Pretty anyway. Faversham to Whitstable

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Don't bother with the gate

Faversham to Whitstable

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One for the twitchers

Faversham to Whitstable

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Book 3, Walk 12, Faversham to Whitstable

Beached. 26 July '08.

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Faversham fancy

....well, it may have been when new

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Whitstable shoreline

with a pub glittering all white and welcoming in the distance

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Faversham to Whitstable walk

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Faversham to Whitstable walk

Easy Coastal Walk


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Updated: Sun, 08-Dec-19

Date # Post
Wed, 11-Sep-19 6

Wednesday walk Faversham to Whitstable - along the Saxon Shore Way

SWC 12 - Faversham to Whitstable

Length: 15.7 km (9.8 miles)
Toughness: 1 out of 10 (nice and flat all the way along the coast)

London Victoria: 10-10 hrs Dover Priory service Bromley South: 10-27 hrs
Arrive Faversham: 10-25 hrs

London St Pancras: 10-27 hrs Stratford International: 10-34
Arrive Faversham: 11-31 hrs

Would Victorians please wait for any Pancreatics to arrive.


Whitstable to Victoria: direct trains at 16-19, 17-26, 18-22 and 19-22 hrs
Changing at Sittingbourne [S] or Faversham [F]: 16-49 [S], 17-49 [F] and 19-49 [S]

Whitstable to St Pancras: direct trains at 16-49, 17-49 and 18-49 hrs

Long walkers: Herne Bay to Victoria: direct trains at 17-19, 18-15, 19-15 and 20-20 hrs. Changing at Sittingbourne: 17-44, 18-42 and 19-44 hrs.

Rail ticket: main walkers - buy a day return to Whitstable. Long walkers - to Herne Bay

Wednesday walkers who enjoyed the Faversham Circular walk on a hot, sunny day on 24 July should also enjoy re-visiting Faversham at the start of this coastline walk to Whitstable. The walk is flat all the way as you proceed along the Saxon Shore Way to Seasalter, before continuing on to Whitstable. Anyone wanting to go long today can extend the walk to Herne Bay (making a total walk of 23.8 km - 14.8 miles) but I suspect most of you will be content with the main walk, particularly if it is warm enough to take a swim somewhere along the coast from Seasalter to Whitstable, tides permitting.

Lunch today: The Sportsman in Seasalter, 9 km into the walk. tel: 01227-273370. Booking ahead is essential. My opinion of what I had previously found to be a pretentious, over-priced sea-food establishment went up the last time a small group of SWC walkers called in on a very wet day - the manager kindly allowed us to dry off and eat our own sandwiches in their conservatory. Further down Faversham Road from the Sportsman is Forget Me Not Cafe (formerly Poppet's Cafe) which has good reviews. Otherwise, you have to wait until you reach Whitstable where you can sample their oysters or have a late lunch or take tea in a choice of cafes and pubs.

The railway station is some twenty minutes or so from the centre of town.
Walk Directions are here: L=swc.12
6 perfect
3 from St.Pancras and 2 from Victoria, plus another who contacted by text but was not encountered. A very beautiful day in wonderful early autumnal light. The Sportsman was fully booked but we rested outside before dining at the cafe a little further on. Four went straight to the train while one lingered another hour to enjoy the sinking sun from the shingle beach outside the buzzing Old Neptune pub.
Sat, 22-Jun-19 7

Faversham to Whitstable

With a potentially warmer weekend forecast, here's a gentle seaside stroll for those with a yearning to see the coast

Length 9.8 miles (15.7 km)
Toughness 1 out of 10

Getting there

Catch the 9:55 am HST Faversham train from London St. Pancras International (10:02 from Stratford International) to arrive at Faversham 11:05 am.


Catch the 9:40 am Ramsgate train from London Victoria (9:57 am Bromley South) to arrive at Faversham 10:52 am. You may wish to wait for the St. Pancras train to arrive and investigate the delightful high street.

Getting back

There is one fairly fast train per hour back from Whitstable station to London Victoria at 27 minutes past the hour. Journey time 1 hour 24 minutes

There is one fairly fast train per hour back from Whitstable station to London St. Pancras at 49 minutes past the hour. Journey time 1 hour 17 minutes

Plan your journey here.


Buy a cheap day return to Whitstable. Please note that the St. Pancras Service is more expensive and if you've travelled from London Victoria, you will need to return to that station or upgrade your ticket.


OS Landranger Map 178 and 179 Explorer Map 149 and 150.


This is an easy walk starting in the delightful town of Faversham with the main part of the walk mostly alongside the Saxon Shore Way
Whitstable has a fish market and harbour if you have time to while away.


