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Main Field, Hitchin Lavender (Cadwell Farm), from bridleway north of farm

SWC Walk 233 - Arlesey to Letchworth Garden City

09-Jul-17 • thomasgrabow on Flickr

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Arlesey to Letchworth Garden City

The Hiz (chalk stream), Chilterns views, the Greensand Ridge, the ‘Cathedral of the Chilterns’ in Shillington, and remains of a bailey and an abandoned medieval village in Pirton, the Icknield Way past lavender farms, and a Garden City.

in the wood

29-Jul-06 • Bela Struzkova on Flickr

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Bow Brickhill to Woburn Sands

Woburn Abbey and its Safari Park (animals visible from the path) via many gentle hills

Iron-Rich Stream, Flitwick Moor

SWC Walk 231 Flitwick Circular

19-Mar-16 • thomasgrabow on Flickr

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Flitwick Circular

Tranquil Flit River, wooded fringes of Flitwick Moor, quiet villages, the De Grey Mausoleum, Wrest House and Gardens, the Greensand Ridge (views), and the heart of Flitwick Moor.

Valley in Sundon Hills

SWC Walk 230 Harlington to Flitwick

27-Sep-15 • thomasgrabow on Flickr

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Harlington to Flitwick

Sundon Hills, the Sharpenhoe Clappers, a Neolithic hill fort, hill top lunch pub in Pulloxhill, and Flitwick ancient woodland.

Side Valley in Barton Hills

SWC Walk 229 Leagrave to Harlington

12-Oct-15 • thomasgrabow on Flickr

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Leagrave to Harlington

Meadows, solitary North Chiltern hills, ancient woodlands, steep chalk escarpments, 2 Neolithic hill forts, Barton Hills (chalk downs), and the hill top village of Harlington.

Houghton House, frontal view (II)

SWC Walk 232 Lidlington to Flitwick

14-Nov-15 • thomasgrabow on Flickr

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Lidlington to Flitwick

Marston Vale, the Greensand Ridge, mixed woods and open parkland, heathland, historic Ampthill, ruin of Houghton House, views into Marston Vale, and a narrow path through the heart of Flitwick Moor.

Thatched cottage Old Warden

30-May-16 • peter.boon on Flickr

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Sandy to Biggleswade or Circular

Greensand Ridge Walk along grassy tracks, woodland trails, and 2 pretty villages with pubs - Northill and Old Warden