View towards Hawkley

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02-Oct-04 • Peter Conway on Flickr

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Shoulder of Mutton Hill : view south

Petersfield to Liss

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Shoulder of Mutton Hill : view north

Petersfield to Liss

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Petersfield to Liss

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Hawkley church tower

Petersfield to Liss

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Lunch stop

Petersfield to Liss

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Petersfield to Liss walk


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Updated: Mon, 08-Mar-21

Date # Post
Sat, 21-Sep-19 19

Saturday walk - Petersfield to Alton (or to Liss) - The Hampshire Hangers

Petersfield to Alton - 23.9km (14.8 miles) T=2.11

or Petersfield to Liss - 16km (10.3 miles): see SHORTER OPTION below

Toughness: 8 out of 10

9.30 train from Waterloo to Petersfield, arriving 10.33

From Clapham Junction get the 9.27 Exeter/Bristol train and change at Woking (arrive 9.45, depart 9.55)

Buy a day return to Petersfield, but on the way back you will also need a single from Alton to Woking (£7.20 with a Network Card)

Looking at the other two walk posts, I see it falls to me this week to choose the longer/adventurous walk. It is also that time of year when the awful prospect of early dusks looms, and the thought that it would be nice to make good use of the daylight hours we still have.

Hence this little combination walk, which was last given an outing in 2016. It involves doing the Petersfield to Liss walk to its midpoint (directions, gpx, map), but then staying on the Hangars Way to Selborne, from where one can hook up with the Alton Circular walk (a GPX and map of this link route is included in the Petersfield to Liss ones: for walk directions click here).

By this route it is 4.1 miles to Hawkley, the lunch stop on the Petersfield to Liss walk, and another 4.1 miles to Selborne, making 8.2 miles in all from Petersfield to Selborne. I mention this because the Hawkley Inn can be very popular and booked up, though some past walk reports suggest that you can eat food in its garden even if it is full within. Otherwise the Selborne Arms is a charming pub, though annoyingly it stops serving food at 2pm. Perhaps with a 10.30 start this will be possible for some of our faster walkers, however.

Selborne also has two cafes - the Selborne Tea Rooms and the cafe of the Gilbert White Museum (which has now been rebuilt and is easily accessible without the need to go into the museum), which are open all afternoon. There are emergency lunch backstops, or if you have lunched in Hawkley they make ideal tea stops.

From Selborne, you follow the afternoon of the Alton Circular walk (directions: from paragraph 61 on page 6, GPX, map). It is 6.6 miles to Alton, though the last 1.8 miles is on lit roads (unless you choose the slightly alternative ending - option b) - over the fields), so it should be easily doable before dusk. Refreshment stops on this walk include the Rose and Crown pub in Upper Farringdon, and the Greyfriar in Chawton.

Trains back from Alton are at 15 and 44 past.


The 38 bus linking Selborne and Alton no longer runs on Saturdays, so ending the walk here is no longer possible. The only option for a shorter walk, therefore, is to do the Petersfield to Liss walk in its entirety, which is 10.3 miles. The route diverges from the Petersfield to Alton one about two miles after lunch.

Trains back from Liss are at 02 past the hour and your Petersfield return is valid

So that was summer. The last day of hot sun. On it 19 assembled on Petersfield station and set off for the South East’s very own north face of the Eiger, the vertical grassy wall of Shoulder of Mutton Hill. We shot up it like the proverbial rocket, feeling very fit, only to be passed by a band of teens, who, let’s face it, were neither carrying rucksacks or wearing boots: so it was easier for them, right?

Traversing the lovely semi wooded territory to Hawkley we got to the Hawkley Arms at 12.15, when there was only one other lunch party there. There was ample space in the sun drenched garden. The three first to order got their food in about ten minutes. The rest of us, who had ordered minutes later, waited about an hour. When we left, the inside of the pub was heaving, leaving me to suspect they prioritised inside orders over garden ones.

In the afternoon at least ten of us did the longer walk to Alton, meaning the rest presumably went to Liss (separate walk report welcome). We got to Selborne at 3pm and split between the Selborne Arms, the Selborne Tea Rooms and the new outside cafe of Gilbert White’s House, which is highly recommended and even had vegan and gluten free cakes, plus a charming view of the back of the house. The pub types sneaked off ahead of us, but stopped in the idyllic and busy garden of the Rose and Crown in Upper Farringdon to let us catch up.

