Bourne End sunset

Maidenhead to Marlow walk

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Bourne End sunset

Maidenhead to Marlow walk - Bourne End extension

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Tortoise on postbox

You see some strange things on walks, unexplained things. Skeletons in phone boxes, dancing begging bears, yesterday the lifesize lower half of a terracotta warrior, and now this. Some sort of statement perhaps on the speed of the post? Maidenhead to Marlow

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Lone tree by a bend in the river

Mentioned in the directions. Maidenhead to Marlow

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'Tempting....this is in fact a dead end'

Thames path, Maidenhead

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Rowing coaching, Maidenhead

from Thames Path

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Maidenhead to Marlow walk

A pretty stretch of the Thames to Cookham in the morning. After lunch, a hill with a view of the Thames valley, or continue along the Thames Path. Can be done as 2 short walks.


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Updated: Tue, 29-Jan-19

Date # Post
Sun, 28-Oct-18 6

Sunday walk - Along and above the Thames Valley

Extra Walk 56 – Maidenhead to Marlow
Length: 15km (9.3 miles). Toughness: 3/10

09:45Reading train fromPaddington (Ealing Broadway 09:53) arriving Maidenhead at 10:31.

Return trains from Marlow to Paddington, changing at Maidenhead, are at xx:09 (journey time 1 hour 16 minutes). Buy an off-peak day return to Marlow.

Well, you’ve enjoyed an extra hour in bed this morning, after the clocks went back last night, so a fairly early start seems a good idea today. Remember that dusk will fall an hour earlier too, so take care you don’t get caught in the dark, though there shouldn’t be much risk of that today.

After following a pretty stretch of the Thames Path as far as Cookham, the route climbs onto an escarpment with fine views of the Thames Valley, before descending to Marlow.

There are several pubs in Cookham where lunch can be taken, but they are likely to be busy, so do ring ahead to book a table when you know how many of you want to eat there. There are plenty of tea places in Marlow. Details of the lunch and tea options can be found on the walk’s introduction page. Then click through to the Comments page to find some useful comments from a group who did the walk very recently.

If you judge that there is enough light remaining when you reach Marlow (it should last till about 5:15pm), you could extend the walk by 3.5 miles by walking back along the river to Bourne End, using the route described in the walk directions.

You will need to download the Walk Directions .

I am hoping to come on this walk, but I am interested in doing the alternative along the river into Marlow. Anyone else thinking of this too?

6 altogether on this walk, with four coming off the train, and two, having forgotten about the time change, arriving early, and doing their own walk up to Bourne End. glorious sun but cold all day. The walk had a little bit of cultural tour going on, with one walker giving historical tidbits along the way. Only one ate at the pub, which apparently was quite busy, whilst the others ate in the churchyard before going off on a Medieval graffiti hunt in the church (there wasn't any, sadly). After lunch, there was a unanimous decision to do the alternative along the river to Marlow, rather than the ridge.

The journey back was disrupted by issues on the line between Maindenhead and Paddington. A couple of trains had been cancelled from Marlow, which left a frustrated crowd at the station trying to sort out travel with the info box. Overall, though, we did quite well with the disruption, as in, it could have been much much worse. All four ended up boarding the train at 17:17 in Maidenhead and back in time for tea!
Sat, 11-Nov-17 5

Saturday Walk Maidenhead to Marlow

Maidenhead to Marlow T=swc.56

Length: 8.8 miles (14.1 km) or 11.7 miles (18.9km)
3 out of 10

A pretty stretch of the Thames to Cookham in the morning. After lunch, a hill with a view of the Thames valley before descending into Marlow. If it's a fine day, you can extend the walk along the Thames Path to Bourne End, or even further to Cookham..

Get the 1000 London Paddington (Ealing Broadway 1008) Arr Maidenhead 1045. Buy a return to Marlow.

Return trains are hourly at xx06 from Marlow and xx13 from Bourne End (the same train, changing at Maidenhead for frequent trains to London).

Various pubs: The Bel and Dragon t: 01628 521263 (up market) The Kings Arms t: 01628 530667 The Crown t: 01628 520163 The Teapot Tea Shop t: 01628 529 514

Various places in Marlow including The Marlow Donkey close to the station. There is nothing at Bourne End Station, and I would recommend crossing the river on the railway bridge to go the walker friendly Bounty, which you will have seen across the river on the approach to Bourne End.

5 on this walk. mizzle, cloudy, and the occasional sunny spell in that order. Weather aside, which was not to bad overall, it was an enjoyable walk.
Following on from Bill's comments, we were pleasantly surprised to find a nice new electric train waiting for us at Paddington, a nice change from the smelly diesels.
Walkers were a little concerned when a a passenger alighted at Maidenhead with a rather large surfboard. However there was no Thames bore just delightful autumnal colours along the Thames path.
Lunch at the Kings Arms was good and well priced with an open fire and settees scattered about.
Onward to Marlow after lunch with better weather and a leisurely tea for most at Burgers to finish off the walk
Sun, 23-Apr-17 4

Sunday Walk - A pretty Thames walk

SWC 56 Maidenhead to Marlow
Length 14.1km (8.8m); toughness 3/10.
Trains: London Paddington 10.15 (Ealing Broadway10.23) arrives Maidenhead 10.54.
Return: replacement bus service from Marlow rail station at xx.49 for 35 minute bus journey to Maidenhead station to pick up connecting train back to London Paddington at 36/37 mins past the hour.
Buy a day return to Marlow
A simple and pretty walk along the Thames an early highlight being Brunel’s amazing Maidenhead rail bridge.
See here for further details about the walk, lunch and refreshment options and a pdf with detailed walk instructions.t=swc.56
4 in the morning, 3+1 in a tranquil afternoon. Two lunching in The Kings Arms at Cookham which was as reliable as usual. Murky during the journey out turning into respectable sunshine.

