The escarpment near Newlands Corner

Guildford to Horsley walk

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Up to St Marthas

Guildford to Horsley

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St Martha's on the Hill

Guildford to Horsley

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St Martha's on the Hill

Guildford to Horsley

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Ferns and trees

Guildford to Horsley

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Reflected maple

An irridescent maple reflects across a lake. Guildford to Horsley

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View from Newlands Corner

Guildford to Horsley

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Guildford to Horsley walk

Viewpoints on the North Downs ridge


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

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Sat, 10-Mar-18 12

Saturday Walk: Guildford to Horsley

SWC Walk 131 - Guildford to Horsley
12.9 miles / 20.8 km

Trains: Take the 10:00 from London Waterloo, arriving at Guildford at 10:33. Trains back from Horsley run at xx11/xx20/xx41/xx50. Buy a day return to Guildford.

Lunch: The Drummond at Albury (01483 202 039), 5.5 miles into the walk. Or further on there is a cafe at Newlands Corner (6.6 miles).

Tea: The nearest stop to the station is one mile before at The Barley Mow in West Horsley. The Budgens by the station serves hot drinks.


Anyone doing the short walk on this please?

12 on this walk on a grey but reasonably mild day. Spots of rain in the morning but they never amounted to much, but the same was true of the brightness in the afternoon which never quite developed into sunshine.

A nice walk. Muddy in places but not terribly so. Misty views. Some tentative signs of spring. Several walkers expresssed delight at the scenery.

A table having been helpfully booked for eight at the Drummond pub by one of the party, exactly that number wanted a pub lunch. Attempts to order at the bar were thwarted by the manager who insisted that the kitchen would be “overwhelmed” by eight individual orders but would produce food at lightening speed if eight orders went in together. Similar logic prevented us from ordering drinks at the bar too. Heigh ho. But to his credit he waived the customary twenty minute delay before taking our order at the table and the food when it came was very nice. The ploughman’s was an extraordinary feast of cheeses and pates and charcuterie.

In the afternoon we whizzed past the Newlands Corner tea kiosk and the tea van in the woods whizzed off when it saw us coming: did we look that scary? So thirst had to be kept in check until the Barley Mow, busy with people watching England lose to France in some sporting contest or other. Five of us lingered here for a second drink and walked the last bit along the railway line in the dark, getting the 7.20 train back to our respective ready meals.
Sat, 25-Mar-17

Guildford to Horsley


Length: 21km / 13m
Toughness: 4/10
Transport: Take the 9:27 from London Waterloo, arriving in Guildford at 10:09. There are frequent trains back to London from Horsley

From the description:

There are numerous fine viewpoints looking southwards from the North Downs escarpment, but less well known are the views to the north, where London can be seen in the far distance. This walk takes in both, starting with a climb over Chantries Hill and then carrying on to St Martha’s Church, perched high on the downs, You then descend to the village of Albury for lunch, though picnickers can miss out this descent and stay on the North Downs Way. From Albury, there is a steady climb up to Newland’s Corner, another popular viewpoint, before a wooded stretch along the North Downs Way. To finish, the walk descends through beautiful upland country to the north of the ridge, with views right to the distant City of London on clear days.

please give ticket info,ie separate lines or a return to where? also return times & stations are useful.
A day return to Guildford ("via Woking/Clandon", but this is the standard routing anyway) is valid for return from Horsley. Horsley is on the "slow line" to Guildford.
If your doing a Walk Tomorrow. Well if you are going from a London Station. You just got to be Cautious at all times due to the incident at Westminster since last Wednesday.
Sat, 29-Oct-16 20

Saturday Second Walk - Autumn colour and views on the North Downs

SWC Walk 131 - Guildford to Horsley
Length: 17.1km (10.6 miles) or 20.1km (12.4 miles)
Toughness: 4 out of 10: two substantial hill climbs, otherwise mainly level

9.30 train from Waterloo to Guildford, arriving 10.04.

Clapham Junctionites can catch the 9.27 to Woking and change there (arr 9.45, dep 9.56) for the above train.

Buy a day return to Guildford.

For walk directions click here.

I thought this might suit for our last walk before the Great Darkness begins, because if you do the full 20.1km/12.4 mile walk you will fill the available daylight hours (see Last Minute above) and also hopefully get some good autumn colour. Woods on this walk include Chantries Hill, which has some fine sweet chestnuts as I recall, and "the boring bit" - a straight couple of miles along the North Downs ridge after Newland's Corner which is all under the tree canopy. But this walk also has fine views aplenty - from Chantries Hill and Newland's Corner in particular, and possibly a distant view of The Shard etc towards the end.

