West Byfleet to Hampton Court walk

The Wey Navigation and the Thames Path via several pubs.


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Date Post # Weather
Fri, 18-Mar-22 Friday Night Full Worm Moon Special!: Byfleet to Hampton Court 8 bright full worm moon
Sat, 10-Feb-18 Saturday Walk - West Byfleet to Hampton Court 7
Sat, 24-Dec-16 Christmas Eve walk - A riverside walk with lots of pubs 15 hazy sunshine
Sun, 07-Feb-16 Sunday Walk 2 – Towpaths and riverside paths to Hampton Court 17 fine and sunny but becoming cloudy and bleak later
Sat, 29-Nov-14 West Byfleet to Hampton Court 8
Wed, 05-Dec-12 West Byfleet to Hampton Court
Wed, 21-Dec-11 West Byfleet to Hampton Court
Sun, 14-Feb-10 West Byfleet to Hampton Court
Sun, 22-Mar-09 West Byfleet to Hampton Court
Sat, 27-Dec-08 West Byfleet to Hampton Court
Fri, 18-Mar-22
Friday Night Full Worm Moon Special!: Byfleet to Hampton Court

Friday Night Full Worm Moon Special (Byfleet to Hampton Court) t=swc.45

Distance: Approximately 9.2 miles or 15.0 km for those more metrically minded

Difficulty: 1 out of 10

Train: 16:20 Woking train from London Waterloo, arriving Byfleet & New Haw at 17:00. If you miss this train, you can try catching the 16:50, arriving at 17:30 and catch us up…

This is a slightly longer outing than usual for our evening program at this time of year – but thought the forecast fine weather and full worm moon merited an extended outing….Apologies to our regular evening walkers who do not have flexible schedules (I promise, next week, we will start at the customary 18:30).

I have not done this walk before – but thought its general East trajectory and water features would make good viewing of the moon. Also, there are an abundance of watering holes along the way…I would suggest we stop in one – possibly the Weir Pub with its riverside terrace for drinks and a bite to eat before finishing up at Hampton Court where there are also some refreshment points.

More information about the route can be found here. Note we are shaving about 1.5 miles off of the original walk by starting in Byfleet & New Haw NOT West Byfleet. So remember to alight from the train accordingly…..

Return travel from Hampton Court are at 24 and 54 past the hour until 22:54.

Enjoy the walk!

  • 19-Mar-22

    Much to my surprise 7 alighted at the correct station from the appointed train and after a brief round of formalities set off to find the canal. Although there is no designated footpath route to the canal from Byfleet station, we decided to experiment with a concrete track that looked as if it ran through a vacant lot towards the canal -- It did! Where there track turns left you take a well trod footpath off to the right which leads to the canal side. It is not an official route and not the prettiest -- but it is certainly well used and saves a long trek down a busy road....so, one to keep in mind for the future.

    The canal was pretty in the late afternoon sun...the area has a number of water features and we managed to make the right choices and ultimately ended up on the banks of the mighty Thames towards sunset. Our stomachs got the better of us and we stopped at a pub called the Angler about 20 minutes before the Weir where 6 stopped for drinks and dinner while one carried onwards. The pub was very efficient in service (though perhaps not serving the finest of food, it was not bad)....During the brief wait for our meals, we were entertained by the quandary of a little robin who had founds its way into the pub and upstairs to the room where we were dining.....Many windows were opened and various "shooing" and other tactics were tried.....eventually our little dinner guest managed to finds its way back outside.

    After dinner, it was properly dark....at first we wondered where our moon was -- but then it appeared off to the East....It was big and bright....eventually our route turned more Eastward and we had the lovely bright moon in front of us, sometimes atmospherically reflecting on the water.....near the Weir, we bumped into a familiar face who had started late from Hampton Court, making for 8 under a bright full worm moon .

    We arrived at Hampton Court about 21:15 and went straight to the 21:24, as most were planning to walk again on Saturday! A very enjoyable evening out!

Sat, 10-Feb-18
Saturday Walk - West Byfleet to Hampton Court
SWC Walk 45 - West Byfleet to Hampton Court
10.7 miles / 17.2km
1 out of 10

An easy walk along the Wey Navigation and the Thames Path to Hampton Court. The route can easily be extended beyond Hampton Court with some exploration of Bushy Park with its deer, waterways and woodland gardens.

Trains: Take the 9:53 from London Waterloo to West Byfleet, arriving at 10:21. Trains from Hampton Court at xx24/54. You may need to buy a single or use Oyster to get from Hampton Court station to Surbiton to connect with the outward route.

Lunch: The Old Crown, Weybridge (01932 842844), on Ship Street, where the canal joins the Thames. The Swan, Walton-on-Thames (01932 225964). The Anglers at Walton is currently closed for refurbishment.