Rail replacement bus service is one of the most dreaded phrases in the English language, but a substitution of familiar trackside views by less familiar roads from Marlow back to Maidenhead in the height of spring turned out rather pleasingly
Sun, 22-May-16 6

A lovely walk in the Thames Valley

Free walk 56b - Marlow Circular
Length 14.1km (8.8m); toughness 3/10
Trains 09.48 London Paddington (Ealing Broadway 09.56) arrives Maidenhead 10.28.
Then 10.35 Maidenhead (Platform 5b) to Marlow 10.58
Return trains to London from Marlow at xx:03 changing at Maidenhead (and possibly Slough)
This walk variation does not appear to have been done since March 2010 and makes an attractive Spring outing now that the ground has dried out. You start out walking along the river and return across gentle hills enjoying the splendid Thames valley scenery back to Marlow.
Your lunch stop is in Cookham and there are a number of pub and café options so take your pick . (see walk instructions for your choices) Marlow has a number of excellent tea places.
You can find more information about the walk and full walk instruction in the pdf here.
You have to navigate your way around the walk instructions a bit but first you scroll down to Section b) on page 7 and take it from there.

There are options to extend the walk if you wish
Weather forecast for Marlow much improved. I'm going.
7 turned up for this, one of whom disappeared mysteriously soon after the start, so 6 Some expressed intent to walk on to Maidenhead but in the end at least 4 returned to Marlow. humid variously overcast and sunny
Wed, 24-Feb-16 9

Mid week day walk - Maidenhead to Marlow

Maidenhead to Marlow with the merest hint of mud

A pretty stretch of the Thames to Cookham in the morning. After lunch, a hill with a view of the Thames valley

Book 3 Walk 56

Length : 14½ km or 9 miles

Toughness : 3 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:12 am train from London Paddington to Maidenhead
Calling stations:

  • Ealing Broadway: departs 10:20
  • Southall: departs 10:27
  • Hayes and Harlington: departs 10:31
  • West Drayton: departs 10:35
  • Slough: departs 10:42

Meeting point : Maidenhead Station at 10:53

Tickets : Buy a cheap day return to Marlow

Brief Description

This is an ideal walk for those of you weary of mud. It passes the Cliveden Estate (though not accessible) where the Profumo affair took place many moons ago in 1961.
You may find full details here and a printable PDF here. (Apparently Kindlites may use this PDF)

Suggested Lunch stops at Cookham

The Bel and Dragon t: 01628 521263 (up market)
The Kings Arms t: 01628 530667
The Crown t: 01628 520163
The Teapot Tea Shop t: 01628 529 514
Hopefully one of these will suffice !

Suggested Tea stop

Burgers t: 01628 483389 Pronounced with a 'soft' G and open to 5:15

There are many other eateries in Marlow too.


OS Explorer : 172

Return train times

Trains return from Marlow at the following times ...

15:06 (Change at Maidenhead)
16:05 (Change at Maidenhead)
17:16 (Change at Bourne End and Maidenhead)
17:47 (Change at Bourne End and Maidenhead)
18:17 (Change at Bourne End, Maidenhead and Slough)
18:47 (Change at Bourne End and Maidenhead)

9 on this walk, including one late starter who had Tube problems and caught us at lunch. A lovely walk on a day of sparkling sunshine (it clouded up just before lunch but thankfully this did not last). Feeling quite warm in the sun despite the frosty start.

The "minimal mud" billing of this walk proved largely correct, though inevitably there were a couple of gloopy bits around kissing gates towards the end to ensure that we left plenty on the tea room floor (sorry about that!). Generally, though, it was the driest walk I have had since October.

Some saw a kingfisher on the morning stretch along the river (I alas did not). Lunch was in the capacious Kings Arms, which we had almost to ourselves. In the afternoon the climb up Winter Hill was a bit slippy but the views from the top were beautifully sharp.

We got to Marlow at about 3.30pm and all had tea in Burgers. Five of us then did the "new" extension for this walk (actually a new use for the existing Marlow start) back along the River Thames. This proved a great choice, with golden light from the declining sun making everything look especially idyllic. It was so nice, in fact, that when we got to Bourne End we decided to carry on to Cookham, finishing the walk there at 5.45pm and clocking up 13.5 miles in all.

"And at that moment a blackbird sang" (Edward Thomas: Adelstrop) the first I have heard this year, chirruping away at Cookham station. A reminder that spring is just around the corner.....
This was a lovely walk in bright sunshine.Thank you to Marcus for treating three Ladies to tea and cakes in the German? tea shop Burgers. Very nice.jfk
Sun, 07-Dec-14 4 Maidenhead to Marlow
Sun, 22-Jun-14 9 Maidenhead to Marlow
Sat, 24-Nov-12 Maidenhead to Marlow
Mon, 04-Jun-12 Maidenhead to Marlow
Sun, 30-Jan-11 Maidenhead to Marlow
Sun, 20-Jun-10 Maidenhead to Marlow
Sun, 07-Mar-10 Marlow Circular, via Cookham
Sat, 31-Oct-09 Maidenhead to Marlow
Sat, 29-Aug-09 Marlow Circular, via Cookham
Sun, 02-Aug-09 Maidenhead to Marlow
Sun, 15-Feb-09 Maidenhead to Marlow
Sat, 08-Nov-08 Maidenhead to Marlow
Sun, 25-Nov-07 Marlow Circular, via Cookham
Sat, 27-Oct-07 Marlow Circular, via Cookham