Booking at the suggested Lunch stop The Sportsman is essential if you are looking for a "gastro" lunch. However walkers have found that the Oyster Pearl 2.5km further on at 185 Faversham Road in Seasalter CT5 4BJ is a reasonably priced alternative. Lastly there is the Forget Me Not at 400 Faversham Road also in Seasalter CT5 4BW.
The last two venues make for a longish morning leg (about 9.5km) so you may wish to bring (or buy in Faversham) a snack to eat en route.

More details about this walk may be found on the link below

Started the day admiring Faversham with its rich history and architecture. The town's market square was a delight, we then saw the house where King James (the second) was held after his capture. Then we walked down a beautifully preserved medieval street which was saved from developers in 1958 and then one last treasure was seeing one of the oldest surviving warehouses in Britain. The 7 on this walk were then treated to some lovely nature in the way of butterflies and wild flowers as we walked around Faversham Creek. Prices at The Sportsman pub put people off from eating there so after the sandwich munchers had finished we set off on a very attractive coastal path to Whistable. After a drink at the Old Neptune pub five of us flopped onto the beach for a lovely hour of doing absolutely nothing. A good day out.
Mon, 24-Jul-17 4

Last Day of Whitstable Oyster Festival

SWC Walk 12 - Faversham to Whitstable

Length: 15.7 km (9.8 miles)
Toughness: 1 out of 10

Either: London St Pancras: 10-27 hrs HS1 service
Arrive Faversham: 11-30 hrs

Or: London Victoria: 10-07 hrs Dover Priory service
Arrive Faversham: 11-23 hrs (please wait on station for arrival of St Pancras train)

Return: Whitstable to St Pancras: 50 mins past the hour HS1 service..journey time 1hr 20 mins
Whitstable to Victoria: 50 mins past the hour, changing at Faversham, and 15-24, 16-19, 17-23, 17-39, 18-23, 19-23, 20-28 and 21-28 hrs. Journey time 1 hr 23 mins.

Rail ticket: buy a day return to Whitstable. To take advantage of South Eastern's Summer Offer of £ 10 return (by purchasing your ticket before 6 pm on Sunday) you may have to specify a return train time. Suggest you check at your nearest station.

Bank Holidays excepted, we do not usually post group walks on a Monday, but a fellow walk poster has suggested we take advantage of the staging of Whitstable's Oyster Festival - today being its last day. So today we are coupling our flat, coastal walk from Faversham to Whitstable with the Oyster Festival - for a bit of fun at walk-end.

At the start of the walk it is worth taking in the historical sites in Faversham. Indeed, if oyster festivals are not your thing then there is a nice Faversham Circular Walk of 7.5 miles which explores the old town and then takes you out onto the marshes and back again. Pick up details of the walk from the Visitor Centre.

For those on the posted walk, having left Faversham you soon find yourselves on the Saxon Shore Way (SSW path) for a relaxing coastal walk. There is no lunch stop today, so either do the full walk in one go, or stop in Seasalter on the coast at the Sportsman's pub for a drink (lunch not served on Mondays) before continuing into Whitstable.

The Oyster Festival has moved this year from Whitstable's harbour eastwards towards Tankerton. Once there you can participate in the events and feed, or find somewhere nice on the coast for an afternoon swim. Or both. After the excitement make your way back through Whitstable to its station for your journey back to London.
Walk directions here: L=swc.12
High tide is roughly 2.30pm. Whitstable has sufficient depth for swimming for at least three hours after high tide: after that the sea retreats over the mud.
Intend going ton this walk today as away for the weekend at Chagstock the boutique music festival on Dartmoor
Many thanks to Marcus for a magical walk.
Four of us alighted from the train from Victoria. We waited for the St Pancras train to arrive, but when it did, no one else joined us, so that made 4 for the day's adventure.
With overcast skies, as forecasted, and rain threatening at any moment, we set out through historic Faversham (worth a day visit in its own right) to arrive at the Saxon Shore Way for our coastal walk. Big rain bearing skies, big inland fields in full crop, flat marshes, rough seas whipped up by the high wind, the walk was atmospheric and invigorating, if a bit chilly. No motor car noise all morning, and few others out on the marshes, at times it felt as though we were in the middle of nowhere.
As per last Wednesday in the Cotswolds, Lady Luck was with us again as the rain held off as we arrived in Seasalter, for a drink at the Sportsman pub. Full marks to the pub's management for allowing us to eat our sandwiches in their covered conservatory, out of the wind, which by now was stronger. Given my own previous experiences of the Sportsman were not good, this was much appreciated so thank you.
Onwards after lunch in the wind, and still dry, with some nice stretches along the shingle beach with the tide now fully in, and so into Whitstable Harbour, which was quite busy, despite the inclement weather. An oyster shell castle building contest was underway, part of the Festival, but we resisted the urge to join in (as late starters). Similarly, as none of us was partial to eating oysters, we passed on the offer from the various stalls. The lobster and chips offer for £ 30 was more tempting, but a bit expensive for this pensioner. So instead we made for the railway station along the "Winkle and something Way", a cycle path between Canterbury and Whitstable, to catch the 17 23 hrs train back to Victoria. Trains today were all on time and not overcrowded.
Comment on the South Eastern ticket promotion: no one knows about it, how it works, when it works (no one being the ticket offices at both Victoria and Whitstable). I managed to persuade the ticket office in Victoria to give me a £ 10 return using the promotion: my three companions had no such luck. The South Eastern website is not helpful, either. So best ignore this so called phantom offer.
But for a day out, we had a lovely time, and a thank you from me to my three lady companions for putting up with me and my warped sense of humour.

