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Ramsgate to Margate Broadstairs Folk Week

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Wild Hunt Bedlam Morris,

Now here's an idea for next year - a mummers play based on "The Fog" Ramsgate to Margate Broadstairs Folk Week

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Standing out from the crowd

Ramsgate to Margate Broadstairs Folk Week

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Standing out from the crowd

Ramsgate to Margate Broadstairs Folk Week

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Pressin' on

Ramsgate to Margate

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Rough terrain

Ramsgate to Margate

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Ramsgate to Margate via Broadstairs and Botany Bay walk

Easy coastal walk with fine cliff top views, 3 classic seaside resorts, and a number of stunning sandy bays and coves that make it a great swimming walk


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Updated: Tue, 29-Jan-19

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Sun, 12-Aug-18 7

Sunday Walk: Margate to Broadstairs or Ramsgate

SWC walk 101 15.7km (9.8 miles) 2/10
An easy seaside walk. You’ll be following the directions in reverse from Margate to either Broadstairs or Ramsgate. Not exactly rocket science. Just keep the sea to your left.
Margate's Turner Gallery is an early attraction (free admission). Then off you go, past several beaches, a clifftop castle, and two possible lunch pubs towards Broadstairs, a town associated with Dickens. As you approach Broadstairs, you will see strange sights. Grown men with antlers on their heads. Dogs in tutus. Troubadours with painted faces serenading your every step, that sort of thing. Don't worry. It wasn’t the soup. You have arrived in the middle of Broadstairs Folk Week. There are some free performances but, to find out more, you'll have to buy a programme. There are other acts you need tickets for, either individually or with a day pass (see their website for more details).
Or you can just continue on to Ramsgate - no pressure.
You can travel from either St Pancras or Blackfriars today. Buy a return to Margate.
St Pancras has the edge. There are two prices from St Pancras depending on which route you take.
The Blackfriars return is slightly cheaper again (perhaps more so with zone discounts) but takes a little longer.
Get the 09:25 from St Pancras, reaching Margate at 10:59. This is covered by the cheaper St Pancras fare.
The best Blackfriars train, the 09:40, would get you to Margate for 11:24. Maybe you could hire a fast donkey and catch the others up.

Returning from Broadstairs.
To St Pancras: Trains at xx:59 (fastest) xx:05 and xx:25, (the xx:25 is covered by the cheaper fare).The last train is at 21:59.
To Blackfriars: xx:11, with the last practical train at 21:11 (the 22:41 arrives at 00:37).
Returning from Ramsgate:
To St Pancras: Trains at xx:05 (platform 2), xx:12 and xx:20, (the xx:20 is covered by the cheaper fare). The last train is at 22:05.
To Blackfriars: take the xx:05 ( platform 1), the last practical train is the 21:16 to Charing Cross (the 22:35 arrives at 00:37).
If you want a sit-down meal, I'd suggest one of the clifftop pubs before Broadstairs – the Captain Digby or the Botany Bay. Broadstairs itself has plenty to offer, including the Charles Dickens pub, but could be busy. If I remember right, there is a festival area with food-stalls.
If you go as far as Ramsgate, there is a large Wetherspoons, the The Royal Victoria Pavillion.
Walk Directions here. You're doing them backwards OK? That's clockwise in the author's parlance. Although the directions suggest you can walk along the beach in places, high tide is at 1:30 so that option is probably best left till mid-afternoon . (Unless, of course, you have inflatable dinghy shoes and a back-up helicopter). But don't take Mr Tiger's word for it, check local notices.
Sea swimmers may like to note that it is high tide at 13.45 or so today. The wonderful Margate seawater pool, about a mile beyond the Turner Gallery, is recommended for a dip but be careful if the tide is rising as it is covered at high tide and last year I left my clothes on the side of it and they were nearly washed away as the tide came in.

Probaly the nicest place to swim, though, is Botany Bay (sandy), a lovely beach. Kingsgate and Joss Bay are also nice. Stone Beach near Broadstairs loses the sun by 4 or 5pm, however and in the lower half of the tide underwater rocks are a problem here.
hi Mr T thinking of starting from Broadstairs ...how many miles to Margate from there please?
Mr T' s dodgy maths makes it about 13.5 km (knock off 3km for Ramsgate to Broadstairs and add on a bit for journey from Broadstairs station to beach)
7 or 8, I hear
I heard 9, but I won’t argue. Weather “pretty good
Thu, 28-Sep-17 3

Broadstairs to Margate - £10 ticket

Broadstairs to Margate

A pleasant coastal walk, low chalk cliffs, channel views, some nice beaches, and 3 historic towns.

An early lunch is at the newly opened Royal Victoria Pavilion (a new Wetherspoons in a restored heritage building on Broadstairs sea front).

£10 tickets if you book by 6pm the day before on the southeastern website (you have to enter times to book, but valid on any train after 10am out, after 2pm back)

Catch the 10.08 St Pancras to Broadstairs. Arr 11.27. Buy a return to Margate.

