Chiltern fields

Great Missenden to Amersham Near Great Missenden

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Chiltern fields

Great Missenden to Amersham Near Great Missenden

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chilterns book1 walk5 walkicon swcwalks


Great Missenden to Amersham

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chilterns book1 walk5 walkicon swcwalks

Book 1, Walk 5, Great Missenden to Amersham

1 January 2007

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Book 1, Walk 5, Great Missenden to Amersham

1 January 2007

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great book1 missenden amersham walk5 swcwalks 010107 tocw15

Book 1, Walk 5, Great Missenden to Amersham

Pagan signpost in Little Missenden, 1 January 2007

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great book1 missenden amersham walk5 swcwalks 010107 tocw15

Book 1, Walk 5, Great Missenden to Amersham

1 January 2007

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great book1 missenden amersham walk5 swcwalks tocw15

Great Missenden to Amersham walk

The Chilterns, beach woods, and Little Missenden.


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Updated: Thu, 17-Jan-19

Date # Post
Wed, 16-Jan-19

Wednesday Walk Amersham to Great Missenden - Penn Wood, Toby's Lane and Little Missenden

Book 1, Walk 5 (R) - Amersham to Great Missenden

Length: 16.3 km (10.1 miles)
Toughness: 4 out of 10 (more when muddy)

London Marylebone: 10-27 hrs Aylesbury service
Arrive Amersham: 11-02 hrs

LT Baker Street, Metropolitan Line: 10-06 hrs Amersham service
Arrive Amersham: 10-54 hrs
....and please wait for the Maryleboners

Return: Great Missenden to Marylebone: 16-02, 16-33, 16-45, 17-02, 17-29 and 18-04 hrs

Rail ticket: Great Miss. is one stop beyond Amersham which is in LT travel zone 1-9. Buy a travel card or use your freedom pass for the outward journey. You will then just need a single ticket between Great Miss.and Amersham for your return journey.

Today's walk is the Book 1, Walk 5 in reverse. Sections can be muddy if it has been raining heavily during January, but the worst bits - such as Toby's Lane - are usually navigable.

This is a pleasant walk with lots of variety and ideal for a winter's day. Your lunch stop will be in the picturesque village of Little Missenden at the Red Lion, some 6.7 miles into the walk. 'Phone ahead with numbers - 01494-862876. Your e.t.a 13-40 hrs. If you suffer from hunger pains earlier in the day there are two pubs in Penn Street, 4.2 miles into the walk

After lunch you have 3.4 miles to go to Great Miss. over pleasant varied countryside - woods and farmland - so try to leave the Red Lion by 15-00 hrs latest..

Tea stops in Great Miss. include the cafe in the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre, and Matildas. You also have the choice of two pubs - the Cross Keys and the recently reopened George Inn.
Walk Directions are here: L=1.5

Tips on following the Directions "backwards" - for those without hand-held gizmos - are here
Sat, 10-Mar-18 20

Saturday walk - Great Missenden to Amersham - Chiltern views and lots of lunch options

Length: 16.3km (10.1 miles)
Toughness: 4 out of 10

9.57 train from Marylebone to Great Missenden, arriving 10.38.

Buy a day return to Great Missenden. See below for notes on its validity on the return journey.

For walk directions click here and for GPX file click here.

Mother's Day is this Sunday, 11 March, and though there is usually limited spillover of that into Saturday, it is always nice on this day to have a walk with a choice of lunch pubs, just in case they are a bit booked out. Well, this walk has five, last time I counted - two in pretty Little Missenden three miles in, and two more in Penn Street 5.8 miles in, with a further one mid afternoon as a back stop.

It is also a walk that has not had a weekend outing for two and a half years......not since I last posted it in September 2015, in fact.

Its pubs apart, attractions of the walk include what is usually a nice collection or snowdrops in Great Missenden churchyard (though they could be going over now), and plenty of expansive views. Also some muddy fields (though touch wood they might be firming up a bit now). Unusually for a Chilterns walk there is not much woodland.

In Amersham there is a nice deli for tea and fine pubs. It is a 20 minute or so walk up the hill to Amersham station.

