Particularly applies to high level walking and / or remote areas: Lake District, Scotland. Let someone know your route and approximate return time.

In cold weather conditions and / or in remote areas it is not advisable to walk on your own, plus if you get stuck then you can get cold very quickly once you stop.

Plan your outing

If you are new to walking

Roads / Railways

*UK and other left-hand traffic countries.

Dealing with foot and insect problems


If new to walking the chances are that you may experience blisters. They are natures way of providing padding to sensitive skin. Do not burst! Over time the skin in the sensitive area will harden. That said, there are various measures that you may take to help prevent / lessen the severity of blisters:



  1. BADA-UK is an independent organisation, with no affiliations to any tick removal tool manufacturer and have reviewed various devices that are available in the UK. Through their studies and own experience, they consider The O'Tom Tick Twister to be the best removal tool currently available.
  2. BADA-UK - Correct Tick Removal procedure.