(South Londoners - you might be able to travel via Bromley South or Orpington to link up with this train using the same £10 deal)

Directions / GPS / Map : SWC 101 : L=SWC.101
Apologies for The typo. I of course meant ramsgate to Margate. If any one got of at broadstairs find yourself a nice seaside cafe and we'll catch up with you.
3 mostly sunny 3 people alighted at Ramsgate which was what I meant.
The Victoria Pavilion (a Wethies) was stunning, with a lovely sun terrace overlooking the sea and harbour. In future, this would make a good breakfast spot before starting the walk, or if doing it in reverse (now recommended I think), a great afternoon tea destination. An alternate route to the station was suggested avoiding the drab shopping streets.
The route to Broadstairs was nice, with a couple of nice looking beach cafes in hidden beaches.
We did some beach walking after Broadstairs, but it was rocks+slippy seaweed. I remembered it as sand.
Tea was at Kingsgate Bay.
One took the high road (the cliff top path), one mixed and matched, and one took the low road (sand beaches and the lower concrete prom) to Margate.
The headland between Botany and Palm Bay can only be safely beach walked at low tide, and high tide there is a short slopping slippy algae covered concrete ledge...
Only two met up and had a quick look in eyesore Tate building. We should have swapped mobiles...
If anyone got off at Broadstairs, my apologies. I hope you still managed to have a great day out as we did.

Actually, the walk already takes a prettier route to the sea in Ramsgate, we just didn't follow it.
Wed, 16-Aug-17 3

Festive Folk by the Sea

SWC 101: Ramsgate to Margate or Vice Versa via Broadstairs Folk Festival T=SWC.101

Distance: 9.8 Miles or 15.7 km for those more metrically minded (walk can be shortened by ending in Broadstairs)

Difficulty: 2 out of 10

Train: Take the 10:08 AM Margate train from London St. Pancras to either Ramsgate OR Margate, depending on preference (see options below), arriving 11:27 in Ramsgate or 11:39 in Margate. The more direct return trains from Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate are at 53, 59 and 05 minutes past the hour respectively until 21:53, 21:59 and 22:05. Buy a day return to Margate. If you book before 18:00 the day before, you should be able to get a £10 day return – though I am not sure if there is a limit on availability of these special price tickets.

To the consternation of some, I am breaking with tradition and posting this walk with an option for the participants to go in whichever direction they prefer, possibly crossing paths along the way… It is an easy coastal walk along the Isle of Thanet (arguably where the east coast meets the south coast) with a combination of chalk cliffs and secluded coves (and excellent swimming opportunities – one of the best being Botany Bay). Thus, for those opting to start in Margate, it should not be too onerous to follow the instructions in reverse…. For swimming purposes, low tide will be around 12:45 and high tide at 19:00.

This posting also coincides with the festive Broadstairs Folk Festival when the charming seaside town is bursting with song and dance. Many of the pubs also have live free music offerings through-out the day and evening (voluntary contributions in the collection buckets always welcome) and you can buy a program (including the unticketed pub events) at the festival headquarters along the High Street. The music offerings are generally quite varied from traditional folk sing-alongs to more modern rock offerings.

Also, for the more cultured among us, there is the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate (admission free). The gallery is dramatically located on the seafront where TMW Turner stayed when visiting the area. It has a series of rotating contemporary exhibitions.

In terms of deciding which way to go…for those interested in visiting the Turner Gallery in Margate and swimming in Botany Bay, I would suggest starting in Margate and finishing in Broadstairs or Ramsgate and for those more interested in the Broadstairs festival, I would suggest starting in Ramsgate and possibly finishing in Broadstairs. You can find more information about the walk and download the walk instructions here.

There appear to be a number of potential lunch spots along the way with the Capitan Digby Pub (01843 867 764) being fairly centrally located on the cliff top in Kingsgate Bay. Tea and afternoon refreshments can be had at any number of places in Margate, Broadstairs or Ramsgate.

Enjoy the walk (whichever way you go)!
There are no £10 tickets coming up as being available. Anyone got any success here. I'm intending to catch the 9.37 from Victoria arriving 11.24 at Margate just before the high speed train. Cost £19.75 ish with senior railcard. Want to visit the Broadstairs festival so hoping to meet up with other afficionados .
I was just able to book a 10 pound promotional ticket on the Southeastern Trains website for the specified outbound train https://www.southeasternrailway.co.uk/. You do need to nominally pick a return time but I suspect the ticket itself functions more like a day return.....