Returning from Amersham, your easiest and quickest option is the 09 or 39 past trains into Marylebone. Your return ticket is definitely valid on those.

There are also Metropolitan Line trains at 17 and 47 past. I have always assumed that Chilterns Railway tickets were NOT valid on these, but I recall someone telling me they can be used as far as Harrow-on-the Hill and to Baker Street but not to any other Metropolitan stations between Harrow and Baker Street. I have never tested this, however. If anyone does and it works (or doesn't), do let us know. T=1.5
One of the treats of doing walks out of Marylebone is the cafe on the corner across the road from the station entrance. It is the last of the great London greasy spoons. Fabulously fast service it makes McDonalds look sluggish and great traditional breakfasts (including vegetarian options). You can be in and out in 20 minutes. Recommended!
Cracking walk.
Going. Thanks for putting this very scenic walk on.
Mud, Mud, and fluid! Perhaps that was the reason why the walk has not been featured for 2.5 years. Despite all these, more than 20 came on the walk, rain held off all day, we even had a brief spell of sunshine. overcast+sunshine. Most stopped at Squirrel for lunch and some sat outside. We arrived at Amersham in good time ~ 4pm, by this time, fast walkers have long vanished. Some had tea/cake at Seasons Cafe Deli The zuccini pistachio lime curd cake was delicious. We caught 5:09 train back to London.
Wed, 10-Jan-18 11

Wednesday Walk: Amersham to Great Missenden - The Chilterns, Beech Woods, Toby's Lane and Little Missenden

Book 1, Walk 5 (R): Amersham to Great Missenden

Length: 16.3 km (10.1 miles)
Toughness: 4 out of 10 (more if Toby's Lane is muddy)

London Marylebone: 09-57 hrs Aylesbury Vale Parkway service
Arrive Amersham: 10-32 hrs

LT underground Baker Street: 09-33 hrs Amersham service
Arrive Amersham: 10-24 hrs
and wait at station for arrival of Aylesbury train (10-32 hrs)

Return: Great Missenden to Marylebone: 16-02, 16-32, 17-02, 17-29, 18-04 and 18-35 hrs

Rail ticket: a day return to Great Missenden (one stop beyond Amersham in travel zone 9) making use of any travel card you might possess.

A year ago we tried out this walk "backwards" on a Wednesday in January, and as it worked well, let's try it again !

From the railway station in Amersham New Town we head down through Parsonage Wood to the Old Town where we soon head uphill along the edge of a vast field (Gore Hill) to Coleshill. Onwards then to Winchmore Hill and Penn. I suggest we by-pass the two (very good) pubs in Penn and proceed through Penn Wood to Beamond End which soon connects with Toby's Lane, a long, potentially muddy or waterlogged way which heads due north between farms and farmland.This lane eventually drops down to the pretty village of Little Missenden, where we will stop for a late lunch at the pleasant Red Lion pub ('phoning ahead advised - 01494-862876 - e.t.a 13-20 hrs).
After lunch you head through woods and over fields and through a stud farm before a stretch over fields takes you to the outskirts of Great Missenden.
For tea in the High Street you have a choice of the popular Cross Keys pub, or Cafe Twit (part of the Roald Dahl Museum), or Matildas Cafe - all are close to the railway station for your journey home.
Tips on Walking Backwards here
Walk Directions here L=1.5

Hi Guys,

Intend to attend this walk weather sunny and trains running for Chilterns line. Hope to see some of you.

Hi, I'm new and would like to give this walk a go. Please look out for me. I'll be in a blue jacket and my number is 07981494967.

Thanks, Selina
Sorry guys can't make the walk house emergency. Enjoy the walk.

