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Henley Circlular via Hambleden (short) The hill before Hambleden

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Book 2, Walk 7, Henley via Hambleden Circular 2

Clearing up after a brief shower, Hambleden village, 20 August 2006

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Henley via Hambleden Circular walk

The Thames path in the morning. Gentle woodland after lunch in an NT Village, Historic riverside Henley for tea.


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

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Sat, 13-Oct-18 9

Saturday walk - Henley to Marlow - Tranquil Thames and Chiltern woodlands

Length: 14.1km (8.8 miles) or 15.9km (9.9 miles) T=2.7b
Toughness: 3 out of 10: three hills, basically, and the rest fairly flat

9.42 train from Paddington (9.50 Ealing Broadway), changing at Twyford (arr 10.30, depart 10.38: connection usually held, but be quick), arriving Henley-on-Thames at 10.50
Buy a day return to Henley-on-Thames (not Henley in Arden). This should be accepted for return from Marlow: if you get any blowback on this, point out that there used to be a "Thames Branches Day Rover" for the same price as a Henley return that covered journeys from Marlow too: if this does not work you would only need to buy a single from Marlow to Maidenhead).

For walk directions click here. For GPX click here. You are doing option b)

This is a lovely walk, with a beautiful wild stretch of the River Thames to start with, then a short climb over a wooded hill (which you can make even shorter by using a short cut - the 8.8 mile version of the walk) and then a descent to the picture-perfect village of Hambleden (often used for filming). The Stag and Huntstman here is a lovely lunch pub and usually fits us in, though ringing at the start of the walk to book a table wouldn't be a terrible idea. The nearby Hambleden Village Stores does hot drinks and deli items and has a couple of outside tables.
After lunch you could simply finish the "main walk", the Henley via Hambleden Circular (which also has a later lunch stop in the shape of the quirky Flower Pot Inn in Aston). But for my money the perfect autumn outing is to do option b) of this walk and carry on through lovely wooded scenery to Marlow, a town so dripping with tea options it would take an encyclopaedia to list them. Burgers, the traditional favourite, remains my recommendation, if you can get to it before it closes at 5pm. If not there are later opening places, with Starbucks and Costa (at the George & Dragon) the ultimate backstop.
Trains back from Marlow are at 06 past, or from Henley at 23 and 53 past.
Appaerently 9 on this walk
About eight people attended this walk on a pleasant day. A quite good craft market in Hambleden is on the second Saturday of each month. Enjoyed watching the rowing teams coursing up the Thames as we walked past. Beautiful, but it's not the first time I've been on a West of London walk in the Chilterns that attracts surprisingly few people. By lunchtime, the group had dispersed. Everyone appeared happy with the food at the Stag and Huntsman.
Sat, 17-Mar-18 3

Saturday walk - Henley via Hambleden Circular - a classic Thames walk

Length: 14.9km (9.2 miles) - with possible 2.6km (1.6 mile) extension
Toughness: 3 out of 10

9.42 train from Paddington (9.50 Ealing Broadway) to Twyford, arriving 10.30, changing there for the 10.38 to Henley, arriving 10.50.

Buy a day return to Henley-upon-Thames

For walk directions click here. For GPX click here.

Would you believe this very nice little Thames walk has not had a Saturday outing for nearly five and a half years? (Though it has featured on Sundays much more recently.)

It falls into four almost equal quarters. The first takes you along the less manicured bank of the Thames north of Henley, an interesting walk passing close to Temple Island and a fine manor house. You then cross a wooded ridge to lunch in Hambleden (with a short cut possible).

The Stag and Huntsman in Hambleden is always a popular pub, so calling ahead to book a table might not be a bad idea, but we usually manage to squeeze in. Other options include the Hambleden Village Stores, which sells hot drinks and some deli items and has a couple of outside to eat them at. Alternatively, 2.2 miles after Hambleden is the Flower Pot Inn in Aston, a possible late lunch stop.

