View from Chiltern Escarpment

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Ellesborough Church

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Near the start

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Looking down at a tree

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Midway through morning

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Book 2, Walk 1, Wendover Round

Near Ellesborough.

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Wendover Circular walk

The Chilterns: gentle wooded hills and ridges.


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Updated: Tue, 29-Jan-19

Date # Post
Tue, 27-Nov-18 2

Evening walk

CW2 1c Monks Risborough to Wendover
Distance: 6km
Length: 9.7km (6 miles)

Catch the 17:53 train from London Marylebone, arrives Monks Risborough 18:45. Return trains from Wendover: 21:23, 21:53, 22:53.

Will take the Coombe Hill (d) ending and finish with a drink / meal at Shouder of Mutton PH Wendover, food served until 22:00.

2 night owls disembarked at Monk's Risborough in dark but surprisingly dry and mild conditions after witnessing a major deluge of rain from the train en route....I guess donning the waterproofs on the train worked their magic....It was an atmospheric journey up and down hills through dark woods with only the regular hooting of owls and one largish (yet unidentified) critter that crossed our path for company...We managed not to be apprehended by security forces while passing through the woods surrounding Chequers...and enjoyed a nice view from Coombe hill before the gentle descent to Wendover for a lite bite and drink at the recently re opened and refurbished Shoulder of Mutton pub....a fine evening out....looking forward to future installments....
Wed, 31-Oct-18 18

Wednesday Walk Wendover Circular - a Book 2 Chiltern's Classic not for the Faint Hearted

Book 2, Walk 1 - Wendover Circular

Length: 18.5 km (11.5 miles)
Toughness: 7 out of 10 (8.5 out of 10 with Coombe Hill ending)

London Marylebone: 09-57 hrs Aylesbury Vale Parkway service
Arrive Wendover: 10-45 hrs

Return: 16-23, 16-53, 17-20, 17-55, 18-26, 18-52 and 19-23 hrs

You get a good work out on this walk, particularly if you attempt the Coombe Hill ending, but energy spent should be rewarded by Chiltern Hill's leaf colour in the many woods along the way, and you will have some lovely views today.

You will have to maintain a steady pace (no dawdling) if you want luncheon at the Red Lion pub in Whiteleaf - always best to 'phone ahead with numbers: 01844-344476 your e.t.a is 13-25 hrs.

More woods, steep bits and Chiltern's classic countryside in the afternoon before you have that very steep climb to the summit of Coombe Hill with its Boer War monument. Then - relief - its downhill all the way to Wendover. For your tea stop, chocaholics go to Rumsey's Chocolaterie, a short distance down the High Street, whilst I prefer the Shoulder of Mutton pub near the railway station.
Walk Directions here: L=2.1
There's a lovely cheese and wine shop on the High Street, open until 5PM. Excellent wine selection. If you choose the same bottle of wine, you could share and save on price.

I did this walk today, 13th, and bought a Prosecco and a white one for 12 pounds each.
Tickets: for those with Freedom Pass this covers you Marylebone to Amersham so only buy ticket on from Amersham.

I will do the short version 8.4 miles (via Coppice Cross?) with a late lunch at the Russell Arms around 2pm.
Hi all,I would like to join but I'm just worried we won't be able to meet without phone contacts. Where is the meeting point? Many thanks
Meeting point is on the platform at Wendover when the specified train arrives (1045 if all goes to plan). The walking group should be obvious as there are unlikely to be many other people around.