We then carried on to Alton, as the golden sun set, never to return before next May, and got the 6.15 train, whiling away the journey to London with wine, chips and dips.
Thank you walker for posting the walk. My apologies for dashing of early as I want explore Noar Hill nature reserve. Disappointment. Very overgrown and paths in the reserve needs some maintenance. Meadow flowers suffering from lack of rain. Gentians totally withered away before flowering. Detour to Noar Hill hill itself not on OS map but on GPS (right hand corner of OS explorer map} Nice views and should be good colour when leaves turn colour. Failed to make it to Alton ran out of water. Return to Liss one path was blocked by farmer despite being public right of way. No choice but clim over the gate. Took an easy stroll along the river. Met 3 other SWC walkers at Liss station. Enoyable day out espeically the Hangers and the meadows. Deserve another visit when spring comes next year. Monica
Wed, 17-Jul-19 14

Wednesday Walk Petersfield to Liss

Petersfield to Liss T=2.11

Much of this walk follows the Hangers Way, a long distance path which lies within an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Much of the walk is in unspoilt countryside which remains as it was several hundred years ago. The very steep ascent of Shoulder of Mutton Hill can be avoided by taking a slightly longer alternative route. Whichever route is taken the view at the top is spectacular.

Length: 16.6km (10.3 miles) Toughness: 5/10

Trains: Get the 1000 Portsmouth Harbour Train from Waterloo arriving Petersfield 1103. Direct return trains are xx02, 1623, 1723. Changing at Petersfield are 1821, 1906, 1922.
Get a return to Petersfield. There are some cheap advance tickets available.

Lunch: The suggested lunch stop is the Hawkley Inn (tel 01730 827205), 6.6km into the walk. The pub has a garden and serves home cooked food until 2pm. Booking is advised.

Tea: The suggested tea stop is Wine Bar & Coffee House at 41-43 Station Road open to 5pm. An alternative is the Whistle Stop pub at the bottom of Hill Brow Road, 150m past the station.

Have booked a table for 6 diners at 1 o’clock as this pub is always mobbed with pensioners (moan) walkers (moan) cyclists (👍) assorted day trippers ⛱and locals🦏 You may wish to sit in the garden on the day. If you are in two minds about pub or sandwiches go pub as it used to be super good. The Lunch Monitor.
The walk started somewhat inauspiciously as we hung around Waterloo waiting for the delayed 10.00 train to appear on the board. Finally we boarded the train and the delay reached 30 minutes, due to various factors for the inbound train.

There were around 13 of us off the train at Petersfield but that increased to 14 later (bit hazy on the numbers but I think there were 10 pub lunchers and 4 packed lunchers). The weather was sunny and hot to begin with, becoming hazier and a bit humid later on. We got the steep ascent up the Shoulder of Mutton hill done in the first part of the walk which was a relief in the heat, what a hill ! I think nearly all took the steep route up the hill rather than the graduated ascent. After a breather we headed off and I heard several walkers remark what a nice, varied walk it was, lots of woodland, so there was welcome shade; pretty wildflowers; some apathetic sheep; some cattle (but always fenced off from the walk route). Some of the stiles in the walk details have been replaced by kissing gates – super sized gates, so easy to get through. The Hawkley Inn pub lived up to its reputation, the food was lovely, not just your average pub grub. We had a table booked but half of our number ate outside. The staff were friendly and efficient. After lunch, the packed lunchers sped off, some racing to get the 16:23 train. Others made the 17:02 after a dash to the local off licence for refreshments. That train was then delayed 30 minutes coming into Waterloo due to a track fire which had caused knock on chaos for other platforms. All in all a very nice day, it was a lovely walk and thanks to Pete for posting and the lunch monitor for organising the lunch booking !
sunny and hot humid later on
Sun, 17-Feb-19 6

Sunday walk: The Hampshire hangers

Petersfield to Liss
Length: 16.6km (10.3 miles) Toughness: 5/10

09:30 Portsmouth Harbour train from Waterloo (Clapham Junction 09:39) arriving at Petersfield at 10:43.

Return trains from Liss are at xx:29 (journey time 1 hr 19 mins). Buy an off-peak day return to Petersfield.

This lovely walk is mostly through unspoilt countryside, much of it following a section of the Hangers Way, which runs along a series of steep-sided wooded hills, known as “The Hangers”. It includes a very steep ascent of Shoulder of Mutton Hill, with spectacular views from the top. A gentler ascent is described in case the main route is too slippery.

