Book 1 Walk 7 Garston to St. Albans

The bridge is to the right! D.Allen Vivitar 5199

24-Feb-08 • magyardave2002 on Flickr

book1 stalbans garston walk7 swcwalks

Bricket Wood common

01-Jan-10 • JonCombe on Flickr

book1 walk7 swcwalks

River Ver

01-Jan-10 • JonCombe on Flickr

book1 walk7 swcwalks

Near St Albans

01-Jan-10 • JonCombe on Flickr

book1 walk7 swcwalks

2 Duck Houses in our pond

near Garston

14-Feb-15 • magyardave2002 on Flickr

book1 walk7 swcwalks

Ver river swans

near the Dutch farm (for sure!)

14-Feb-15 • magyardave2002 on Flickr

book1 walk7 swcwalks

Moor Mill

dating from the C18th.

14-Feb-15 • magyardave2002 on Flickr

book1 walk7 swcwalks

Garston to St Albans walk

River Ver, historic St Albans and the Roman town of Verulamium

Hiking Weather

10 Day Forecast for NR-GSN

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Some clear spells overnight, sunny spells and breezy tomorrow.

This Evening and Tonight:

Staying dry with some clear spells, especially in the east, but becoming cloudier at times from the west overnight. Increasingly windy across Norfolk by morning. Minimum Temperature 5C.


After a chilly start in the south, Tuesday will be dry with bright or sunny spells. Staying windy across the north of the region, and breezier more generally elsewhere. Maximum Temperature 14C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Wednesday and Thursday dry with bright or sunny spells, and rather warm on Wednesday. Friday turning much colder, as rain soon clears south to leave sunshine and scattered showers.

Day 6 to 15

It will be noticeably colder next weekend, with frosty and perhaps icy starts. A cold northerly wind is expected, which may be touching gale force in parts of the north and northeast. There will be sunshine and showers during the daytime, which could bring a mixture of sleet and snow to the tops of the hills and mountains in the north, but perhaps to lower levels at times in parts of Scotland. Into the following week the forecast becomes more uncertain, but it may be drier and more settled to begin the week, before a return of wet and windy weather. It looks to be staying generally on the cold side, with further overnight frost.

Day 16 to 30

The weather looks changeable and windy at times with bands of rain or showers, interspersed with drier, quieter spells. The wettest and windiest weather is most likely across parts of the north, with perhaps some snow at times over the mountains. Towards the middle of the month, there are signs that high pressure may become more dominant to the north, bringing more generally settled conditions here, but with a greater chance of overnight frost and fog. Meanwhile, more changeable weather may remain dominant across the south, with some rain here at times, although with any milder spells being short-lived.

Met Office : EE : 2018-10-22T13:25:38