Dual language sign to Pooh Bridge

12-Jun-10 • Sean O'Neill

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Rape fields, Medway valley

29-Jun-13 • Sean O'Neill

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Pooh Bridge, Ashdown Forest

29-Jun-13 • Sean O'Neill

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Oast houses, Summerford Farm

29-Jun-13 • Sean O'Neill

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Ashurst to Hartfield

13-Jun-08 • moontiger on Flickr

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Ashurst to Hartfield

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Ashdown Forest view

Ashurst to Hartfield

13-Jun-08 • moontiger on Flickr

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Ashurst Circular walk

A walk via Pooh Bridge to the attractive Wealden village of Hartfield, with a longer option over the elevated heathland of Ashdown Forest.


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Updated: Sat, 17-Aug-19

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Sat, 09-Jun-18 17

Saturday Walk Ashurst Circular in A.A. Milne Country

A Pooh Sticks Competition on an Ashurst Circular T=SWC.29

Distance: Short, Medium and Long on offer:

Short: 9.2 miles/15 km
Medium: 12 miles/ 19 km
Long: 15.1 miles/ 24 km

Difficulty: 3, 5 or 7 out of 10 – depending on distance

Train: Take the 10:07 AM Uckfield train from London Bridge, arriving at Ashurst at 10:57. Return trains from Ashurst are at 56 minutes past the hour until 22:56. Buy a day return to Ashurst.

This is a lovely walk with options for all. It begins along the Medway Valley and visits the charming village of Withyham for an early lunch. After lunch, there is a choice of three routes to the next village. On the medium and long routes you pass across Pooh Bridge where you can have riveting Pooh stick races and on the long walk you venture out for a lovely circuit around the Ashdown Forest with fine views to the South Downs. You can find more information about the walk and the instructions here.

The lunch spot is The Dorest Arms in Withyham (01892 770 424) about 4 miles/6 km into the walk. Tea options include: Piglet’s Tea Room or the Anchor Inn, both in Hartfield. Please note that there are no amenities at Ashurst Station – so you will need to time your departure from Hartfield carefully – it is 4 miles/6 km to the station…..

Enjoy the walk!
The pub can get busy so worth booking and/or staggering lunch times.. Rich
17 on this walk. The weather was cloudy and humid for the most part, relatively brief flashes of sun in the afternoon only adding to the stickiness. A pleasant walk through pleasant territory, but spring is definitely over, with the meadow grasses seeding and overtopping the remaining buttercups and the glorious displays of verge flowers gone. Some good clusters of foxgloves in places, though, and once incredibly I heard a cuckoo.

We had a table for 8 booked at the Dorset Arms, a wise precaution by our walk poster, but squeezed a couple more in. It was a very red meat laden menu and yet the steak in one dish was so tough as to be almost inedible. The vegetarian risotto also lacked excitement. So perhaps another example of a pub trying to be too gastro for its own good.

After lunch 3 of us, plus another two presumed, did the long walk a tough slog up to Ashdown Forest in the sticky heat but nice views and an ice cream when we got there. Disappointingly no sight of the heffalumps for which the area is supposedly famous. Several of the main walkers got a bus from Hartfield to East Grinstead. Presumably some completed the walk to Ashurst, as did we three long walkers a dogged yomp against the clock through waist high grass, but we made the train with several minutes to spare.
The Dorset Arms has a raised garden at the rear. You can access it via the steps to the right of the pub's main entrance. It had plenty of free tables on Saturday and staff were bringing ordered food up for people who were seated there.
Some added info: Four of the 12 milers enjoyed superb "piglet" fruit scones with jam, cream and proper tea cups totally yummy and just 4 pounds! We allowed 85mins for the last beautiful stretch of the walk and alerted 3 pub goers (inc two 15 milers) of our intention to catch the 17.56 train. At a purposeful pace three of us made it with a few mins to spare and were followed onto the platform by the two 15 milers who must have done the stretch in a little over 70mins damn fine effort this.
As Walker has pointed out it was noticeably more humid than of late. I always find it a tad melancholy as we leave the vibrancy, freshness and sheer exuberance of Spring and head off into the comparative quiet and mugginess of deep summer. A wonderful day out and my pooh sticks skills remain undimmed, which is more than can be said of my legs!
Sat, 16-Sep-17 11

Saturday walk - Ashurst Circular

Ashurst Circular - main walk
Length: 12 miles (19km). 5 out of 10. There are options for a longer or shorter walk

This walk starts along the Medway valley and soon comes to the small village of Withyham for an early lunch at the Dorset Arms. After passing Withyham church (which is well worth visiting) there is a choice of three routes to the neighbouring village of Hartfield, associated with the author AA Milne and his most famous creation: coachloads of tourists regularly descend on Pooh Corner to buy all manner of Winnie-the-Pooh memorabilia.

Get the 0953 East Grinstead train from Victoria, changing at East Croydon 1010. At East Croydon get the 1023 Uckfield train arriving Ashurst 1058.

