Henley via Stonor Circular walk

Long walk through the Chilterns over gentle rolling grassy hills. Historic riverside Henley for tea.


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  • Conquering the Southern Chiltern Valleys: An Epic Saturday Hiking Adventure!
    Hiking In London, Feb-24

    That Time the Chiltern Taught Me a Lesson in Adventure

    Hey gang! Let me spill the beans about that Saturday when I dived into an adventure through the Southern Chiltern Valleys, which turned out to be an absolute blast. The plan was hatched by the "Hiking in London" club, who thought it'd be a great idea to venture into one of the UK's coolest spots. And of course, as a fan of hiking and challenges, I jumped in without a second thought, led by the unparalleled Maria.

    Picture waking up at dawn, the morning chill hitting your face, and a sky so clear it promised a perfect day ahead for our adventure. I was kitted out with the essentials: a lightweight backpack, enough water to run a marathon, some snacks, and, obviously, my camera to capture the golden moments.

    The Chilterns are something else, with their picture-perfect hills and lush green valleys that leave you speechless. The trail was a spectacle, weaving through dense woods and open fields, making you feel like you were walking between two worlds. The only sounds were the crunch of leaves under my feet and the occasional bird looking to chat.

    But the real highlight was when we reached the top of a hill. The view was breathtaking: valleys stretching out to the horizon, dotted with tiny villages that looked like toys. I took a moment to soak in the tranquility of the landscape, one of those times that recharge your soul.

    And let's not forget about the historical treasures we stumbled upon, from ancient mills to ruins that transported you to another era. These discoveries added a layer of mystery to our walk, as if reminding us that we were treading on paths steeped in stories.

    I tell you, that hike through the Southern Chiltern Valleys was rejuvenating. I not only enjoyed the beauty and peace of the surroundings but was also physically challenged by the ups and downs. By the end of the day, I returned home with my body aching but my spirit soaring, convinced that this adventure would be one of those epic tales to tell and retell.

    So if you wake up on a Saturday feeling like doing more than just lounging on the sofa, I urge you to head out and explore the Southern Chiltern Valleys. I promise it'll be much more than just a simple hike; it'll be an experience that fills your soul and leaves you craving more. See you on the trail, mates!

    Hiking in London Club

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    A 13.7 mile walk from the Regatta town of Henley-on-Thames, via the wooded valleys of the Southern Chilterns to Stonor. The return journey follows a route down the opposite side of the valley. Part 1 finishes just outside Pishill.

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