Legs 11 today, including one first timer. Once again, the weather was much better than forecasted: mostly sunny and very mild, with no wind and no rain, and considerably warmer than of late; in fact, very pleasant walking conditions.
The mud was as forecasted, though: lots of it all day. Between Colsehill and Winchmore Hill the mud was unrelenting and hard work to get through, but later, in Penn Wood and along Toby's Lane, where I was expecting heavy duty mud and flooded paths, the conditions were not at all bad. We made Little Missenden in good time for our booking at the Red Lion, where six of us enjoyed a good, inexpensive lunch, served with a smile.
There was excitement in the village by the time of our arrival as a rare hawfinch had been spotted near the church, and twitchers with bins and telephoto lenses had descended in their numbers. Our sandwichers, on entering the churchyard to enjoy their picnics, probably disturbed the twitchers, and said hawfinch if it was still there, but the twitchers had a good opportunity to take plenty of pictures of our sandwichers, who gamely posed for them.
Excitement over, it was still sunny as we set out on the short afternoon leg of the walk, which was both pleasant and uneventful. On reaching Great Miss tea was taken by us "twits" in the so named cafe, whilst two stopped for a tincture at the Cross Keys. Most of us were then on the 16 32 hrs train having enjoyed a good day's walking in the Chilterns, in excellent company.

Wed, 04-Jan-17 16

Wednesday Walk - Through the Chilterns and Little Missenden to Great Missenden

Book 1, Walk 5 (R) - Amersham to Great Missenden

Length: 16.3 km (10.1 miles)
Toughness: 4 out of 10

London Marylebone: 09-57 hrs
Arrive Amersham: 10-32 hrs

OR take a Met.Line train from Baker Street to arrive at Amersham by 10-30 hrs

Return: Great Missenden to Marylebone: 16-02, 16-32, 17-02, 17-29 and 18-04 hrs

Rail ticket: use your railcard to Amersham (extending it where necessary). For your return journey, a single from Great Miss. to Amersham should suffice.

There's nothing like a "backwards" walk at the start of the year to test your map reading skills - although those hand-held gizmos showing line of route make life easier for you. It's cheating, of course.......

This walk works well in both directions, and this may be the first time it's posted "backwards". Why ? - I'm difficult and like to be awkward - and I prefer ending a walk in Great Miss to Amersham. Leaving Amersham (as quickly as possible !) we head for the hills above the old town (some nice views) to Coleshill and then Winchmore Hill. Lunch can be taken here, at the Squirrel pub or the Hit or Miss pub, both usually good - but I am tempted to suggest we keep going at take lunch one hour later in the pretty village of Little Missenden, at the Crown pub or (recommended) the Red Lion. The leg between Winchmore Hill and Little Miss takes you through Penn Wood, which can be muddy in winter, and then along Toby,s Lane, which is often waterlogged in places (requiring you to tippy-toe through fields on either side of the path).

After Little Miss you cross the A413 road and head northwards through woods, across fields and through a stud farm then a series of fields into Great Missenden, where you have two good tea options: Cafe Twit, part of the Roald Dahl Centre, serves a good cuppa and has a nice choice of cakes. The Cross Keys pub, near the railway station, is cosy and serves a good pint.
Enjoy. T=1.5
Directions here L=1.5
Toby's lane had only 4 or 5 easily avoided puddles on Sunday. Penn Wood a bit boggier but not impassable. The left hand side (your direction) probably drier. Thin coating of slippy as opposed to sinky mud elsewhere on route.
16 on this walk on a day that was cloudier than promised. The forecast said sun would break through and it seemed to be happening late morning. But then grey cloud returned and stayed in place till just before dusk.

But it was relatively mild at least and this made a nice winter walk varied and interesting. Mud slithery rather than gloopy, though it accrued to boots on some arable fields. Reversing the directions (a prospect which perhaps put off the fairer sex a bit, since the group was rather male heavy) was not a problem on the whole as enough of us remembered the route. But even the most experienced went off piste occasionally.....

We pushed on to Little (not Great) Missenden for lunch at the Red Lion, getting there at 1pm. Hearty unsophisticated food in a cosy pub. Ducks and chickens and trout to be fed in the garden (the pub even supplied bread).