The recommended lunchtime pub, the Hawkley Inn (01730 827205), 6.6 km into the walk, welcomes walkers but is usually busy, so do phone ahead to reserve a table.

You will need to download the Walk Directions.

HOPE TO ATTEND THIS WALK as well provided i am not tired out after Saturday Halsemere to Midhurst walk.

Hi Chris,

Request for walk for Sunday 24th Feb

Could a Sussex/Berks/Hants walk be put on for the 24th that is a few miles longer than the current Effingham offering for that day, please? Thank you.
It seems Monica was not the only one clapped out by Saturday’s walks, as just 6 turned up for this outing in splendid spring sunshine turning cooler and darker after lunch. All but one (in training for a charity challenge in Ethiopia’s mountains) took the longer route up Shoulder of Mutton hill. The fully booked Hawkley Inn (the locals book two months ahead, allegedly) served some rather good snacks at the bar. However this proved inadequate for one discerning gourmand, who, desirous of a proper table setting and a full luncheon with all the trimmings, set off to find another pub where such was said to be available. She has not since been re encountered. The rest returned to town on the 16.29.
Sorry meant to attend this walk but like you said I was clapped out but not by the walk it was the dreadful high and bad stiles that did my shoulder and wrist some damage. Could not use my left hand shoulder and wrist properly even with the splints. I believe there are numerous stiles on this walk. Perhaps next time when my wrist and shoulder are better I shall attempt this walk.
Lol ! Kind of you to call me a gourmet, I fear that I’m just plain greedy. Anyway, all is well, I found a pub serving food and enjoyed a nut roast; not so good as the grub on offer at the Hawkley Inn, but it sufficed. Made it to Liss in time for the 3.30, but that was by walking mainly on roads. From what I saw on the first half this is a beautiful walk.
See you next time !
Sat, 10-Mar-18 7

Petersfield to Liss

CW2 11 Petersfield to Liss
Length: 16.2 km (10.1 miles).
Toughness: 5/10

Catch the 10:00 from London Waterloo arrives Petersfield 11:00. Buy a day return to Petersfield.

Return trains from Liss xx:02, 17:48, xx:02 until 23:02. T=2.11
Intend going.
Did this walk a few weeks back, the views from the top of the shoulder of mutton are wonderful, enjoy.
The excellent Hawkley Inn claimed to have no tables between 12.15 and 1.30 when I rang them yesterday. So an emergency snack should be packed and perhaps others might like to ring them again and see if there are any cancellations. Just a thought.
I'm not intending to go (please note the use of the infinitive here, rather than the gerund "intend going", which is not normal English usage)
Grammar has never been a strong point of mine, but one might argue that while "intend going" may not be grammatically correct, the it could be regarded as normal English usage ...
Hi, A few people have asked me if I started the great 'infinitive gerund' debate. Not guilty! Happy walking Kevin
7 on this walk. Most of us did the steep climb up to Shoulder of Mutton where we had Cloud rain mist sun. 6 had sandwiches in Lych gate of church. Lovely atmospheric walk through misty woods and huge swathes of wild garlic and moss making it all very green
Thu, 21-Sep-17 1

Along the Hangers Way in Hampshire, and down Shoulder of Mutton

Book 2 Walk 11 (r): Liss to Petersfield

Length: 16.2 km (10.1 miles)
Toughness: 5 out of 10

London Waterloo: 10-00 hrs Portsmouth Harbour service (does NOT stop at CJ)
Arrive Haslemere: 10-48 hrs
Leave Haslemere: 10-55 hrs Portsmouth and Southsea service
Arrive Liss: 11-06 hrs

Clapham Junctioners
Clapham Junction: 09-52 hrs Portsmouth and Southsea service (which left Waterloo at 09-45 hrs)
Arrive Liss: 11-06 hrs

Return: Petersfield to Waterloo: 10, 18, 48 and 57 mins past rhe hour

Rail ticket: buy a day return to Petersfield

A fellow walk poster suggested I post this Book 2 walk in reverse, as there is more going on in Petersfield than in Liss at walk-end. I have done this walk backwards once before, and I recall it does work the wrong way round. Backwards, you get the plethora of stiles out of the way in the morning and later you descend the steep Shoulder of Mutton hill rather than climb it.
Much of the walk is along the Hangers Way long distance path (muddy in winter) but hopefully fine today. Lunch is taken at the usually good Hawkley Inn, some 10 km from Liss - so no dawdling today if you want a pub lunch. Booking ahead is advisable (01730-827205) and to check the pub is open - it's up for sale.
On arriving in Petersfield I leave it to you to explore the town and discover its fleshpots, or for the less hedonistic amongst you, suitable stops for tea.
Walk Directions here L=2.11

Tips on "Walking Backwards" here
Would the poster kindly correct the train info.
Train info correct per my railway website
I'm away this week so I hope our mid week walkers work out how to follow a walk "backwards" it's not too difficult.
Shame no one turned up for this walk, particularly as it had been requested and backwards for today.
0 then?

