Statue of Churchill, Westerham Green

10-Jul-10 • Sean O'Neill

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26-Feb-09 • Sean O'Neill

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View from The Cearn

19-May-12 • Sean O'Neill

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Looking back down the Darent valley

13-Mar-16 • Sean O'Neill

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Quebec House garden and St Mary's Church

15-May-16 • Sean O'Neill

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St Cecilia window, Limpsfield church

14-Jan-09 • Sean O'Neill

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Squerryes Farm from The High Chart

20-Jan-09 • Sean O'Neill

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Oxted Circular walk

The Greensand Hills on the Surrey/Kent border to historic Westerham, with a choice of routes for the return leg.


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Date # Post
Wed, 27-Jun-18 7

Wednesday Walk - Oxted Circular

Length: 19.2 km (11.9 mi) [shorter or longer walk possible]
Ascent/Descent: 270m
Net Walking Time: ca. 4 ½ hours
Toughness: 5 out of 10
09.51 East Grinstead train from Victoria (CJ 09.58, EC 10.10), arrives Oxted 10.31, or the 10.07 Uckfield train from London Bridge (EC 10.22), arrives Oxted 10.35.
Return trains: plenty.

Much of this walk is on the wooded Greensand Ridge running parallel to and just south of the North Downs. At various points in the walk there are views across the valley to these downs, contrasting with far-reaching views out to the High Weald from the southern escarpment.
The outward route is across the National Trust's Limpsfield Common, the High Chart (some of which is part of the Titsey Estate) and Squerryes Park. This brings you to Westerham, described by Daniel Defoe as a “neat, handsome, well-built market town”. Memorials in the 14thC St Mary's Church and two statues on the Green honour its most famous residents, General James Wolfe and Sir Winston Churchill. Wolfe was born in the town and his childhood home, named Quebec House after his famous victory in 1759, is owned by the National Trust. The house is open; admission (2018) is £5.60.
The afternoon route starts with an attractive section up the open Darent valley and climbs onto the wooded Crockhamhill Common, from where an optional extension loops out to Churchill's family home Chartwell, also owned by the National Trust. The garden, restaurant and the house are open; admission is £14.40 or £7.20 for the garden only. The walk crosses over the outward route at Limpsfield Chart, continues through more parts of Limpsfield Common and returns to Oxted via the village of Limpsfield, which has retained many of its historic buildings.
Walk Options: See the webpage or the pdf for details.
Lunch: There are three large pubs to choose from in Westerham, about 9 km into the main walk variations. For details and other options see the webpage or the pdf.
Tea: Towards the end of the walk there is The Bull in Limpsfield and many more possible tea places in Oxted itself. see the webpage or the pdf for details.
For walk directions, summary, map, height profile, photos and gpx/kml files click here. T=swc.63
Well i had hoped to d this walk but I left my instructions behind at home Bestjfk

Yes i had hoped to do this walk but left my instructions behind at home .best jfk
hope you have a super day

just in case anyone is interested my Jazz choir are performing again this Saturday in a programme called Something like Summer.

This will take place at St Andrews Church
Fulham Fields ,
Greyhound Rd
W14 9SA
7.30 pm Tickets £12 00 on the door

Thanks jfk
7 walkers on a hot sunny day, not counting one who showed up in Westerham and made fleeting appearances thereafter. Two pub lunchers looked no further than the Kings Arms and were rewarded with sour beer (grudgingly replaced) and a long wait for food that wasn't worth waiting for. The picnickers did better. In the afternoon grass mowing was under way in the Darent valley, keenly watched by a pair of red kites which occasionally swooped down on some freshly sliced unfortunate creature. The fleeting visitor popped up again in Ridlands Grove, then was gone.
Sat, 19-Nov-16 29

Saturday First Walk - Greensand hills and woodlands

SWC Walk 63 - Oxted Circular
12 miles / 19.25 km

This walk explores the woodlands of the Greensand hills. Lunch is at Westerham (a possible drop-out point) after 5.5 miles, so make sure you leave enough time to return to Oxted before darkness falls and the cakes sell out,

Trains: Take the 10:08 Uckfield train from London Bridge (10:23 East Croydon), arriving at Oxted at 10:37. Return trains are at xx19 to London Bridge, xx24/54 to London Victoria. Westerham has buses to Oxted and Bromley South.

Lunch: Westerham has many places to eat - three large and central pubs are the George & Dragon (01959-563071), the Kings Arms Hotel (01959-562990), the Grasshopper on the Green (01959-562926)

Tea: Pass through Oxted station to reach Café Papillon at 54 Station Road West, open til 5pm. Also on the same side and right next to the station is the Oxted Inn, a Wetherspoon's pub.

Click here for walk directions (pdf)

29 on this walk including 2 late starters. Sunny until 3pm when it rained heavily. Gorgeous autumn colours full tint on beech, oak, Norway maple. All looked ready to be stripped in the next gale so I would not expect much foliage to be left by next week. Inevitably the best colour a heart stopping panorama of golden beech was just as the light started to fade and the rain started, so my photos did not work too well.

