...or is it Jack? (One of a pair), Clayton, Sussex

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The climb up

Hassocks to Lewes

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The South Downs near Plumpton

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Tree in a gap

Hassocks to Lewes

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Hassocks to Lewes walk

A South Downs ridge walk ... maximum view for minimum effort, with historic Lewes to finish.


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Hassocks to Lewes. 8/1/12

2012 and a welcome return to the outdoors...around 11 miles over The South Downs. From Hassocks, the walker is soon passing by (or through, if desired) Butcher's Wood and then ascending the ridge past a working windmill. The path soon joins up with the South Downs Way, which the walker follows to pass the high point at Ditchling Beacon and then on to lunch at Plumpton; in this case, it's a picnic, though it could also be at the local pub. Thereafter, it's a gradual descent through woodland into Offham and then a muddy walk along the banks of The Ouse into the historical town of Lewes. A very pleasant Downs walk, which isn't too taxing; just what the Doctor ordered, post Christmas!

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