Kingham to Moreton in Marsh via Adelstrop walk

A First World War Remembrance Walk


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Date Post # Weather
Sun, 26-May-19 Kingham to Moreton-in Marsh 4
Sun, 30-Apr-17 Sunday Walk – Remembering the First World War 4 overcast blustery shower
Wed, 17-Aug-16 Midweek day walk - Kingham to Moreton-in-Marsh via Adlestrop 10 fine warm and sunny weather
Wed, 20-Aug-14 Kingham to Moreton-in-Marsh
Sat, 14-Jun-14 Kingham to Moreton-in-Marsh 20
Sun, 26-May-19
Kingham to Moreton-in Marsh
Kingham to Moreton-in-Marsh
Length: 17.7km (11.0 miles) Toughness: 3/10

09:47 Great Malvern train from Paddington arriving at Kingham at 11:15.

Return trains from Moreton-in-Marsh to Paddington are at: 15:11, 16:11, 17:14, 18:16, 19:14, 20:14, 21:14 (journey time just under 2 hours).

As at 23 April, you can buy Advance Singles from Paddington to Kingham (£11) and from Moreton-in-Marsh to Paddington (£12.50), though you'll need to specify both the outward and the return trains. If you want the flexibility of choosing your return train on the day, a Super Off-Peak Return to Moreton-in-Marsh costs £28.10 (with rail card) or £42.60 (without rail card).

Starting with some potentially muddy paths across fields near the River Evenlode, the route then passes through a number of lovely Cotswold villages, including Adlestrop, whose station (long since closed) was immortalised in the eponymous poem by Edward Thomas in 1914. Chastleton House (National Trust) is an unspoilt Jacobean manor house open in the afternoon, whose café is a welcome tea stop in view of the distance from the lunch stop to the end of the walk.

Taking the higher, scenic, route from Adlestrop to Chastleton will add just over a mile to the distance. There are no suggested ways of significantly shortening the route. Much more information about the walk’s features can be found here.

The suggested lunch stop is the The Fox (tel 01451 870555) at Lower Oddington, after a third of the walk. It’s quite expensive and booking ahead is essential. An alternative, requiring a round trip detour of 2km, is the Horse and Groom (tel 01451 830584) in Higher Oddington.

The walk directions can be downloaded here.

  • 27-May-19

    Just 4 of us on this long trip to the Cotswolds. We did not enjoy the languid summer weather immortalised in Edward Thomas's Adelstrop poem but rather w= cloudy-with-a-few-showers-and-quite-humid conditions.

    Nevertheless the countryside looked splendidly verdant as we set off through grassy water meadows (completely dry) covered in buttercups, daisies, meadowsweet and other flowers. A fawn was spotted. We stopped to admire the lovely church of St Nicholas and amazingly it was open and we were able to admire the medieval wall paintings of the Doom although after the 1970s restoration they were fairly faint. We stopped briefly for refreshments at the Fox noting a number of swifts swooping over the village before we set off for Adelstrop and the gorgeous grounds of Adelstrop House. we stopped at the St Mary and Magdelene Church for lunch and this church too was open and we could admire its splendid interior where Jane Austen worshipped when she visited relatives at Chastleton.

    We ambled through the deserted village noting the open village shop and soon reached the Adelstrop railway station sign by some covered seating. Here one of our number gave a splendid rendition of the famous poem entirely from memory.

    We reached Chastleton House and its adjacent church where we enjoyed further refreshments provided by volunteers. One of the walkers, a National Trust member. decided to visit the Jacobean Grade 1 listed country house whilst the rest of us ambled through the misty countryside resting briefly at Evenlode before the final stretch to Moreton in Marsh. Here two of us enjoyed a drink at the Bell before catching the 18.16 train.

    A wonderfully evocative day out in the quintessentially English countryside far, far away from the grubby political mediocrites now contending for souls.

Sun, 30-Apr-17
Sunday Walk – Remembering the First World War
Extra Walk 224 – Kingham to Moreton-in-Marsh, via Adelstrop
Length: 17.7 km (11.0 miles). Toughness: 3/10

09:35 Great Malvern train from Paddington, arriving Kingham at 11:15. Buy a return to Moreton-in-Marsh.

Return trains from Moreton-in-Marsh to Paddington are hourly at 13 minutes past to 20:13, then 21:08 & 22:08.

You may have noticed events earlier this month celebrating the centenary of Edward Thomas, who died at the battle of Arras in April 1917. This Cotswold walk passes the location of his celebrated poem and it seems an appropriate time to commemorate this Anglo-Welsh poet and indeed all the other lives lost in the trenches. And while you will surely enjoy the walk for its scenery and pretty villages, do read the walk's introduction (and the poem) before setting out.

On a Bank Holiday weekend it seems unlikely that you'll be able to get lunch at the suggested pub (the up-market Fox Inn at Lower Oddington) unless you book ahead. The walk notes suggest some other eateries on or near the route but it would be wise to bring enough provisions to sustain you in case these prove equally problematic. There shouldn't be any problem getting fed and watered in Moreton-in-Marsh before the longish journey home, and with the relatively early start you might be in time for its tea rooms as well as its pubs.

You'll need to print the directions from this pdf document. T=swc.224
  • 23-Apr-17

    Yes, i remember Adelstrop

  • 24-Apr-17

    Table for 5 booked at The Fox for 12.45 (The only slot I could get). Please do not increase the numbers on this booking as you will simply be given a different ie much later time. One place for me, and so 4 more please.... on a first come first served basis.

    The Lunch Monitor

  • Anonymous

    Apart from the poem, Adelstrop also reminds me of Shropshire lad - I see it as a similar yearning for bygone days

    What are those blue remembered hills,

    What spires, what farms are those?