See the notes on the This Week's Walks page for some brief notes and a link to more details for first timers.
The gpx has this as a 20.2 km walk, with the pub reached after 10.6 km (and three of the five ascents), so a later train for the Network Railcard holders (10.27, arrives 11.15) should still leave enough time to get to the pub before last food orders (just confirmed to me as 14.00 hours)...
I intend getting the later train and if necessary will join you for a ginger beer in the pub....
I won't make it Tomorrow. Because 1. I will be working and 2. It will be my Birthday.
I won't make it Tomorrow. Because 1. I will be working and 2. It will be my Birthday. But I hope the Walk goes well for you.
Hi actually I think the Chilterns trains allow you to board the train before 09.30 as I recall Thomas when you led a walk from Princes Rishborough to Wendover on a Wednesday we got the 09.15 train in winter. Those with network card was also alllowed.
I shall board the train at Harrow on the Hill
at the stated time. Hope the this helps for those without Freedom pass or SEnior rail card.
Not for a Network railcard, but senior is ok. you can also get the train at harrow on the hill just after 1009
Hi, I'm currently at Marylebone station. See you at Wendover
The 3 late starters caught up with the main group at the lunch pub, and when we all left, I counted 16. 1 other (1 of the 3 late starters) was still inside, finishing lunch. 1 other had apparently walked her own short walk straight from the platform to lunch in Butler's Cross. I make that 18, which is a record for this walk! [at least as far back as attendance numbers have been kept on the website] The weather was sunny and warm for the time of year.
"Russet Hues rating": not that great in the first third of the walk, I'd say, what with lots of brown leaves on the floor and lots of green ones on the trees. That changed markedly in the middle of the walk, along the north facing woods, here we got the riot of browns, reds and oranges we had hoped for. Else: fine far views into Aylesbury Vale, plenty of ups and downs, soapy but not muddy ground, nice company.
Most if not all of the fast walkers did the 'via Coombe Hill' variant, some even fit in the off route top of Beacon Hill just before that.
We crossed the railway bridge in Wendover just as the 16.23 was pulling out, so decamped to the Shoulder of Mutton, or so we thought. But it's heavily scaffolded, with most of the interior bare and with lots of builders doing what builders do. Unfortunately, the Chef & Brewer website doesn't give a clue whether that's just a freshup or a close down and conversion to residential... So we strode on to the Tapas Bar/Restaurant next to the Wine and Cheese Shop. 8 of us settled in there for a couple, others went for a tea somewhere else. 17.20 train for both those sets of people. Others still went straight to the station for the 16.53.
For the non alcos, the wine and cheese shop also do very good coffee and sweet stuff, and opens late on Saturday.
Sat, 07-Oct-17

Wendover Circular with Coombe Hill Ending


Length: 19km (12m)
Toughness: 7 / 10
Transport: Take the 9:27 train from London Marylebone arriving at Wendover at 10:15. Return trains at xx:26 and xx:56.

Autumn - Chilterns, two words which go together like apple pie and custard or onion cake and Federweisser (young wine). So here is a classic with hopefully some early autumn colours. The walk features a nice lunch pub, a view from the top of Whitecross, a prehistoric fort and the spectacular Chilterns escarpment. The end is rounded off with a climb up to Coombe Hill with wide views towards the north and west, before descending gently into Wendover for tea or hot chocolate at Rumsey's (until 18:00) or some drink at the Shoulder of Mutton.

keen on this any takers? hope to see 1 fellow walker. thanks monica
Me too.
Me three! : )
Sat, 29-Jul-17 6

Chiltern Hills

CW2 Walk 1 - Wendover Circular
Length: 18.5km (11.5 miles)
Toughness 7/10.

Catch the 9:27 train from London Marylebone to Wendover, arriving 10:15. (Return xx:26 xx:56, until 22:26.)

Intend going.
6 of us set off from Wendover on an overcast but dry day. Two of our number deep in conversation dropped back mid morning never to be seen again. Lunch at the Red Lion standard fare and efficient. At Ellesborough 1 of the 4 opted for the Coombe Hill finish. We arrived in plenty of time for the 15:27 back to London. A good day out.
Sat, 05-Nov-16 9

Wendover Circular via Coombe Hill

t=2.1 Length: 18.5km (11.5m)
Toughness: 7 / 10
Transport: Take the 9:27 from London Marylebone, arriving in Wendover at 10:15. Return from Wendover at xx:23 and xx:53

This classic Chilterns walk hopefully provides spectacular autumn colours. From the description:

This energetic walk serves as a fine introduction to the Chiltern Hills, first passing through woodland, then descending into hidden vales and fields before emerging out onto the Chiltern escarpment above Princes Risborough at a spot that commands panoramic views of the countryside below. After lunch in Whiteleaf, a pretty village with many ancient cottages, the return to Wendover goes through wooded valleys and hills reminiscent of an earlier age. Then the walk continues along a fine open section of escarpment, with grand views north, before descending to the plains for a leisurely finish, in contrast to the landscape passed earlier. This walk is particularly pretty in autumn when it is a riot of russet hues.

The end will be the variation via Coombe Hill and not along the valley bottom.

Two latecomers joined the walk, didn't quite catch up with the main group.
Woodland area above Wendover very beautiful with gold rustling leaves underfoot. Slight confusion on redundant stiles in instructions. Long version of walk well worth doing. Red Lion Pub very good. This is unlikely to be the SWC but we overheard mutterings of discontent from the landlady about walkers who'd earlier eaten their sandwiches on the garden benches without buying anything, and whom she then reminded to buy a drink. Walk instruction at Whiteleaf Cross a little confusing :the Eastern direction path walk was not a car width as specified in the instruction.