The section between Hambleden and Aston is a gentle stroll across the Thames valley with some fine views en route and the crossing of the dramatic Hambleden Weir. The last quarter of the walk crosses farmland over Remenham Hill, though you can take the riverside path instead if you wish.

If anyone wants to walk from Hambleden to Marlow after lunch (a 15.1km/9.9 mile walk from Henley), full instructions are now included in the walk document.

Back in Henley, the Chocolate Cafe is the obvious tea choice. If you want to work off some of the calories after tea, brief instructions are now given in the directions for the very pretty riverside extension down to the scenic Marsh Lock after tea: you could continue from there on the Thames Path to Shiplake, but this quite soon becomes suburban in character: better just to reverse your steps to Henley: out and back like this adds 2.6km/1.6 miles to the walk).

Trains back from Henley are at 23 and 53 past to 18.53, then 19.35, 20.23, 21.23, 22.21 T=2.07
Just 2 merry soles on the advertised train with one early starter spotted after lunch making a total of 3. That's a pity because this is a lovely walk with wide riverside lawns and fine woodland ridge views. Cloudy with a north easterly wind with an occasional light powdering of snow. Our lunch stop was the welcoming Stag and Huntsman pub in Hambleden where we dined on soup and sandwiches and were warmed by an excellent log fire. We arrived back in Henley at 15.20pm and spent a pleasant hour in the friendly Chocolate Café. A word of warning, the cakes are massive and one between two is more than enough. We then strolled up to the station for the 16.23 back to Paddington. A good day all round.
Sun, 29-Oct-17

An easy walk around Henley

Henley Circular via Hambleden
Length: 14.9km (9.3 miles) Toughness: 3/10

09:45 Oxford train from Paddington (Ealing Broadway 09:53), changing at Twyford (arr 10:35, dep 11:02) to arrive at Henley at 11:13.

Return trains from Henley to Twyford are at xx:16 and xx:46. However, there’s little point in catching the xx:16 as it just misses a (non-)connecting train to Paddington and leaves you kicking your heels in Twyford for over half an hour, until the xx:01 to Paddington arrives. The xx:46 from Henley connects nicely with that train (journey time 66 minutes).

The days are shorter now, but you should have no difficulty in completing this walk before daylight starts to fade soon after 5pm. A long stretch of the Thames Path in the morning is followed by a climb through Ridge Wood and then down to lunch at Hambleden. After lunch the path crosses the Thames at Hambleden Mill and follows a gentle route through fields and woodland back to Henley.

The recommended lunchstop is the Stag and Huntsman (tel 01491 571227) in Hambleden, 7.8km (4.8 miles) into the walk. Do ring to book a table before leaving Henley.

You will need to download the walk directions.

Sun, 11-Oct-15 20

A lovely amble around Henley on Thames

Book 2 Walk 7 Henley via Hambleden circular
Trains: London Paddington 09.43 to Twyford 10.36 then from Twyford at 10.43 to Henley 10.55.
Distance 14.9km, (9.3m); toughness 3/10
Return trains from Henley at xx:07 to Twyford to pick up a connecting train to London Paddington
A beautiful and undemanding walk that visits the picturesque flint stone village of Hambleden for lunch after which there are some fine views before you cross the Thames via a series of locks and head back towards Henley.

This Book 2 walk has been up-dated so you can find out more about the walk here and the various lunch and tea options. The pdf file here gives full walk instructions.
Hi Pete,
I notice you are running 2 walks tomorrow. Will there be people at both? I'm training fo the 3 peak challenge and would prefer to do one with the most hills.

Which would you recommend?


Sorry I have not replied to your message but I did not pick it up until this morning. If you wish to do a hilly walk as part of your training programme then check out the toughness rating of each walk; anything with a 6/10 or more will have some hills.

20 mostly sunny dry mild
Very pleasant undemanding walk in lovely conditions. The Stag and Huntsman at Hambleden provided lunch for about half of the party, who were I think satisfied with it, though service was a little slow. After an amble back to Henley in the afternoon, where we arrived at about 3.30, the party split, taking tea in various places, viewing the town or just heading home. A most enjoyable day out.
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