you have to buy the promo by 6pm the day before, at at southeastern station, or from their website
Thanks Andrew. I purchased my ticket from Victoria, which serves both Southern and South Eastern, before 6 pm on Sunday before the walk. The ticket office was not aware of the promotion, and at first insisted I specify a particular return train which I could not do. The website also asked me to specify a return service, and Whitstable ticket office thought the promotion was a Trainline initiative.
This is the link for the Southeastern offer. It does work.

You'll see the relevant destinations which you see when you scroll down the page. Buy up to 6pm the day before you travel and the price will come up as £10 return.

https://www.southeasternrailway.co.uk/destinations and offers/hidden gems/summer hidden gems
Sorry I couldn't join you in the end after a wet and windy 4 days in a tent in Devon I was in no mood for the days weather forecast.
No problem, Marion. The seas were too rough and (probably) cold for swimming. As the four of us on the walk were taken with Faversham, I will be posting a Faversham Circular walk on Tuesday 22 August, making use of the £ 10 rail fare as explained below.
Sat, 30-Jul-16 12

Third Walk

SWC Walk 12a - Faversham to Herne Bay

Length: 23.8 km (14.8 miles). Toughness: 1/10
Shorter (standard) walk option to Whitstable: 15.7km (9.8 miles).

Catch the 10:07 from London Victoria arrives Faversham 11:23. Buy a day return to Herne Bay. For the standard walk buy a day return to Whitstable. Return from Herne Bay xx:21 until 22:21 (xx:28 Whitstable) to Victoria.*

Lunch: There are many possibilities in Whitstable. The Old Neptune is the suggested lunch stop.
Standard walk: The Sportsman will almost certainly be fully booked days / weeks in advance. Suggest Poppet's Café & Tea Room. 400 Faversham Road, Seasalter. (Street View looking west along Seasalter Road.)

* Slightly shorter journey time to St. Pancras xx:44 (xx:50 Whitstable); additional cost.
Intend going.
Now I might do the walk on Saturday. But I can't Guarantee I will.
12 of us on an overcast and warm day. Compared to the first and last walk check in 2006, there is now far more accessible coast walking past Seasalter, with only a 150 metre stretch off shore before arriving at the Old Neptune pub. So no more diversions inland over the railway to the inland road and back again. Once alongside the Creek it is now a very straightforward walk and I suspect that the updated directions will hold up well until the next scheduled walk check in 2026.

PS Belated thanks to Walker for researching and adding in ~2008 the updated section from the station through historic Faversham Town to Faversham Creek vs. the original dull section out to the Creek.
Just to add that 5 of us had great fresh fish lunch in Oyster Pearl pub just beyond Seasalter, we stayed on for the oyster festival at Whitstable enjoying music by the sea. Thanks for posting Ian.
A couple of points on Faversham to Whitstable, which I followed an hour early than recommended as an 1130 start to the actual walking is later than I enjoy.

Last time a walk (possibly the same route) took me to Whitstable it was timed to coincide with the Whitstable Oyster Festival. As it happens, this walk coincided with the Oyster Festival too, but the walk posting overlooked this detail, or if it didn't I did. It's worth knowing as there are many stalls selling interesting food, not confined to Oysters.

Not knowing about the festival stalls, I stopped at Poppet's Cafe and Tearoom and was given a warm and cheerful welcome. Main courses are generously proportioned and at £4 5 barely more than a pint of beer at other places. The upmarket (in terms of food ambition, if not outside appearance) Sportsman pub had a handwritten sign in the window saying it was fully booked for food.
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