Groombridge Place

31-Oct-14 • Sean O'Neill

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Groombridge Place

31-Oct-14 • Sean O'Neill

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Climbers at Harrison's Rocks

25-Apr-11 • Sean O'Neill

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Eridge Rocks

05-Jun-11 • Sean O'Neill

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A Santa Special approaching Groombridge

17-Dec-11 • Sean O'Neill

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Moon rising above Harrison's Rocks

31-Oct-14 • Sean O'Neill

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Restored heathland at Broadwater Warren

24-Nov-14 • Sean O'Neill

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Eridge Circular walk

A short walk through an interesting part of the High Weald.

Hiking Weather

10 Day Forecast for Eridge

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Mist and fog overnight, slow to clear on Sunday.

This Evening and Tonight:

Clear spells across much of the region through the evening, with mist or fog patches developing. These persisting through the rest of the night, perhaps becoming widespread with some thicker patches in places. Turning chilly, especially across Kent and Sussex. Minimum Temperature 4C.


Early fog patches will be slow to clear, but then a bright morning with sunny spells. Cloudier with a spot of rain possible in the far northwest during the afternoon. Maximum Temperature 18C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

A cold, start Monday, but turning dry and mainly sunny. Cloudier and breezier on Tuesday, bright spells later. Dry with some sunny spells on Wednesday, turning warmer.

Day 6 to 15

On Thursday, mainly dry weather is expected in the south, but patchy rain and stronger winds in the north are likely to spread south. From Friday, a change to much colder weather accompanied by sunshine and showers is expected. By next weekend, cold northerly winds will probably bring snow to higher ground in the north and perhaps occasionally to low levels here also. However snow is unlikely to settle at low levels. It will be windy with gales in places, especially the east. Night frost could become widespread with icy patches possible. Many places will become dry and bright from the northwest by the end of next weekend However, more changeable and at times windy conditions will probably become established at the end of this month and going into November.

Day 16 to 30

The weather may be changeable and windy at times with bands of rain or showers, especially in the north. The rain could change to snow at times on northern hills. Cold nights are likely at times with a risk of ice on roads and pavements in the mornings. Towards the middle of the month, there are signs that high pressure may become more dominant to the north, bringing more generally settled conditions at times. However, fog and frost would become more likely. Meanwhile, more changeable and milder weather may become established across the south, with some rain here at times.

Met Office : SE : 2018-10-20T15:29:15