Sad to see HS2 banners of what is now to come.
Enjoyable company 9 on this walk. Largely overcast all day. Learnt what Pokerman is from two of the walkers and understood why the Holocaust Museum in Israel aren't overly impressed with its makers leaving objects to find in their museum! Three of us had tea and cakes in Wendover and I had the very rare pleasure of being able to order vegan cake.
Wed, 19-Oct-16 6

Wednesday Walk: Book 2, Walk 1 - Wendover Circular

An energetic woodland walk in the Chilterns

Book 2, Walk 1 - Wendover Circular
Length: 18.5 km (11.5 miles)
Toughness: 7 out of 10

London Marylebone: 10-27 hrs - Aylesbury train
Arrive Wendover: 11-15 hrs

Return: Wendover: 16-23; 16-53; 17-20; 17-55; 18-26; 18-52

Today's walk takes you through a number of woods and vales in the Chiltern Hills with several ups and downs to keep a SWC walker honest.

To reach the pub - the Red Lion, in Whiteleaf- in time for lunch will necessitate walking at a good, steady pace during the morning leg. Slower walkers have the option of a) taking the 09-57 hrs train from Marylebone, and we will catch you up en route, or b) your taking one of the short cuts as noted in the Walk Directions.

After lunch you have a steep hill which plays havoc on one's digestion, then more woods and the remains of Pulpit Hill Fort before you descend to Ellesborough Church. You now have a choice of routes to walk-end. The Book's main route takes you over a number of large, flat, arable fields. If these have been ploughed up recently, the harvest now having been gathered, your boots will soon weigh a ton each from clinging mud, and progress onwards will be very hard going. In these circumstances the alternative route is recommended - a steep ascent up Coombe Hill - to use up the last of your energy - then it's a steady descent into Wendover. So the choice is heavy boots or a knackering climb !

For tea in Wendover, chocaholics make for Rumsey's on the High Street. I don't - I prefer the Shoulder of Mutton pub next to Station Approach, which serves hot drinks, the demon booze and food all day.

If you join us on today's energetic walk you are excused a visit to the gym on Thursday.
Next Week, Wednesday 26 October: Book 1, Walk 42- Holmwood to Gomshall - Leith Hill, woodlands, heathland and maybe, leaf colour.

Going dancing
4 of us got off the specified train at Wendover at 11.15 and we had to keep up a keen pace to cover the six miles to the Red Lion in time for lunch, arriving at 1.40 or so. There we found two walkers who had got an earlier train and so 6 on this walk in all.

There was good colour on the tops and exposed sides of the beeches, though tinting has not yet reached down to path level. However, in compensation the paths were all still bone dry, a contrast to the gloopy mud that can now not be far in the future.

There was lots of upping and downing in this walk but we still elected to add the biggest up of all, the very steep climb onto Coombe Hill of the alternative ending. Alas, by now it was grey after a partly sunny morning so the view, while extensive and sharp, was also a bit bleak.

We descended to Wendover just too late for the chocolatey temptations of Rumseys, and that was enough to send two directly to the station. But four of us repaired instead to the Shoulder of Mutton, each to their respective end of walk treats (plum crumble and custard for me and a nice pot of tea, a large red wine for others). 5.55pm train home.
Sat, 19-Mar-16 10

Saturday First Walk Wendover Circular

TOCW2 2.1 Wendover Circular with "energetic ending via Coombe Hill"

This saturday seems to be plagued by engineering works, and trying to avoid mud, restricts the choice of walks. However this is a fine walk and will hopefully not have much mud. You do need the download instructions if you have a pre 2011 version of the book and if you want to do the Coombe Hill ending. T=2.1 For those not familiar with the walk, the Coombe Hill option avoids a final stretch across potentially muddy fields, and for those who like such things, there is a pub right by the station.

Length 11.5 miles, 7 out of 10

Travel Get the 0927 train from Marylebone (0939 from Harrow-on-the-Hill), arrives 1015. Return to Wendover. Return trains are xx28 and xx58.