But on a philosophical note, how do you know that no one turned up? If there was someone there to observe that no one was there, then someone did turn up.....
In answer to Marcus and Walker, actually I did part of the walk that day. Unfortunately I managed to miss the 10.00am train by a few seconds, so caught the next one to Petersfield (non stopping at Liss). From here, knowing the forecast was rain, I decided to shorten the walk and caught the bus up to Selborne. Had a cup of tea in the Gilbert White's House cafe (free admission), then climbed Selborne Common hill via the zig zag path. At this point the light persistent rain set in, but I was not downhearted. The Hangars Way sustained me as it was very beautiful all the way back to Petersfield. A little muddy in places with some slippery stiles, but quiet and picturesque, with mist draping over the wooded hills. thanks for posting Marcus. E.D.
1 wet
Sun, 04-Jun-17 5

Petersfield to Liss

Petersfield to Liss Book 2, Walk 11.
17.2 km 11 miles (7 miles with shortcut)
Toughness 7/10

This walk takes you along the Hangers Way through unspoilt Hampshire countryside. There is a steep climb up Shoulder of Mutton Hill - with good views back - but you can take a longer gentler route up if you prefer. Later, there are good views down the other side, as is often the case with hills.
Trains: Get the 09:30 Havant train from Waterloo (Clapham Jct. 09:39) arriving Petersfield 10:39.
Trains return from Liss at xx:29. Get a return to Petersfield
Lunch: The walker-friendly Hawkley Inn in Hawkley (01730 827205) Phoning advised.
Tea: There are several tea places in Liss. Some are said to be open on Sundays - check out the High Street.
The Whistlestop pub, just past the station, will be open. It has been fairly friendly in the past.
An earlier option, the Spreadeagle is only slightly off the walk route, on the road into Liss from the cemetery (Farnham Road), near the junction with Hawkley Road).
Directions: available here or in book 2.
Note that the short walk option in the directions (option a) has no lunch stop. The detour described is not a right of way.
This suggestion, from the comments page, would shorten the main walk's afternoon and reduce the total length to 7 miles. It isn't included in the walk text.
  • "Leave the Hawkley Inn and turn left onto the road instead of right, heading east. In 250m go straight across a T-junction and take the fenced footpath opposite between fields. In 350m turn right onto a lane, rejoining the main walk between [8] & [9], just after you would have passed a house called Uplands. Pick up the book directions at "In 200m you go steeply downhill..."

Hi, Where are can I meet you?
We usually congregate on the platform after we get off the train. You may spot some walkers on the train. Recognisable by their boots. If they're carrying our directions, they're most likely on our walk.

4 got off the train at Petersfield; one waited for a friend leaving three to complete the main walk in sunny weather. Lots of wild flowers e.g. orchids and scarlet pimpernel on Shoulder of Mutton hill. I can't report on the refreshment options I'm afraid, as the front group had a picnic lunch and two of us made a bolt for the train at Liss having got there with 2 minutes to spare.
Yes, plus one = 5 on walk. Saw Orchids. Diverted to the Harrow at Steep (one of the top national inventory pubs, ie unchanged since time began, in the land), as well as the Hawkley and the Spread Eagle which I also recommend Gavin
Sat, 08-Oct-16 21

Saturday First Walk - The Hampshire Hangars

Book 2, walk 11 - Petersfield to Liss or Alton
Length: 16.2 km (10.1 miles) or 23.9km (14.8 miles)
Toughness: 5 out of 10

9.30 train from Waterloo to Petersfield, arriving 10.31

(From Clapham Junction you can take the 9.27 to Woking, arriving 9.45, to catch the above train at 9.55)

Buy a day return to Petersfield.

For walk directions (main walk to Liss) click here. For the extension, see below.

