Lidlington to Flitwick walk

Marston Vale, the Greensand Ridge, mixed woods and open parkland, heathland, historic Ampthill, ruin of Houghton House, a narrow path through the heart of Flitwick Moor.


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  • Lidlington to Flitwick. 9/9/17.
    amib, Oct-17

    This Bedfordshire walk, of almost 14 miles, was interrupted by rain just before lunch, which is a rare event for this walker, so the weather gamble didn't pay off!

    Otherwise, a very decent walk, initially through mixed woods, up to the Greensand Ridge and on to Ampthill Park. From here, there are some fine views to be had of the Vale, though the rain arrived shortly after reaching this point. Thus, the section through Bedfordshire's largest remaining heath-land into historic Ampthill had minimal recording.

    Lunch was had back up in the Park, with some better views after the rain, and by the time Houghton House was reached, the sun was out for further fine views of the Vale. There was then a section of woodland walking into Maulden, prior to the gentle descent from the Greensand Ridge on to flatter terrain. Thereafter, the walk crosses the scientifically important wetlands of Flitwick Moor before finally reaching Flitwick station.

    A very pleasant, varied walk that wasn't spoilt by the heavy rain shower.

    N.B. Some wind interference on commentary.