Arlesey to Letchworth Garden City walk

Achalk stream, the Greensand Ridge, the ‘Cathedral of the Chilterns’, a motte-and-bailey and abandoned medieval village, the Icknield Way past a lavender farm to a Garden City.


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  • Arlesey to Letchworth Garden City, 26/8/17.
    amib, Oct-17

    This long walk of almost 15 miles on the Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire borders has resulted in a rather lengthy video. And it doesn't even end in Letchworth! No, the walker decided to finish at Ickleford Lavender as the walk beyond Wilbury Hill Fort into the Garden City isn't the most picturesque, though others might disagree; the walker's local knowledge might have influenced the decision.

    Otherwise, a very pleasant walk straight from the station into meadows bordering the River Hiz. Then, on along field boundaries, past an RAF base, and into Meppershall, with a motte-and-bailey, for lunch.

    The second half passes the 'Cathedral of the Chilterns', at Shillington, and then onto Pirton, with its motte-and-bailey. The walker then joins the ancient Icknield Way to arrive in Ickleford and the finale at the lavender farm.