I thought it would be nice to do this fine Hampshire outing before winter mud makes it too slithery. The morning is a tour-de-force, taking you out of Petersfield and up a stunningly steep path onto Shoulder of Mutton Hill (there is a gentler way up also), with correspondingly fine views from the top. You then descend into lovely hilly/wooded territory. Lunch is in the Hawkley Inn, which serves food till 2.30pm.

After lunch the 16.2km (10.1 mile) version of the walk is to simply stick with the book two route to Liss, from where trains go back at 02 past the hour, with one mysterious extra train at 17.48. If you just miss an 02 past train it is theoretically possible to take the 06 in the other direction, changing to the opposite platform at Petersfield for a fast train to London.

Or do the extension to Alton: see below


This is a long walk (23.9km/14.8 miles) but may tempt the more red-blooded among you looking to make the most of the daylight before the short days come.

It makes use of directions found in this document, which link the Walk 11 route with Selborne, the lunch stop on Book 2, walk 10, Alton Circular, essentially keeping along the Hangar's Way after lunch in Hawkley - a very pretty route, taking in Noar Hill and some lovely countryside.

It is 6.4 km (4 miles) from Hawkley to Selborne and once upon a time you could catch a bus there back to Petersfield. But alas, this bus no longer runs on Saturdays, so you have to continue on foot another 6 miles or so to Alton. It is thus 10 miles from Hawkley to Alton if you do this option

To get from Selborne to Alton either follow the book 2 walk 10 route in this document from paragraph 61 (turning left off the road just before the Selborne Arms, since you are coming from the opposite direction), or - nicer but requiring a map or the ability to read walk directions backwards - reverse the morning route of that walk, which also follows the Hangar's Way.

Tea options en route are plentiful and include the pleasant Selborne Arms (though not the Queen's Arms, which is now closed), the tea room in the nearby Gilbert White Museum (which can be visited without paying the entrance fee, if you ask nicely), and possibly the Coffee Room cafe between the two (if it is still there). If you follow the afternoon route of the Alton walk, the Rose and Crown in Upper Farringdon is also a tea/drink option along with the Greyfriar Inn in Chawton. And incidentally if light is fading you can do the whole rest of the walk from the Greyfriar in the dark as it is all on residential or town centre roads.

Note that if you do this option, you will have to buy an extra single train ticket from Alton to Woking, which is £6.80 with a Network Card. Trains leave Alton at 15 and 44 past.

21 managed to disentangle themselves from the Guildford walkers who were also on the same train (whoops my posting error!) and set off for a lusty climb of the superb Shoulder of Mutton Hill, the Matterhorn of the Saturday Walks. Arriving at Hawkley we found the lunch pub much changed from its former rough and ready days smartly laid out tables and "have you booked?" We had not, but they accommodated us without demur and portions were big.

After lunch there was the first of a couple of showers on an otherwise mild and cloudy day. Soon after, the parting of the ways: ten of us set off through a field of horses to do the longer walk to Alton: that presumably means eleven carried on to Liss.

We Altonians had a very nice walk to Selborne this really is a pretty section and there split between the pub and the lovely tea room in the Gilbert White Museum for mid afternoon "refreshies". We then opted to reverse the morning of the Alton walk lovely territory at least as far as East Worldham and interesting to see it from the opposite direction. We arrived in Alton exactly as dusk was falling and didn't feel tired, not one tiny bit.

Most of us squeezed into the Railway Inn where we had an education from one of our party in inventively named real ales. Six of us got the ? 7.44 ? train and had wine and dips to while away the journey. (I mention this because one of our number said "You never mention the party we have on the train home." So there: I mentioned it)
Wed, 06-Apr-16 9

Midweek day walk - Petersfield to Liss

Petersfield to Liss - a slightly challenging ascent onto the Hangers Way

Stunning views (weather permitting), the Hangers Way and a nice pub with real ale and good food.

Book 2 Walk 11

Length : 16½ km or 10½ miles

Toughness : 5 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:00 am train from London Waterloo (Woking 10:25 am) to Portsmouth Harbour.
Clapham Junctioneers should catch the 9:52 Portsmouth Harbour & Southsea train from that station and change at Woking to join the Waterlusians train at 10:25. At the time of writing, both trains are advertised to use platform 5 at Woking

Meeting point : Petersfield Station at 11:00 am

Tickets : Buy a £15 South West Trains Promotion Ticket before midnight on the day prior to the walk (Thank you for pointing that out Thomas) or a cheap day return to Petersfield on the day.

