Brockenhurst Circular walk

The New Forest - A mix of dense and more open woods.


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  • Brockenhurst Circular | New Forest Walks | Cool Dudes Walking Club
    Cool Dudes Walking Club, Feb-22

    #swcwalks #swcwalks163

    An 11-mile circular walk around Brockenhurst and the New Forest. This walk was taken from the excellent Saturday Walkers Club Website which has many brilliant walks.

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    This was filmed on an Olympus E-M1 Mark III

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    Floating Home - Brian Bolger

    First Dream - Brian Bolger

    Minuet for Lovers - Bach - Performed by Marek on keyboard

  • Brockenhurst Circular, 4/3/12.
    amib, Mar-12

    What a difference a week makes! After the drought conditions of Essex comes the water meadows of The New Forest! Didn't realise a forest could be so wet!

    This is a 10 mile circular walk through a delightful environment (out of season!) but, unfortunately, the rain prevented the filming of the first half; luckily, this was the less-interesting part as it involved a section of quiet road walking and passing through camping areas. A forest is a forest, so what was missed in the morning is similar to what was filmed later.

    After lunch at Bank, filming resumed and some of the Forest's highlights recorded.

    Has the potential to be a very nice walk (out of holiday times!) for those able to follow a map and use a compass, as there are few way marks.

    (Whole point of travelling the distance south west was to avoid the rain, but weathermen got their timings wrong -again!).