For lunch, the Drummond at Albury has never disappointed us yet, but there are alternatives. If you are a sandwich-eater or don't require a formal lunch you can take the short cut to Newlands Corner - the 17.1km (10.6 mile) version of the walk - and either jostle with leather-clad bikers at its kiosk (which nevertheless has a quite extensive burger-and-chips-style menu), or try out whatever the current incarnation of the tea shop across the main road is (I can't keep up with its sundry changes in decor/format). The ever-popular escarpment at Newlands Corner is definitely the best place for picnics.

Those who have lunched at The Drummond might use either of the above options as an early tea stop (perhaps a dessert stop, as they are fairly soon after lunch), because pickings get slim thereafter. The only refreshment, in fact, is at The Barley Mow pub 1 mile from the end of the walk, which does do tea in pots, but gets ratty if asked for this more than two or three times in an afternoon. Cruelly, there are no pubs or cafes at all by Horsley station, though the Budgens on the corner (open to 10pm) does have a tea machine and a nice selection of pastries (or did last time I looked).

If you want to linger in The Barley Mow, note that the path from there to Horsley station is all tarmac and along the railway line, albeit through semi-woodland: ie though unlit, it is doable in the dark (though a torch would be useful).

Trains back from Horsley are at 17 and 47 past. Unless these trains are delayed, ignore the 11 and 41 past trains which actually get to Waterloo a few minutes later.

20 on this walk, on a day of grey skies with occasional drizzle. The autumn colour is slowly increasing, with beeches and wild cherries looking particularly good at present, and bright yellows on foliage in the hedgerows.

At least one and probably more did the short cut to Newland's Corner. The rest of us were led on a short cut through the woods to the ever accommodating Drummond in Albury pub, which surely deserves an award for never complaining when a bunch of walkers turns up.

In the afternoon the pack sped past the Newland's Corner tea options but found a pop up cafe in the woods a couple of miles later where we sat on metal chairs under the trees and had tea and cakes a nice surprise.

Towards the end of the walk a new permissive path cuts out the need to go on the road. Six or seven of us stopped at the Barley Mow pub, a rather bleak establishment it seemed to me, but perhaps that was the winter gloom closing around us and thoughts of the Great Darkness to come...
Sun, 21-Aug-16 15

Sunday Walk 1 – 3.131 Guildford-Horsley

Extra Walk 131 – Guildford to Horsley
Length: 20.1 km (12.4 miles). Toughness: 4/10

10:00 Havant train from Waterloo (Clapham Jct 10:09), arriving Guildford at 10:40*. Buy a return to Guildford, which is valid for the return journey.

Trains back from Horsley to Waterloo are at xx:03 (via Surbiton) & xx:33 (via Epsom, slower).

This walk seems to get fewer outings than the other SWC walks around Guildford; in fact this is its first Sunday posting. It takes in Chantries Hill, St Martha's church, Albury and Newlands Corner, but the rest of the walk from the wooded North Downs ridge to Horsley is on less familiar territory.

Lunch is at a particularly good pub with a large riverside garden, The Drummond at Albury. If you don't want a pub lunch, however, you can save 3 km (and some climbing) by taking the short cut mentioned in the directions to Newlands Corner, where there is a café and snack bar if you need provisions. The tea options are fairly sparse, however: a pub a mile before the finish or a convenience store near the station.

You'll need to print the directions from this pdf document.

* Car drivers should park at Horsley (station car park is free at weekends) and take the 10:27 to Guildford, arriving at the same time as the London train. T=swc.131
I plan to go.

15 turned up including one late starter. some cloud some sun Only 2 ventured down to the lunch pub (which they declared to be good). The rest made do with Newlands Corner which was busy and noisy. There was also a later tea van – a welcome discovery after traversing paragraph 67 for what felt like forever. Most got the 16:03. One or two laggards got the 17:03 and I heard of one got the 18:33. Good views,big trees, and for one at least, woolly pigs.
The two of us who made it to the lunch pub took an alternative route along a narrow and excellent woodland path through Colyers Hanger (see OS map). Its a narrow trail and quite steep in places which could prove tricky in wet weather. When we reached Waterloo Pond we took the left hand path rather than the tarmac alternative and towards the end you think you are walking through peoples back garden but we got a cheery welcome from a family enjoying the weather. The only downside to this route is that you have to do more on the main road to the pub.

The inosculated beech trees have now been fenced off with a much more severe wire fence than I originally remember so no more photos
posing against it. Probably a good idea really.
Sat, 21-Jun-14 8 Guildford to Horsley
Sat, 09-Nov-13 11 Guildford to Horsley, with short cut to Newlands Corner
Sat, 04-May-13 14 Guildford to Horsley
Sat, 14-Jul-12 Guildford to Horsley
Sat, 15-Oct-11 Guildford to Horsley