Brief Description

An ever popular walk where the Hangers is designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty. Walkers normally take a breather at Edward Thomas's Memorial Stone towards the top of the Shoulder of Mutton hill. If the visiblity is good, the vista to the south is well worth a good look there.
There is a short cut immediately after the lunch venue, cutting 5½ km of the walk should you wish.
You may find full details of the walk here and a downloadable PDF here

Suggested Lunch stop

Suggested Tea stop

Whistle Stop, Liss t: 01730 890464 (150 metres past the station at the road junction)


OS Explorer : OL33 (was Explorer 133)

Return train times

Trains return from Liss at the following times 15:02 | 16:02 | 16:23 | 17:02 | 17:23 | 18:02

The SWT £15 Promo for off peak day returns is still running (book b4 midnight the day b4). Valid on any W'loo departure from 09.00 onwards, on this line...earlier start ?

I'm planning to go on this walk tomorrow, but i wouldn't like to be in my own :) Is anyone else going ?
Intend going at posted time large table (table 10) booked in bar for a minimum of 8 1 pm
Intend going on 10:00am train and have booked a promo ticket today
9 on this walk with weather overcast in the morning a shower during lunch and a brighter afternoon
Quite a cold day and a fair amount of mud, but superb food at the Hawkley Arms.
Four curious sheep in the afternoon
Wed, 12-Aug-15 13

Midweek day walk - Petersfield to Liss

Petersfield to Liss

Shoulder of Mutton Hill (steep, but fine views) and the Hawkley Inn. a very walker friendly pub

Book 2 Walk 11

Length : 17 km or 10.5 miles

Toughness : 5 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:30 am train from London Waterloo to Petersfield.
Clapham Junctioneers should catch the 10:27 to Woking and change there (currently platform 4 to 5) to catch the 10:55 and join the Waterlusians for the remainder of the journey

Meeting point : Petersfield Station at 11:31

Tickets : Buy a cheap day return to Petersfield

Brief Description

Get a cardiac workout on the Shoulder of Mutton hill and check out the wonderful views at the top (weather permitting). Look out for the Memorial Stone dedicated to the Poet Edward Thomas towards the top of the hill.
(A ditty by him also appears at Adlestrop on the walk from Kingham to Moreton-in-Marsh)

You may find full details of this walk here and a downloadable PDF here

Suggested Lunch stop

Hawkley Inn (tel 01730 827205),

Suggested Tea stops


OS Explorer : OS33 (mobile digital download available)

Return train times

Trains return from Liss to London, Waterloo at the following times ...
:02 minutes past the hour - journey time 1 hour 12 mins
:23 minutes past the hour - journey time 1 hour 20 mins
A great walk with a nice lunchtime pub where the long table in the bar awaits us. Don't worry about the hill, you can go round it. Also short cut after lunch for those who over indulge.
Intend coming and would prefer to avoid the hill!
12 and 1 early bird on this walk. Light cloud and quite humid with an occasional welcome breeze.
All twelve went for the direct ascent at the Shoulder of Mutton and were rewarded with great views. The group arrived a little late at the Hawkley Inn, but most agreed the food and drink was good.
Three groups in the afternoon, two with sandwiches set off early, followed by the hares, then those who weren't in such a hurry to get back.
Historical duplicate/misleading attendance numbers cleanup project: 13
Sun, 15-Mar-15 5 Petersfield to Liss
Sat, 18-Oct-14 12 Petersfield to Liss
Sun, 12-Jan-14 6 Petersfield (short circular walk)
Sat, 22-Jun-13 15 Petersfield to Selborne
Sat, 22-Jun-13 Petersfield to Alton
Sun, 09-Jun-13 12 Petersfield to Liss
Wed, 03-Apr-13 Petersfield to Liss
Sun, 16-Dec-12 Petersfield to Liss, via Hawkley short cut
Sat, 26-May-12 Petersfield to Liss
Sun, 02-Oct-11 Liss to Petersfield
Sat, 09-Apr-11 Petersfield to Liss
Sun, 26-Sep-10 Petersfield to Liss
Sun, 15-Nov-09 Petersfield to Liss
Sat, 10-Oct-09 Petersfield to Liss
Sun, 14-Jun-09 Petersfield to Liss
Sat, 07-Mar-09 Petersfield to Liss
Sat, 16-Aug-08 Petersfield to Liss
Sun, 04-May-08 Petersfield to Liss
Sat, 01-Dec-07 Petersfield to Liss
Sun, 27-May-07 Petersfield to Liss