Guildford to Farnham walk

A river valley, gentle pastures, Watts Gallery, woods, remote heathlands and heather covered moors.


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  • Walking The North Downs Way | 🇬🇧. Guildford to Farnham Hiking UK
    Hiking In London, May-20

    A river valley, gentle pastures, Watts Gallery, woods, remote heathlands and heather covered moors.

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    Think Surrey, and you probably think of pretty villages, gentle green pastures, and the country houses of retired stockbrokers. The first part of this walk conforms to that image, but the second, after lunch, takes you into the suprisingly wild and uninhabited Surrey heathlands - a vast area of woods and heather-covered moors which is particularly colourful from late July to early September when the heather is in bloom.

    The lack of habitation in this area means that it was either taken over by the army for exercises or bypassed by the railways, and so to visit it requires a long walk: the afternoon of this walk is 13.3 km (8.3 miles): this is thus a walk for a long spring or summer day. It is quite a good idea to bring some refreshments with you to break up the afternoon: otherwise, there are late tea options in Farnham.

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  • Guildford to Farnham. 23/10/11.
    amib, Oct-11

    This 14 mile walk through the Surrey Heathlands is rather special as it was the last one created by Nicholas Albery, author of the first book of 'Time Out Country Walks', and his only one appearing in book 2. Thus, today was given over to the tenth year since his passing and his inspiration...

    The walker leaves Guildford via The Wey South Path but is soon diverging away inland towards The North Downs Way (this is an optional route to Watts Gallery); passing Loseley Park, the walker continues on by the Chapel/Gallery before passing under the A3 for lunch at Puttenham.

    Thereafter, the walk continues through some delightful heathland and woodland scenery, with a few lakes thrown in for variety, before rejoining the North Downs Way for the return into Farnham.

    This fine example of Nick's great work is clearly reflected in the fine walks created by others since his unfortunate passing...a great inspiration.R.I.P.

    (The Smooth Snake seen in this video is rarely seen outside these sandy Heathlands, so it's a shame that such a rare species is now one less!).