The Broomway and Foulness Island walk

Fabled tidal road off the coast off Essex across Maplin Sands to Foulness Island.


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  • 'The Broomway', 1/9/13.
    amib, Oct-13

    This was the first group walk that this walker has done in this series of recordings, and the reason for that is that it's highly recommended!

    This is a short walk of around 6 miles, three of which are across the notorious shifting sands of 'The Broomway', so called as the path was originally marked out by brooms. It is this latter section where it is best to use a guide, though it could be done without one with careful attention to the coastline and tide, and with good weather.

    The walk starts at Churchend's Hertiage Centre, which is a former school, passes the now defunct church and pub, on through the village and then crosses some rather bland agricultural and military land. Three miles later, and the walkers arrive at Asplins Head for the walk across the sands.

    Three miles later, at Wakering Stairs, a waiting coach transports the group back to the Heritage Centre for tea.

    Wellington boots are recommended, but it could also be done in walking boots with gaiters, or even barefoot, as some did, though with caution.