Tea in a busy Cafe Twit and then following Midweek Walk tradition we rushed for an early (4.32) train to get back to the Smoke in time for the rush hour. Always nice to squash up with the workers on the way home...
It is interesting doing a well known walk backwards, btw. In this case rather than rushing anxiously through pretty Littie Missenden in the morning on the way to lunch in Penn Street, one could savour it as a lunch destination. The view as one descended into it was very pretty usually this is behind you and you barely stop to look at it. The big descent to Little Mis in the usual direction became a brisk climb after lunch. In short, it is a great way to see a walk with fresh eyes but probably best done when you are already familiar with the walk the right way round.
Mon, 02-Jan-17 15

Bank Holiday Monday Walk North - Great Missenden, Little Missenden, Amersham

TOCW1 Walk 5 : Great Missenden to Amersham
The Chilterns Little Missenden with BIG fish and an easy walk
A short distance at 16.3km (10.1 miles) - you can just follow the river after the Red Lion pub if you want to shorten the walk but it is easy - the dotted red line on the map shows the route clearly
Tough ? not at all at 4 out of 10
Explorers 172 & 181 or Landranger 165
or find the map here
or GPS here

Take the 9.57am from Marylebone Station to Great Missenden arriving at 10.38
HEADS UP CHEAP TRAVEL Great Missenden is one stop outside London Transport zone nine and Network card holders can get a discounted London Transport zone 1-9 travelcard at weekends and on bank holidays from any Underground ticket office up to a week in advance. You then only need to buy a one stop extension from Chiltern Railways from Great Missenden to Amersham.
This approach has the advantage that on the return journey from Amersham you can use the four Underground trains an hour (45 minutes to Baker Street) as well as the two hourly Chiltern Railway trains to Marylebone 39 minutes.
By contrast, a normal day return to Great Missenden is only valid on Chiltern Railways.

This is a cracking walk with with gentle rolling hills, old churches (what a surprise) and excellent lunch options. Even if you do not eat at The Red Lion which is fairly early on in the walk then pop into the pub garden and have a look at the River Miss Bourne ( I kid you not) where very large trout challenge the ducks and geese for the scraps of bread that you throw in. They are all game (!)

It maybe advisable to phone and reserve a table when setting off from the station ( or a few days before if you know that you are going ) as the pubs may well be busy
Lunch The original lunch stop for this walk is the Squirrel pub (tel 01494 711 291) in Penn Street, some 9½km into the walk, which serves pub classics but from their web site I am not sure if they are doing food today
140 metres down the road from the Squirrel, the Hit or Miss Inn (tel 01494 713 109) – cricket – has plenty of seating and food served this Monday 12noon to 8pm.
Slightly further on (say just over 1 km and as far as I can see on the route ) is the Plough with food served this Monday 12.00 to 18.00
For slower walkers or late starters, Little Missenden, some 5½km into the walk, has two characterful old pubs, though their food offering is more limited. The Red Lion (tel 01494 862 876) serves food, while the Crown (tel 01494 862 571) offers pies, baked potatoes, sandwiches and soup.

Tea The recommended tea stop is Seasons Café Deli in Old Amersham, which is open until 6pm daily. This has limited seating, however, so groups might like to explore other options nearby. One immediately across the road from Seasons is Gilbey’s Restaurant (01494 727142) which advertises cream teas. Otherwise, there are a number of ancient pubs in the vicinity, including the Crown Inn Hotel 50 metres to the west of Seasons, which offers afternoon tea and the Kings Arms 100 metres beyond that. Just before Seasons on the route there is also the Nags Head.
These are some 20 minutes walk from the station
If you are desperate by AMersham station then there is a Tesco Express just up the road selling snacks and a Subway beyond that which sells tea.

All the info here

this is already posted for jan 4, just 2 days later...? am i missing a trick?
Thanks for flagging up the similarity Anon
The trick that you missed is the walk is in a different direction so substantially different views and different lunch and tea venues same leaving time from Marylebone and churches are the main similarities
There is likely to be a larger number of walkers available on the Monday who wouldn’t normally make the Wednesday walk ( a different demographic )
I trust that this explains the difference
can I bring my Champaigne, I could not get out today, Sarah

Only if you bring fizz on BOTH Great Missenden walks this week!
15 on this walk, including a late starter who caught us up at lunch time, plus a couple who appeared to be doing the walk independently. We had a beautiful clear blue sky for most of the walk, with a few clouds appearing towards the end of the afternoon. It was pretty slippery underfoot for most of the route, with frost and black ice on the tarmac sections and a thin layer of treacherous mud over the footpaths and bridleways.

