Huntingdon Circular walk

Easy walk beside the Great Ouse river to the attractive village of Houghton and its restored water mill, returning through water meadows and a nature reserve.


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  • Huntingdon Circular. 22/7/21
    amib, Jul-21

    This was an update of most of the walk undertaken in February 2011. Today's 8.7 mile version, with massively contrasting weather conditions, was done to see if the walk had improved any since then. Thanks to GPX technology, this walker chose to start from the church at Godmanchester and follow the track clock-wise. Thus, via Huntingdon and on to Wyton, which remains a fairly mundane, urban few miles of walking, albeit riverside, until just past Hartford Church. The path then moves inland a bit for a quieter section of walking into Wyton, and then Houghton. Lunch is had at St Mary the Virgin church, Houghton, though the two pub alternatives are nearby. Thereafter, the walker decided to omit Houghton Meadows and continue past the Mill on the Ouse Valley Way. This section of the walk is much quieter and more pleasant, passing through a nature reserve and former gravel pits, and so back to St Mary the Virgin, Godmanchester. The walk hadn't changed much, though the path on the south bank might have shifted course slightly following the floods of 2013. It might be an idea for this walker to walk the St Ives section, including Houghton Meadows, on another occasion.

  • Huntingdon Circular. 6/2/11.
    amib, Feb-11

    At the northern extreme of the Network SE discount card area, this 11.5 mile walk is dominated by water; much of the walk is beside the Great Ouse, and later on, by former gravel pits. Lunch can be had at a choice of pubs in Houghton. The afternoon section crosses water meadows and passes the restored mill at Houghton before passing through a nature reserve at Godmanchester. A very pleasant walk that is pretty much flat throughout. (Wind affected sound).