Sat, 24-Dec-16
Christmas Eve walk - A riverside walk with lots of pubs
SWC Walk 45 - West Byfleet to Hampton Court
Length: 17.2km (10.5 miles)
Toughness: 1 out of 10 - dead flat!

9.42 train from Waterloo (9.54 Clapham Junction, 10.00 Wimbledon) to West Byfleet, arriving 10.23

Buy a day return to West Byfleet. This covers all but the short Hampton Court to Surbiton part of your return journey, for which you can use Oyster or contactless if necessary.

For walk directions click here.

This is a very pleasant and easy walk along first the pretty Basingstoke Canal, then the River Wey and finally the Thames up to Hampton Court. It is surprisingly rural given that it is inside the M25 (mostly - you pass under the motorway early in the walk).

Apart from its proximity to London, I chose it today for its large number of possible lunch pubs. I hope at least some of them will be doing lunch, though whether one will need to book or not I do not know. Perhaps try calling the pub of your choice at the start of the walk. Just before the road bridge at Walton-on-Thames there is also a substantial cafe-kiosk offering hot meals, though again, if it will be open today I do not know. In extremis a diversion into Weybridge town centre should yield some takeaway options.

At the end of the walk, the environs of Hampton Court station has a cafe or two, though they may close early. You might even make it to the Tiltyard Cafe in Hampton Court palace grounds if you are speedy (it closes at 4.30pm). Otherwise, there should be a pub open.

Trains back from Hampton Court are at 28 and 58 to 18.58, then 19.58, 20.58. Journey times are slightly extended by 16 minutes today by the need to change at Surbiton for a connecting train to Waterloo.

  • 24-Dec-16

    15 on this walk. Weather = hazy sunshine (which was a nice surprise). There was general agreement that this made an ideal Christmas Eve outing, with easy riverside paths, minimal navigation needed, and no mud. The section around Weybridge was particularly pretty. All pubs and tea rooms plus the food kiosk by Walton Bridge were open: about ten of us opted for the "recommended" Crown, the first pub we came to. We had a friendly welcome here but several were disappointed with the quality of the food. The sandwichers powered on ahead but we caught them towards the end, which shows the benefit of a Proper Lunch.

    A hasty tea for some of us as we headed off on the 15.28 for our evening celebrations, but at least two expressed the intention to go to Hampton Court to see the ice rink. We parted on the train with many expressions of heartfelt sentiment, looking forward to our next far-off meeting (in two day's time).

Sun, 07-Feb-16
Sunday Walk 2 – Towpaths and riverside paths to Hampton Court
Extra Walk 45 – West Byfleet to Hampton Court
Length: 17.2 km (10.7 miles). Toughness: 1/10

10:11 Guildford train from Waterloo (Vauxhall 10:16, Clapham Jct 10:21, etc), arriving West Byfleet at 10:55. If you've got a travel card for Zone 6 you'll just need a single from Surbiton to West Byfleet; if not, buy a return to West Byfleet (but see below).

Trains return from Hampton Court (in TfL Zone 6) to Waterloo at 05 & 35 minutes past the hour. If the South West Trains staff are in a good mood your return to West Byfleet will be accepted, but you might be required to buy a single to Surbiton where the two lines meet.

If you want a break from excessively muddy winter walks this one should do the trick, as much of it is along canal towpaths and riverside paths. Navigation shouldn't be a problem, of course, but you'll find the walk document helpful for a tricky section at Weybridge as well as its comments about the hostelries en route. The first possible lunch pub is the Old Crown at Weybridge, with several more at Walton Bridge and beyond. At the end of the walk Hampton Court has several pubs catering for tourists but I would have said that the cafés and tearooms in East Molesey were a better bet for tea. Alternatively, cross Hampton Court bridge for a quick look around the Palace gardens (free in winter) and have tea in its Tiltyard Café.

You'll need to print the (brief) directions from the Extra Walk 45 page. T=swc.45
  • Anonymous

    Train cancelled ar 10:21- taking now 10:51 to West Byfleet. Phone 07875826366

  • 08-Feb-16

    17 on this walk (including the intrepid poodle and the 11 year old son of an old regular) with the weather fine and sunny but becoming cloudy and bleak later . This walk was undermined a little by the scheduled train refusing to leave Waterloo station so we all set off from West Byfleet about 40 mins later than anticipated. (One regular had ended up doing the walk in reverse from Kingston with the intention of ending in Weybridge!)

    A gentle virtually mud-free waterside amble with a fine lunchtime pub but the group fragmented somewhat in the afternoon and I ended up at Hampton Court at 3.45pm with the intention of crossing Hampton Court Park to Kingston - and rekindling happy early 70s student memories of loafing in the park on sunny days with friends, cheap wine and......er other substances -but after tea and cake and with a sore right foot and unsure when the park closed I settled for the 4.,35pm train back to London. Hope all others enjoyed their walk.