The suggested lunch stop is the Dorset Arms (01892-770278) in Withyham, 5¾ km into the walk. In 2014 this attractive old pub was bought by the Buckhurst Estate and fully refurbished; it has some outdoor seating on a small green and serves excellent home-cooked food until 2.30pm

Nothing at Ashurst station, so a tea shop (4.40pm) or the Anchor pub in Hartfield (3.7m or 6km from the end)

11 sunny dry and still. Nice to do this walk now when it was dry underfoot. I thought it was a beautiful walk through gentle and peaceful countryside. Most of us had a very nice lunch in the Dorset Arms followed by equally good tea and cake later at Piglets Tea Room in Hartfield. At least one walker did the long version up to the heathlands of Ashdown Forest.
Sun, 26-Mar-17 6

A.A Milne country

Free walk, 29b Ashurst circular (short walk)
Distance 14.3km (8.9m); Toughness 4/10
Trains: London Victoria 09.53 to East Croydon 10.09 then
East Croydon 10.15 to Ashurst (Kent) 10.57
Return trains at xx:56 to Hurst Green xx:15 then Hurst Green at
xx 26 to London Victoria

This attractive walk takes you through A.A Milne country on the borders of East Sussex and Kent. The lunch-time pub is the Dorset Arms in Withyham. There are no refreshment stops near Ashurst station so you will need to stop for tea in Hartfield where The Pantry is worth a visit. Download instructions can be found here . Click on b Short circular walk to get the walk directions.
Free walk 29b Ashurst circular, Sun 27 Mar 2017

This walk comes in short, medium and long variants. It was the short one that was specified in the walk posting but the medium one that everyone chose to do today. Sunny but occasionally cool, with very little mud.

The 6 broke into three pairs:
one pair taking lunch at the Dorset Arms in Withyham, newly refurbished under new ownership and now distinctly upmarket: nearly £18 for a main course, beer and service charge, a price justified by the quality
another taking sandwiches but succeeding in getting a table later on in the Piglet Tea Room at Pooh Corner in Hartfield, a feat not achieved by the first pair
another taking sandwiches but deterred from attempting the tea shop by the evident busyness.

Pooh sticking is such a fixture at the bridge that there was a literal logjam of detritus below it obstructing orderly passage of a quite a proportion of the sticks.

The second pair could be seen some way ahead of the first pair, taking a turn away from the station at the final approach to the Medway and were never seen again. The instructions here have "Bear left and go alongside the meandering river for 800m, initially heading N.", but might be yet clearer if they added that the river should be to the walkers' right.
Sun, 17-Apr-16 24

First Sunday Walk: Ashdown Forest and Pooh Bridge

Extra Walk 29 Ashurst Circular
Length: 19.2km (12 miles) Toughness: 5/10

10:06 Brighton train from Victoria (Clapham Junction 10:14), changing at East Croydon (arr 10:24; dep 10:38) arriving at Ashurst at 11:18.

Or 10:04 Tonbridge train from London Bridge, changing at East Croydon (arr 10:22; dep 10:38) arriving at Ashurst at 11:18.

Return trains from Ashurst are at xx:56, changing at Hurst Green for Victoria (journey time 45 minutes), and at Hurst Green & East Croydon for London Bridge.

Starting along the Medway valley, the route later traverses part of Ashdown Forest and crosses the famous Pooh Bridge, where you can play a traditional game of Poohsticks (collect your sticks well in advance, since the ground near the bridge is already denuded of all twigs). A longer option (15.1 miles) goes over the elevated heathland of Ashdown Forest, and a shorter option (8.9 miles) heads directly to Hartfield omitting most of the forest, including Pooh Bridge.

The suggested lunch stop is The Dorset Arms (01892-770278) in Withyham, 5.7 km into the walk. Tea is best taken in one of the Pooh-themed cafes in Hartfield.

You will find the walk directions on the Walk 29 page.
Two taking later train: 10.57 from Victoria, changing at Oxted, and arr Ashurst 12.18, doing 8 mile version, and lunching at the Dorset Arms. Paths should cross!
Hi I made a mistake and am currently at East Croyden can I please
join you?
cold sun
m=mud some
l=lunch yes
Four walkers + dog on later departure. Good lunch at The Dorset Arms, as always. Lovely walk. Blessed by sun and birdsong. A great day out.
20 on the main circular walk with some of those opting for the shorter version. Sadly for the "long walkers" Pooh Bridge was closed for repairs until the middle of May but this did not stop the intrepid group from crawling under the barriers and by using the hand rail carefully made their way over the bridge to scramble on to the onward path.

I on the other hand was made of less sterner stuff and, foolishly disregarding the map on a fence showing an alternative route, I set off to find another way across fields following what I thought was an "old roman road". This turned out to be a disaster and I eventually gave up and retreated to walking along a main road until I found a route bypassing Hartfield across fields. (This main road trek did however ultimately prove to me that there are wild boar in Ashdown Forest as I came across a small, hairy "roadkill" piglet.)

After bypassing Hartfield I gave up on my futile ambition to catch the 16.56 train and took the cycle way route to avoid climbing up the narrow muddy path we had navigated down in the morning. This was the best part of the day as I ambled back to the station in the lovely Spring light. These High Weald walks are lovely; if only the soils drained better. At the current rate the paths will not be dry and firm until June!

I met up with the other walkers for the 17.56 train and we enjoyed a raucous and laughter filled journey back to London.
Seven walkers from the main group opted for the shortest possible afternoon, in my case due to the need to digest a size XXX roast chicken taken on board at the Dorset Arms. As usual the pub was fully booked but very creditably served lunch in the garden to those who wanted it; the portions on some of their regular main courses were disappointingly small, however.

After a leisurely exploration of Withyham church a short stroll to Hartfield took us to Pooh Corner where some of us inexplicably found room for lashings of clotted cream with our scones. A slightly hurried departure at 3.30pm and a brisk final section got us to Ashurst station just in time for the 16:56. Well, we thought it was brisk but a mention in despatches must go to one of the main group who skipped tea and did this final 5¾ km in just 70 minutes, joining us on the train with seconds to spare.
Mud mud mud. But glorious.and a naughty crossing at pooh bridge. Tigger!!!
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