Offer is after 10am
Two disembarked from the high speed train at Ramsgate, leaving one aboard who started in Margate and did not encounter any others before setting off, making for 3 on a day which started off cloudy clearing to bright and breezy sunshine (a refreshing change from recent Wednesdays). The two who started in Ramsgate enjoyed a short walk along the beach to Broadstairs having a picnic along the way and spent the remainder of the day and evening enjoying the festival offerings, including watching a regular SWCer (not on the walk) perform a thespian piece on the main promenade, and a delightful late afternoon swim in a rising tide at neighboring Stone Bay. I understand the lone Margate starter enjoyed some time at the Gallery before setting off. Unfortunately, poor mobile reception scuppered efforts to meet in Broadstairs. Not sure about those on the slow train please feel free to supplement if others also did the walk.....
Perfect tide out day to walk all the way on the beach from Ramsgate to Margate, as in 2011, but with recovering foot and knee, walked from Broadstairs to Margate, mainly on cliff top. Glorious weather to make use of £10 bargain. Turner Gallery fascinating as always, but a few days too early to see a Gormley placed on the coast nearby
this comment is transfered from another walk's comment section:

Marion, Fri 25 Aug 17, 07:43
Just wanted to thank you for posting the Folk festival and make a comment about last weeks walk to Broadstairs. Cant find the walk report. We did the Margate to Broadstairs option on the train from Victoria at 9.37 which arrived before the high speed train. Walking to Broadstairs along the cliff walk Viking Trail we arrived around 5pm having explored the vintage clothes, bric a brac shops and Dreamland complex in Margate. We visited several venues in Broadstairs including the Gardens and the Bandstand where normally everyone congregates. Also the festival stalls. Didn't see a soul unlike previous years.

Could I suggest that next year we have a meeting point and fewer options for walking so that a group walk is possible? i was with Jayne kennedy who only comes back from Penzance to Ealing occasionally and it would have been nice to have seen somebody! What was the turnout like? We caught the 8pm train home and enjoyed very good fish and chips in transit.
Such a good day out I booked again this week on the £10 fare to return to the vintage shops in Margate where I've now acquired 5 vintage dress patterns and a pattern cutting book to add to my library.

This is a wonderful day out with something for everybody and anyone with children or grandchildren would love the vintage rides fully restored at the art deco Dreamland entertainment complex in Margate. A real trip down memory lane for those of us who remember going to Margate as children.
Sun, 03-Jan-16

Winter seaside walk

Book 3 Walk 101 Ramsgate to Margate via Broadstairs
Length 15.7km (9.8m); toughness 2/10.
Trains: Recommend you use HS1 trains today.
09.37 London St Pancras International (Stratford International 09.43) arrives Ashford International 10.14 then have a quick coffee before catching the 10.42 from Ashford to Ramsgate 11.13.
Return trains from Margate back to London St Pancras International are at xx:53.
This is a favourite summer swimming walk but makes a highly evocative and atmospheric winter outing with strong associations with Charles Dickens. (Your recommended lunch-time pub is the Charles Dickens in Broadstairs!)
You can shorten the walk by finishing in Broadstairs.

For informative walk notes and full walk instructions see walks page 101
Sun, 09-Aug-15 23

Sunday Second Walk - Kent coast

Extra Walk 101 – Margate to Broadstairs & Ramsgate
Length: 15.7km (9.8 miles). Toughness: 2/10

09:44 Ramsgate train from Victoria (Bromley South 10:02), arriving Margate at 11:29.

Or 10:08 Margate train from St Pancras (Stratford International 10:15), arriving Margate at 11:39.

Return trains from Ramsgate to St Pancras are at xx:05 (journey time 1 hour 16 mins).; to Victoria at xx:35 (journey time 2hrs 04 mins); to Charing Cross at xx:40 (journey time 2hrs 12 mins).

If returning from Broadstairs, trains are at xx:59 to St Pancras, xx:41 to Victoria, and 18:31 & 19:31 to Charing Cross.

It’s becoming a tradition to post this walk on the Sunday of Broadstairs Folk Week , a splendid showcase of traditional music, song and dance. After enjoying the walk and the lively festival scene on Sunday, a number of walkers sometimes stay over on Sunday night to soak up the more relaxed atmosphere on Monday, when the music-making continues in halls, marquees and pubs around the town.

Accommodation in Broadstairs itself can be hard to find, but The Comfort Inn in Ramsgate, a fairly short distance away, has been found to be a convenient choice.

For those uninterested in the festival, the walk makes a splendid swimming walk, with many sandy bays en route and a couple of interesting old town harbour areas to explore. Or you could visit Grayson Perry’s splendid ‘Provincial Punk’ exhibition (free of charge) at the Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate, which the walk passes.

You can download the Walk directions (Ramsgate to Margate) and follow them in reverse, but you hardly need them, since you simply follow the coast, at beach level or clifftop level, all the way.
May well do this.
Two questions: 1. Is it more expensive travelling from St. Pancras? 2. Assuming most walkers arrive at the Folk venue sometime in the afternoon, will they catch much music or do we have to hang around waiting for it to start, by which time many may opt to catch the homeward train instead?
'North and South'
23 warm and sunny
Some visited the gallery. Several were near the bandstand. Some went in the sea. Did they return? Who knows.
23 warm and sunny
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