Brockenhurst Circular walk

The New Forest - A mix of dense and more open woods.


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Date Post # Weather
Sun, 26-Aug-18 Sunday Walk: Brockenhurst Circular: A walk in the New Forest
Sat, 22-Aug-15 Third Saturday Walk 6 hot sun
Sat, 09-Aug-14 Brockenhurst Circular 14
Sat, 15-Jun-13 Brockenhurst Circular 13
Sun, 30-Sep-12 Brockenhurst Circular
Sun, 01-Apr-12 Brockenhurst Circular (original version)
Sun, 16-Oct-11 Brockenhurst Circular (original version)
Sun, 26-Aug-18
Sunday Walk: Brockenhurst Circular: A walk in the New Forest
9.9 miles 16 km. Difficulty: 1 or 2 out of 10
An easy walk in The New Forest National Park. You cross Balmer Lawn, to the north of Brockenhurst, then enter a densely wooded part, emerging just south of Lyndhurst. After lunch, at one of two earmarked pubs, the route turns south though Gritnam Wood and Hursthill Inclosure before crossing the more open Black Knowl and returning to Brockenhurst for tea.
Trains: Get the 09:35 Weymouth train from Waterloo (Clapham Junction 9:45) arriving at Brockenhurst 11.17. Return trains are at xx:09 and xx:34. Get a return to Brockenhurst. Note that the off peak return costs £39.90 (£26.35 with railcard).
Trains for both of today's walks leave Waterloo within 5 minutes of each other. Don't get the wrong one.
Lunch at either the Oak Inn, Bank (02380 282350) or earlier at The Crown Stiirrup in Clayhill (02380 282339).
Tea The Thatched Cottage, Brockenhurst is suggested
There are several pubs and cafes in Brockenhurst, including the curiously named Snakecatcher near the station. Don't ask about light bites - they're a bit viper-sensitive. Once you've serpent your money they'll tell you you've adder nuff. There is another bar but I think it’s mambas only. If you want bottled beer, they keep a krait behind the bar. (It's the way I tell'em).
Directions here
Sat, 22-Aug-15
Third Saturday Walk
SWC Walk 163: Brockenhurst Circular – The New Forest – a mix of dense and more open woods with ponies and dashes of heather

Length: 10.5 miles
Difficulty: 3 out of 10
Train: Take the 9:35 South West Weymouth Train from London Waterloo to Brockenhurst, arriving at 11:04. Return trains from Brockenhurst are 17:16; 17:45; and then 15 and 45 minutes past the hour until 20:45. Buy a day return to Brockenhurst. You should buy a South West trains “summer promotion” day return ticket for £20. These are available on-line and from ticket machines and ticket offices.
I don’t believe that this walk has been done for awhile and late August should be a nice time for it given that the heather in and around the New Forest should be in full color. For those preferring a longer walk, it should be possible to craft an extension on the many routes available through the New Forest – though it would be useful to bring or print out a map if planning on this sort of “off-piste” exploration. More information and the instructions for the walk can be found here.
The suggested lunch stop is at the Oak Inn (tel 023 8028 2350) in Bank, about 5.5 miles into the walk, which serves food midday to 4:00pm; booking ahead is recommended for indoor seating. Tea and/or other post walk refreshments can be had a variety places in charming Brockenhurst – the Thatched Cottage is noted in the instructions as a suggested option.

Enjoy the walk!
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    can you please make it a late start ? thanks

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    Don't be silly. It's posted at a good time.

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    I can't find the pdf for the walk directions?

  • 20-Aug-15

    The walk directions link is at the end of the second paragraph.

    Or try this

  • 20-Aug-15

    I'm intending to join this walk.

  • Sue

    6 of us on this lovely new forest walk. Cool in the woods which was a relief on such a hot day. We went a bit off course in the morning but it didn't matter as found our way to the first lunch pub the Crown Stirrup in Clayhill which was setting up for an afternoon Wild West BBQ. We declined the bucking bronco although one did try the bouncy castle! Food good although a couple had to wait a while for their meals. In the afternoon we lost our intrepid leader as he was setting a fast pace so we strolled along, via Bolderford Bridge for some cooling paddling arriving too late for tea at The Thatched Cottage so sat in the pub garden next door for tea/beers before catching the 17:15 train back. A lovely day out with good company.

  • 23-Aug-15

    6 hot sun