We split between three pubs in Westerham. The George and Dragon insisted on table service but were quick to take orders. A bit slow to produce it and the portions were a bit small for my appetite but the food was tasty. Lots of attention was needed to the directions in the afternoon but we all seemed to finish by dusk. The Papillon tea room must have been delighted or dismayed to get 17 late customers for tea and the pub entertained ten or so of us. The last of us got the 18.19 train and then rushed home to hot baths and Strictly.
Sun, 15-May-16 12

Sunday Walk 1: Greensand hills in Surrey & Kent

Extra Walk 63 Oxted Circular
Length: 19km (11.8 miles) Toughness: 5/10

09:53 East Grinstead train from Victoria (Clapham Junction 09:59; East Croydon 10:10), arriving at Oxted at 10:30.

Return trains are at xx:28 and xx:58, (journey time 41 minutes).

Much of this walk is on the wooded Greensand hills which run parallel to and just south of the North Downs. There is an option to extend the walk after lunch to pass Chartwell (NT), Winston Churchill’s home. This extends the walk to 13.4 miles.

There are numerous pubs and cafes for lunch in Westerham, which is reached after 5.5 miles, and several options for tea in Oxted.

The walk directions and map can be found on the Walk 63 page.
If you do the longer walk via Chartwell, note that the alternative route in §10b is no longer feasible. The National Trust have blocked the back exit from the grounds on this route, no doubt because people were using it to sneak into the grounds for free.

At Easter you could still enter the woodland at the back of the grounds (in §10a) but the way through to the Visitor Centre was blocked by work on a new overflow car park. That should be finished by now but there might be other complications. All things considered, it might be best to do the standard walk for now.

[I'm currently revising the walk to include these and other changes, but I doubt if an updated version will be ready by the weekend.]
Intend going. Is anyone interested in viewing either of the National Trust houses?
8 on the main walk sunshine with a cool breeze. 2 latecomers joined us at lunchtime and 2 others were seen at the Carpenters Arms later on when 3 of us stopped for tea and ice cream. Two groups of Book 2 walkers with USA accents were overheard on the train but did not alight at Otford so independent walking groups are making great use of the book rather than downloading from the internet an organised walk. 4 had lunch at the George in the garden and were served very swiftly but the other pubs and cafés were much busier and possibly better quality. In the afternoon 3 of us took a wrong turn in the final stretch of woods where the Greensand Way and the woodland paths diverge before Limpsfield and the busy B259. We couldn't keep up with the fast pace of the younger hung ho ladies but armed with an ordnance survey map and compass and SATNAV (recommended for all independent walkers) we sorted out the problem and revived our spirits at the excellent Carpenters Arms for tea. Recently refurbished the lunch food looked amazing and the place was still packed at 3.15pm. Perhaps Chris L could clarify the woodland directions in his revisions.

Trains were running bang on time and the 30 min service was a welcome change from some of the delays and cancellations experienced on previous outings.
Sun, 21-Jun-15 18

Sunday 2nd Walk – the Greensand Hills and Chartwell

Extra Walk 63a Oxted Circular (long walk via Chartwell) T=3.63.a
21.5km (13.4m); toughness 7/10.
Train: London Victoria 09.53 (Clapham Junction 09.59, East Croydon 10.10) arrives Oxted 10.30
Return trains to London Victoria at xx:28 and xx:58

Much of this attractive and fairly strenuous walk is through the wooded Greensand Hills which are just to the south of the North Downs and where the countryside is owned by the National Trust and two large estates.
This long walk option enables you to visit Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill and now owned by the National Trust.
Further information about the walk, various walk and refreshment options together with full walk instructions can be found here. Be sure to click on option a for the directions for the longer Chartwell walk.
Interested in doing this walk anyone else?
Yes, I am going also
I'm going too. I might start it earlier as I would like to visit Chartwell house. Anyone would like to join me?
Intend going, incl. Chartwell House, but with the advertised train.
18 solidly overcast turning to blue sky with passing clouds but no rain
Very good turnout then for the two Sunday walks combined.
All 18 walked the long version via Chartwell, although only 1 (I believe) actually visited the house, some doubtlessly put off the idea by the huge amount of people at Chartwell (both car park and cafe were full to bursting).
A good walk with a fair amount of far views and grand houses, and a good mixture of woods, meadows and waterways. Plenty of muddy patches in the woods, but it was always easy to skirt around them.
After an underwhelming reception at The George & Dragon upon our arrival just past noon ("Have you booked? Let me check with the kitchen, we are expecting 2 groups of 6 in the next 5 minutes..." when the pub was completely empty...), we were then served quickly what were vast portions of good value meals.
Some took the 16.58 train, while most had tea and/or drinks in Oxted's uninspiring town centre, and then another one, as the 17.28 was cancelled.
Dinner in Pimlico for some to celebrate a walker's b'day.
Sat, 30-Aug-14 25 Oxted Circular
Sat, 30-Aug-14 Oxted Circular (long walk, via Chartwell)
Sat, 09-Mar-13 20 Oxted Circular
Sat, 15-Sep-12 Oxted Circular
Sat, 19-May-12 Oxted Circular
Sun, 10-Apr-11 Oxted Circular
Sat, 10-Jul-10 Oxted Circular
Sun, 21-Mar-10 Oxted Circular
Sat, 13-Jun-09 Oxted Circular (long walk, via Chartwell)
Sun, 15-Mar-09 Oxted Circular