We had a brief stop in Little Missenden to look at the church and to belatedly toast the new year with champagne (courtesy of Sarah, for which many thanks) before carrying on to Penn Street and lunch. Remarkably, the long climb on the bridleway out of Little Missenden, the upper section of which is usually impassable due to long stretches of ankle deep mud, was relatively clear of the stuff and for once presented no real obstacle.

The Squirrel at Penn Street was, it turned out, serving food so half a dozen of us ate there, with a couple more stopping off for a drink. There were no free tables inside, but the bar staff directed us to a cosy roofed and semi enclosed decked area at the rear of the pub equipped with patio heaters and a wood burning stove and furnished with settees, arm chairs and blankets where we sat quite contentedly.

Three of us stopped at Season's Deli in Amersham Old Town (now a full blown tea shop, the deli counter having been dispensed with sometime ago) for tea and cake before climbing up the other side of the valley to Amersham Station and the 4.15 Chiltern turbo back to Marylebone.

A fine day out.
Sat, 05-Sep-15 10

Saturday Second Walk - Hills, views and villages in the Chilterns

Book 1, walk 5 - Great Missenden to Amersham
Length: 16.3km (10.1 miles)
Toughness: 5 out of 10

9.42 train from Marylebone to Great Missenden, arriving 10.23

Buy a day return to Great Missenden, though if you want the option of using the Underground to return from Amersham, buy a zone 1-9 (yes nine) travelcard, with a day return from there to Great Missenden. You can get a discount on this with a Network Card if you can find a tube station ticket office open to sell it to you (not available from tube ticket machines).

For walk directions, click here.

The weather has decided to be autumnal, so I have decided to enter into the spirit with a Chilterns walk. Though actually this is also a perfectly pleasant walk on a sunny summers day too, having little woodland, lots of open views, and numerous pubs to stop at en route. It is rather a pity it normally gets confined to muddy winter, in fact.

The usual lunch stop is after 9.5km/5.6 miles in Penn Street where last time we looked you had a choice of two pubs. But Little Missenden after 5.5km (3 miles) also has two ancient hostelries, so if you are feeling lazy you could stop there.

Old Amersham has various tea options, of which the best is Seasons Cafe Deli if you can squeeze into it. Otherwise various ancient pubs in this attractive old coaching town can accommodate you.

It is about 20 minutes walk up the hill from Old Amersham to Amersham station, from where trains back to Marylebone, taking 39 minutes, go at 26 and 56 past the hour. Or you can take Metropolitan Line trains at 16 and 46 past, taking 49 minutes to Baker Street, but your Great Missenden return will not be valid on these.

10 on this walk, Disappointingly cloudy with sun only breaking through at 4.30pm when we were getting on the train home. A pleasant if unspectacular walk in the Chilterns nice to do it when it is not beset with winter mud.

The Squirrel was having a "family fun day" so the six of us who were pub lunching went to the nearby Hit and Miss instead. A nice cosy pub with friendly staff, but interestingly some complained the menu was too creative "No pub classics", "I was hoping for fish and chips".

We got to Amersham rather too early at 3.30pm where some found the cakes too expensive and others thought them delicious. Then the unusual experience for this walk (which is normally done in deepest winter) of doing the walk up the hill to the station in the daylight and seeing the fine view back over Old Amersham. Sunshine and snoozing on the train back to the Smoke.
A plug for the wonderful cafe opposite Marylebone station. Fabulous breakfasts served at lightning speed. Try it next time you do a Chilterns walk!
Sun, 26-Oct-14 6 Great Missenden to Amersham
Sat, 04-Jan-14 5 Great Missenden to Amersham
Sat, 15-Dec-12 Great Missenden to Amersham
Sat, 11-Aug-12 Great Missenden to Amersham
Sun, 11-Sep-11 Great Missenden to Amersham
Sat, 29-Jan-11 Great Missenden to Amersham
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