View from the Downs

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swcwalks book2 walk24

Detail, garden of Southover House

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swcwalks book2 walk24

Lewes via Rodmell Circular 1

Hanging, 26 March '05

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Book 2, Walk 24c(var), Lewes to Seaford

Slightly off the recommended route, near Firle

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Southover House gardens

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swcwalks book2 walk24

Looking back to Lewes

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swcwalks book2 walk24

Book 2, Walk 24, Lewes via Rodmell Circular - Saltdean Extension 1

South Downs, 16 Aug '06

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lewes saltdean book2 rodmell walk24 swcwalks tocw224

Lewes to Saltdean walk

South Downs Way along a chalk ridge in the morning, remote Rodmell for lunch, then back up and over the downs to the coast. Undercliff path, or bus to Brighton


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Date # Post
Sat, 16-Dec-17 10

Lewes to Saltdean

CW2 24 Lewes to Saltdean
Length: 15.5 km (9.6 miles). Toughness: 4/10

Catch the 9:47 from London Victoria (CJ 9:53) arrives Lewes 11:08. A day return to Lewes covers the return from Brighton

Across the south downs to Rodmell for lunch and back over the downs to Saltdean. From Saltdean you can either catch the very frequent coastal bus service into Brighton, or alterrnatively extend the walk by 8.5km by continuing westwards along the coast into Brighton (the first 4km being a cliff walk). Then once past the Marina perhaps take the Volks railway to the Palace Pier.

Intend going.
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Lovely downs walk in bright winter sunshine. The Abergavenny Arms was packed but we got a table and quick service great nut roast! Then it was up over the downs for more stunning views. The scenery stood out in the crisp colours with trees silhouetted on the folds of hills. We walked on through the remote village of Telscombe, the suburbs of Saltdean highlighted by a grand art deco building, and stopped for tea at the cafe on the front before getting the bus to Brighton station. About 10 on the walk I think.It's a good winter walk because although the path from Lewes was a bit icy it was uphill, and there aren't any steep downhill parts.
10 sunny
Sat, 02-Jul-16 9

Third walk

CW2 Walk 24c - Lewes to Seaford
Length: 24.8 km (15.4 miles).
Toughness: 4/10
Short (standard) walk option: 15.5km (9.6 miles).

Catch the 9:47 from London Victoria (CJ: 9:53) arrives Lewes 10:47. Buy a day return to Seaford. For the shorter walk a day return to Lewes is accepted from Brighton station.
Return from Seaford xx:25 xx:57 20:28 20:57 21:28 21:57 22:20 22:57 23:25*
*via Brighton
Intend going.
I intend to join this walk
sun wind
Great day out enjoyed by all over full distance.
Sat, 12-Mar-16 12

Saturday First Walk - Over the South Downs to the Sea

Book 2 Walk - 2-24 - Lewes to Saltdean
9.6 miles (15.5km), toughness: 4 out of 10

This walk begins in the historic town of Lewes, before climbing up to follow a ridge along the top of the South Downs, and then descending for lunch at Rodmell. The path then continues over the Downs to the sea to emerge at the town of Saltdean. There are frequent buses from Saltdean to Brighton, or you can walk on along the sea wall (8.5 km).

Trains: 9:47 Ore/Littlehampton train from London Victoria, (09:53 Clapham Junction, 10:03 East Croydon), arriving Lewes at 10:47. Return from Brighton: frequent trains back to London (approx 6 an hour to either London Bridge, London Victoria or St Pancras). A return ticket to Lewes is valid for return from Brighton.

Lunch: Abergavenny Arms, Rodmell, 01273 572416.

Tea: If you need a drink before arriving in Brighton, a couple of options in Saltdean are The Spanish Lady, Longridge Avenue and the Whitecliffs Beach Café, Marine Drive.

Links: full walk details walk directions (pdf)

12, misty turned to sunshine almost no mud.
Lovely walk in Southdowns to the sea. In the morning we climbed up to the top of the downs in a mist it was exhilarating and majestic. We were rewarded with excellent lunch at Abergavenny Arms. It was packed with people but we managed to find a nice table and the service was efficient. Sun came out during the lunch but was in and out in the afternoon until we hit Saltdean. We had tea at beach cafe watching the glorious sunset. Some sat outside. It was so beautiful and warm, all decided to walk along the seafront to Rottingdean. At least 4 continued to Brighton and rest took a bus to the train station. A nice day out in good company.
Wed, 05-Nov-14 Lewes via Rodmell Circular, via Northease Manor
Sat, 23-Aug-14 15 Lewes to Saltdean
Sat, 19-Apr-14 11 Lewes to Saltdean
Sat, 25-Jan-14 24 Lewes to Saltdean
Sat, 13-Apr-13 1 Lewes to Seaford, via Rodmell and River Ouse
Sat, 23-Feb-13 13 Lewes to Saltdean
Wed, 19-Sep-12 Lewes to Saltdean
Sun, 24-Jul-11 Lewes to Saltdean
Wed, 15-Jun-11 Lewes to Seaford, via Rodmell and River Ouse
Fri, 29-Apr-11 Lewes via Rodmell Circular, via Northease Manor
Sat, 06-Nov-10 Lewes to Saltdean
Sat, 31-Jul-10 Lewes to Saltdean
Sat, 29-May-10 Lewes to Saltdean
Sun, 14-Feb-10 Lewes via Rodmell Circular, via Northease Manor
Sat, 29-Nov-08 Lewes to Saltdean
Wed, 05-Nov-08 Lewes to Saltdean
Sun, 07-Sep-08 Lewes to Southease (short walk)
Sun, 13-Jul-08 Lewes to Saltdean
Wed, 02-Jul-08 Lewes to Saltdean
Sat, 26-Jan-08 Lewes to Saltdean
Sat, 01-Sep-07 Lewes to Saltdean
Sat, 01-Sep-07 Lewes to Saltdean
Sat, 04-Aug-07 Lewes to Saltdean
Sat, 27-Jan-07 Lewes to Saltdean
Sun, 12-Nov-06 Lewes to Saltdean
Sat, 04-Nov-06 Lewes to Saltdean