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Chipping Camden church

Chipping Camden church

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The dip before Blockley

The dip before Blockley

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The final climb after Blockley

The final climb after Blockley

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Lowing herd

Lowing herd

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Moreton-in-Marsh Circular Walk

A peaceful walk through the Cotswolds with a choice of lunch stops


19.8km (12.3 miles)

OS Maps

OS Landranger 151; Explorer 45


5 out of 10.

Walk Notes

A peaceful (anti-clockwise) circular walk with a choice of lunch stops.

This walk is recommended only for those who are (or are accompanied by someone) reasonably proficient at map reading.

Walk Options

Longer via Chipping Campden option

Extend the walk by 4.5km from (4) Paxford via Chipping Campden to (8) Broad Campden

Circular Walk Via Longborough (to the south west) option

18.5 km Circular walk back to Moreton-in-Marsh

This clockwise loop to the south west via Longborough is a little shorter. It shares the return leg of the main walk from Blockley onwards to Moreton.

Take the nearest train to 10:10am

Lunch is at the The Coach and Horses Inn, Longborough, GL56 0QU. T:01451 830325. Located 4.8km from the start of the walk.

There are also pubs in Blockley.


Trains go from London Paddington to Moreton-in-Marsh, journey time 1 hour 38 minutes.

Suggested Train: For a later lunch take the train nearest to 8.50am Otherwise for an earlier lunch stop take the train nearest to 10.10 am from London Paddington station to Moreton-in-Marsh. Currently (May 2011) there is a 2 hour gap for the Mon - Sat train service between the train just after 8am and the one just after 10am, necessitating an early start (strongly advisable Oct - April) for the lunch at Broad Campden.

Lunch and Tea

Early lunchtime stop. The Churchill Arms, Paxford GL55 6XH T:01386 594000. Nouvelle Cuisine. Located 6.7km from the start of the walk.

The Bakers Arms, Broad Campden GL55 6UR. T:01386 840515. More traditional food. Located 10.1km from the start of the walk.

Later lunchtime stop. The Great Western Arms, Station Road, Blockley, GL56 9DT. T: 01386 700362

Many tea / supper options in Moreton-in-Marsh.


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Out: (not a train station)

Back: (not a train station)

By Car

Start: GL56 0AA | Directions

Map Walk This walk requires an OS map and a compass or GPS for navigation. You can print out OS maps using the link above.

Start walking Large print Using GPS data

National Rail: 03457 48 49 50 • Travelline SE (bus times): 0871 200 2233 (12p/min) • TFL (London) : 0343 222 1234



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Walk Directions  

The directions for this walk are also in a PDF (link above) which you can download on to a Kindle, tablet, or smartphone.

Map 1
  1. Leaving the main station entrance veer right through the car park to go initially along an alleyway (with a Budgen's off to your right) to reach a T-junction with the main road (A429). Cross over and turn right and in 20 m turn left down some steps (marked by a footpath signpost) to go through a park. In 100m the footpath intersects with the Diamond Way footpath. Turn right, in a northerly direction.
  2. [2] Veer left down the right-hand side of the field to the valley bottom. In 80m cross over into the next field and turn right along the valley bottom.
  3. [3] On coming into Aston Magna, go over a small crossroads, to continue NW along a lane. In 110m at a T-junction with a road, turn left. In 60m immediately before a road bridge over the railway, turn right along a footpath.
Map 2
  1. [4] The longer 'via Chipping Campden' option starts here. For the main walk, take the footpath to the left directly opposite The Churchill Arms, Paxford to cross a field. Cross a car wide bridge and turn right along the left side of a field. At its corner cross a stile and footbridge. [!]Turn left along a footpath keeping to the left side of a wooded area.
  2. After 250m [5] turn left over an easily missed footbridge into a field. Turn half right to cut field corner, (you may prefer to follow edge of field), to go through a hidden wooden gate (about 40m to left / west of field corner), and turn left, 250° (In summer, (having crossed the footbridge) it is probably easiest to follow the right-hand field edge to its corner and then cross over into the next field and turn left along the left-hand field edge (bordered by a hedgerow) to the railway.)
Map 3
  1. [6] Cross the road and take indistinct footpath through wooded area on other side. In 20m turn right up a clearly defined footpath. Follow this footpath through this wooded area / boundary. In 150m the path veers to left away from the road off to your left. In further 350 m with the road again now visible off to your right, turn right to go over a stile to reach the road (with a view of Broad Campden to the right.) (7) Cross the road and a stile and veer right down the footpath into Broad Campden.
  2. [8] The 'via Chipping Camden' option rejoins here. Take the (Heart Of England Way) footpath to the left immediately before The Bakers Arms on your right,
  3. [9] The 'via Longborough' walk joins here. Coming out of the Western Arms turn left along Station Road to then continue down Lower Street. Go past Lower Brook House on your left (along a section of road with no pavement). 50m past Pasture lane on your left turn left along a footpath which soon comes out into a field.

Via Chipping Campden Option

(There are no directions for this option)

Map 4
Map 5

Via Longborough Circular Option

Map 6
  1. [11] In Moreton, immediately before Inn-on-Marsh PH, turn right along Parkers Lane (with a pond on LHS and later on a fire station). At the end of Parkers Lane, turn left along a tarmac track to later continue along the left side of a field.
  2. [12] Go through a wooden fieldgate (with a wood on your RHS) after ~100m follow waymarks left across field to reach its left side and continue along left side to then turn left over a FB (flanked by two squeeze stiles), and along a footpath leading up to Longborough, visible in the distance.
  3. [13] On reaching Longborough, turn right up the main road towards the church and follow the road veering to the left of the church to reach the Coach & Horses PH.
  4. [14] Coming out of the pub, turn left along the road. (After 400m) where the road curves to the left, continue ahead along a FP through a wood, taking the right fork towards the end of the wood, to then cross a main road onto a lane.
Map 7
  1. [15] After 100m fork right off the lane through a wooded area to come out onto a car-wide track, NW. Later on the path runs parallel to a gallop. Do not walk on the gallop! Further on where the gallop curves sharply to the left, continue ahead on the FP down into a dip. Continue up and along on the fp, which eventually leads down to the RH corner of a field (with Hinchwick Manor beyond and off to the left) and out onto a lane. After 40m turn right up a waymarked bridleway through a wood.
  2. [16] Coming out of the wood, follow a bridleway veering off to the left in a north westerly direction. (After 300m) come down to the RH corner of a field in a dip and turn right over a stile (right of a metal fieldgate) to go up a bridleway along LHS of the next field.
Map 8
  1. [17] Having passed by a derelict building on your right, come out to a clearing; follow waymarks to veer right off the lane down to a small stream (which you cross) to then continue in your prior direction (initially with a wooded area on your LHS).
  2. Pick up the main walk at point [8]