to do as over the intercom he offered tickets for future travel to save people queuing at the station on Sunday or Monday morning and also offered to print out time tables is this part of the idea to increase guards productivity ? As we left the train he announced 'To the majority of you leaving at this station I have one word for you " Walkies " ' which raised a titter nice to have happy guards we were hoping to get him on the way back but no such luck our return guard was a lot less sanguine.
I guess 20 of the walkers did the short version ( Farnham circular ) and so returned to that station in dribs and drabs for the return journey which means about 10 did the Godalming version
The weather was overcast all day but still quite mild so it was shirt sleeves for most of us throughout the walk
This walk is very pretty with lots of autumnal leaves and some violet toadstools see pics in the woods and occasional views out to the surrounding area. It is easy and flatish so the short version is no more than say a grade 2. We measured it as 17.4 km. The only downside is the amount of metaled paths which were a bit hard on my feet knees and hips
About 18 of us had lunch in The Donkey excellent service and the food was wonderful according to the 5 others on my table and the staff were good natured. 2 of the walkers seemed determined to moan and whine loudly about the service whilst waiting at the counter well done the staff for keeping a good attitude and looking after us thank you to them
Five of us researched a new cafe the Krema in Farnham old town about 500 meters form the station and the cafe was very good as was the tea ( loose leaf ) and the cakes not too sweet. One of our group mentioned that service in this area seemed to be very good on the train, in the Donkey and now at Krema it works we all left feeling really good.
https://www.facebook.com/Kremacoffeefarnham 947903108614897/ and they do well on trip advisor
For those who are interested there is a good selection of charity shops in Farnham
Thank you to the people I walked with for a good day
General Malaise
About 10 ate in the earlier pub, the report was also excellent, one said it was the best pub he ate for a while, so thumb up for this pub.
Sun, 26-Feb-17 9

Surrey Heathlands

Book 2 Walk 12c Farnham circular

Length 16.2km (10.1m); toughness 3/10.

Trains:10.07 London Waterloo arrives Farnham 11.13

Return trains from Farnham on the hour (may have to change at Woking and at xx:30 (direct)

An attractive walk exploring the ancient man-made habitats of the Surrey heathlands.

Walk instrutions

Click here for the instructions for the Book 1 Walk 12 Farnham to Godalming walk and your two lunch pub options

See here for more details about this Book 2 walk. Click on the download walk pdf tab at the top of the page and refer to Section C at the end of the pdf file for information on completing the circular walk back to Farnham.
9 on this walk including a family of 4 whose six year old son set a cracking pace at the start by running ahead. (Ah the reckless energy of a six year old).We all met up at the Donkey pub, which still has donkeys but all the tables were booked so the family group ate the at the bar whilst the rest of us who had brought sandwiches had a drink. The pub/restaurant is tiny and there's hardly any room for those who just want a drink but the staff are friendly enough.
After lunch we parted from the family and five of us ambled through the heathland which to be frank did not look at its best in late February and is in fact mainly woodland. Three of us had a tea at the hotel in Farnham before catching the 4.30pm train home.
A fine day out on a mud free and stile free walk with the weather mild and dull with some wind.
Sat, 02-Apr-16 7

Saturday First Walk - The River Wey valley, with sandy heaths in between

Book 1 Walk 12 - Farnham to Godalming
Length: 20.6km (12.8 miles)
Toughness: 6 out of 10

9.23 train from Waterloo to Farnham, arriving 10.25

If you miss this, get the 9.30 Portsmouth train and change at Woking (arrive 9.54, depart 10.00)

From Clapham Junction get the 9.27 to Woking, arrive 9.45, to connect as above.

Buy a day return to Farnham. Past experience has proved that this is valid from Guildford to London, so you need to buy a single from Godalming to Guildford (one stop) on your return (not Godalming to Woking as stated in the walk instructions).

For walk directions click here.

To celebrate the lighter evenings, a longer walk. The pretty morning half of this walk is familiar to me from Farnham Circular walks (combining the morning of this walk with the afternoon of book 2, walk 12). It takes an interesting and gentle route along the upper Wey valley, which usually has good signs of spring.

But it is aeons since I did the standard afternoon, so can't say much about it, except that the walk notes talk of sandy heaths, the Peper Harrow estate, and then a nice walk along the Wey into Godalming.

Lunch is at the Donkey in Charleshill after 5.5 miles, but there is an earlier option at Tilford after 3.8 miles, so before passing the latter, it might be worth phoning the former to check they have space.

Tea in pretty Godalming seems to devolve onto Costa or Caffe Nero, but you may be able to find something more characterful.

Trains back are at 25 and 53 past until 19.53, then 20.29 and hourly at that time thereafter.
I like the sound of this one but is there flooding in the Wey valley at the moment?

Not that I am aware of, no. If you know otherwise, post a link
No there isn't flooding in the Wey Valley
Cafe Mila in Angel Court on the High Street in Godalming, just before Boots is one of the better tea rooms in Surrey with a good selection of home made cakes. Often busy, but usually space upstairs. Closes at 17:00 on Saturdays.
7 sunny and warm a bit cloudy in the late afternoon

If you are looking for a walk that doesn't suffer from mud, this is a good one to do as the soil here seems on the whole to be sandy and dry. There were a few odd muddy patches but they were small and hardly worth mentioning and we arrived at Godalming with boots unscathed.

It was a delightful walk. The sun was out and the celandines on display in the woods and it was warm enough to have lunch in the garden at The Donkey. The donkeys are still there happily munching carrots and send their regards.

Cafe Mila was popular with families but we were ushered upstairs to the "adults only" area. The tea and cakes were very nice.

A 3rd pub option for this walk is The Stag on the River at Eashing. It could be a tea stop or an option for lunch if the walk is done in
http://www.stagontherivereashing.co.uk/meet the chef/
Sat, 28-Mar-15 3 Farnham to Godalming
Sat, 28-Jun-14 7 Farnham to Godalming
Sun, 02-Jun-13 13 Farnham to Godalming
Sat, 19-Mar-11 Farnham to Godalming
Sat, 21-Aug-10 Farnham to Godalming
Sat, 21-Mar-09 Farnham to Godalming
Sun, 20-Jul-08 Farnham to Godalming
Sat, 22-Mar-08 Farnham to Godalming
Sat, 24-Mar-07 Farnham to Godalming