    That is the land of lost content,

    I see it shining plain,

    The happy highways where I went

    And cannot come again.

    I am welling up

  • 25-Apr-17

    Unfortunately we missed the memorial service for Edward Thomas which was held at St Mary Magdalene Church in Adelstrop on 9 April the date of his death. But do try to visit this lovely church if you can. I will unfortunately not be coming as that day I'll probably be ambling around the Duomo in Milan, a fairly impressive cathedral I believe.

    Enjoy your day and hope the weather stays fair.

  • Anonymous


    overcast blustery shower

Wed, 17-Aug-16
Midweek day walk - Kingham to Moreton-in-Marsh via Adlestrop

Kingham to Moreton-in-Marsh via Adlestrop

A stunning walk through the Cotswolds with charming villages of yellow stone homes including Adlestrop.
It was here where poet Edward Thomas wrote a poem about his unexpected stop there in 1914 just prior to WW1.
Sadly, he was killed a few years later whilst fighting during that same war in France

Book 3* Walk 224 *online only

Length : 18 km or 11 miles

Toughness : 3 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:22 am Hereford train from London Paddington to Kingham.
Ealing Broadway peeps may join this service at Slough (departing 10:36) or Reading (departing 10:52)

Meeting point : Kingham Station at 11:46

Tickets : The "official" ticket means buying a cheap day return to Moreton-in-Marsh (cheapest price for this option is £25-90 with any type of Railcard)
However ...
Canny ticket purchasers may wish to consider buying a Day Return from Slough to Kingham which costs £13-95 (any railcard) . Then buying a Day Return to Slough (if possible in combination with an Oyster Card covering Boundary Zone 6) and then a further Single ticket from MiM to Kingham.

Brief Description

GWR have completed their Engineering Works on this line and with it being high summer, a few regulars have expressed an interest in giving this walk an airing.
Rather than repeat pieces of the full description of the walk which may be found here, I'll leave readers to discover the history and charms of this lovely walk for themselves at that link.

If you're intending to go on the walk and would like to have lunch at The Fox, may we ask you to email us here with the number of places you'd like? (This particular Pub likes to be forewarned of numbers.)

Enjoy the walk!

If you find that the journey or costs are too much for you, you might like to consider Thomas Grabow's evening walk through the art and vistas of East London (with a stunning elevated crossing of the Thames on Emirates Air Line at sunset)

Suggested Lunch stop

The Fox Inn Lower Oddington, Moreton-in-Marsh GL56 0UR t: 01451 870862

Suggested Tea stops

Moreton-in-Marsh sports a few Pubs for an end of walk cuppa or tipple.

Bell Inn (01608 651688)

Black Bear (01608 652992)

Swan Inn (01608 650711)

White Hart Royal (01608 650731)

There's also a Co-op food store opposite the Black Bear where you may buy additional food and drink for the return journey


OS Explorer : OL 45

Return train times

Trains return from Moreton-in-Marsh to Paddington at the following times 15:52 | 16:24 | 16:45 | 17:32 | 18:05 | 19:26
Those requiring Ealing Broadway will need to change at either Reading or Slough and should check which connection works best for them.

  • Anonymous

    Cheapest option seems to be to use split tickets.

    Slough to Kingham return for £13.95

    Can buy single for Moreton in Marsh to Kingham at £2.80

    Leaving BZ6 to Slough return which will be just under £2.85.

  • Marion

    Am catching the 10.05 from Ealing Broadway changing at Slough for the Hereford train and will have lunch as arranged

  • 15-Aug-16

    Now that the rainy weather is scheduled to arrive on Thursday I hope to do this walk. On 22.8.15 Anon! wrote some very useful comments and highlighted an alternative and slightly longer route from Adelstrop into Chastleton along the top of Adelstrop Hill. If you print off the walk's OS map you can see the public rights of way (s)he/they took. It looks a lovely ridge path offering superb views and I hope to walk this and have tea at the church. If it works I will incorporate walk details and add the route to the gpx file. All welcome to join me.

  • 16-Aug-16

    Two tables of 4 booked for lunch. If you did not RSVP on walk post or to Lunch Monitor, there is no guarantee that the pub will accommodate. There are only two places available for those who did not RSVP for the lunch just in case you want to pack a snack it's a long hot walk to the tombstone tea.

  • Anonymous

    Can't find where to RSVP on this website. Can you tell me where it is?

  • Anonymous

    Under, Brief Description, second para., under "here". Not sure it will help now, bookings made, two seats available. A great picnic walk.

  • 18-Aug-16

    10 alighted from the train at Kingham station 20 minutes late, but given FGWs general uselessness this probably counts as a result.

    We set off in fine warm and sunny weather along rock-hard bumpy trails near the river Evenlode, the terrain underlining just how difficult this stretch of the walk would be in wet and muddy conditions. Three of us had a picnic lunch in the blissful calm of St Nicholas Church in Lower Oddington which sadly was closed due to recent vandal/criminal activity! The epicures ate in the Fox which is pricey but very high quality. (The plaice looked so delicious that even as a veggie I was tempted! But you won't get much change from £20 for a main course.)

    After lunch we ambled on to Adelstrop where we then explored a new and wonderfully scenic "higher" route to Chastletown for tea and delicious home-made cakes at the "volunteer-run cafe at St Marys Church. After this break we set off for Evenlode enjoying the eerie countryside quiet of a sun-drenched August afternoon. Five of us rested on the village green whilst two pressed on to catch a 6pm train.

    At M in M we had a drink and rest before catching the 19.26 train. A superb day out and many thanks to tartan rug for booking the tables at the Fox and for the return home "provisions" on the journey home.

    PS. I will be up-dating and amending the walk directions and gpx file to include the new Adelstrop to Chastleton route