Lunch The Red Lion (tel 01844 344476), Whiteleaf, near Princes Risborough HP27 0LL, 10km (6.2 miles) from the start of the standard walk,

Hi there. I am very excited to do this walk with you guys. My husband, yorkie and I will see you guys at Wendover station at 10.15 sharp!
first outing for me with SWC, looking forwards to this one
10 on this walk including two first timers. We separated into two groups of five, the trailing group including two who were intending to take the short walk option. The remaining eight came together again at the lunchtime pub but became fragmented again after lunch, two trailing behind from the off, and two more going astray after briefly falling behind. A chill, overcast day with a brief spell of mizzle when we set off, balanced by an equally brief glimpse of blue sky soon afterwards. A few signs of spring here and there, though it didn't feel like it.
Sun, 08-Nov-15 4

Chiltern Hills and valleys

Book 2 Walk 1a Wendover circular via Cross Coppice shortcut
Length 13.5km (8.4m); toughness 6/10.
Trains 09.57 London Marylebone arriving Wendover 10.45. Return trains xx:25 and xx:55
This is a short but energetic walk in the Chiltern Hills going through wooded valleys and hills and some fine sections of open escarpment. With this shortcut you will have a late lunch at the Russell Arms (01296 634411) in Butlers Cross near Wendover which is just 2.5km (1.6m) from the end of the walk. Wendover has a number of tea options including Rumseys – a great place for chocolate cakes and other confections.

This walk has been completely re-written and you can download further walk details and full instructions here . Refer to the instructions for this shorter walk option.
4 walkers dull day. Some confusion at Pulpit hill fort. Directions had us foxed. Good going in the forest and grass tracks but hard work in the mud, heavy clay and ploughed fields. A super walk. Please post again in summer. Russell Arms outstanding food, wine, and service all with TWO roaring fires. Please correct their phone number! Enjoyable outing. Thank you walk poster. A good choice.
01296 624 411 Phone number for Russell Arms. Also on Sunday serves food until 4pm.
Sat, 17-Oct-15 14

Saturday First Walk - A Chiltern beechwood classic

T=2.1 Book 2 Walk 1 - Wendover Circular
Length: 13.5km (8.4 miles) or 18.5km (11.5 miles)
Toughness: 7 out of 10

9.42 train from Marylebone to Wendover, arriving 10.30

Trains back are at 10 and 40 past the hour

For walk directions bring book two, or click here.

For alternative ending over Coombe Hill, directions are here.

I have seen quite a bit of colour on beech trees recently, and while I would be surprised if the Chilterns beechwoods are yet ablaze with golds and yellows, you should hopefully see some early autumn tints on this Chilterns classic.

There are beechwoods aplenty, but also some fine views, particularly on Whiteleaf Hill just after lunch on the main walk, or on the alternative ending over Coombe Hill . At the end of the walk there is the enticing choice of chocolate cakes at Rumseys or the cosy Shoulder of Mutton pub (or indeed one followed by the other).

There is still plenty of daylight to do the full walk (the 18.5km/11.5 mile option), but those feeling less energetic can take the option a) shortcut to reduce the walk to 13.5km (8.4 miles). The text only offers a rather late lunch stop for this option, at the Russell Arms, 2.5km from the end of the walk. But for a pub stop more in the middle of the walk it is actually quite easy to divert to the Plough in Lower Cadsden: see below

Short walk via Cross Coppice pub option
(adds a total of 1.6km/1 mile to the walk length).
  • follow walk option a) Short cut via Cross Coppice, as far as line 8 in the 2nd paragraph.
  • where it says "After 60 metres turn right at a crosspaths ...", carry straight on to cross a stile.
  • Follow the path uphill, across a hilltop and then downhill into a valley.
  • When you reach the bottom of the valley (with a Cadsden Wood information board), follow a level footpath along it to arrive at the Plough.
  • on leaving the Plough, retrace your steps to the the Cadsden Wood information board, and then take the same path uphill and down the other side to the crosspaths where you left the shortcut route. Turn LEFT at this crosspaths and follow it downhill for 450 metres to a road.
  • Resume the main walk directions at point [6]

Looking to attend this. Is anyone else planning on doing this walk?

Quite new to this but looks as though each week there is always a few people that meet.

Hi Hannah,

I might do this walk, I will confirm tomorrow morning though,

Hi Hannah,
Walkers don't normally put a note to say that they are going to do a walk. There are always others on the walk and I'd be surprised if there aren't quite a few on this one. If you look at the "recent walks" tabs you'll see some examples of numbers turning up on walks recently.
Ok thank you. That's really helpful
13 set together from the station to be joined by one more at the lunchtime pub. Most of us planned to do the Coombe Hill alternative after lunch but were persuaded to by our late starter to do a variation that took us to Coombe Hill via Chequers.
Sat, 15-Nov-14 13 Wendover Circular
Sat, 03-May-14 8 Wendover Circular
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