Robertsbridge Circular via Brightling walk


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Sat, 17-Nov-18 5

Robertsbridge to Stonegate

SWC 222b Robertsbridge to Stonegate
Length: 18.5 km (11.5 miles). Toughness: 3/10

Catch the 9:15 from London Charing Cross (calling at Waterloo East, London Bridge) arrives Robertsbridge 10:34. Return xx:23 until 22:23, plus 17:53, 18:53. Buy a day return to Robertsbridge.

Longer walk option 222c Robertsbridge to Battle via Brown Bread Street. 34.5km (21.4 miles). Buy a day return to Battle.

There is also a Stonegate to Robertsbridge walk 112 on Sunday 18th. Reverse route overlap for 3km or so from/to Robertsbridge, after which the routes are quite different. Route comparison map here. So any walker who wants to make a weekend of it could link these two walks and stay overnight in the Stonegate area.

Intend going.
Someone told me he was on this walk.
"How many others?" I asked.
"A few".
"More than five, less than five?" (Using an old journalist technique there..)
"Yes, about five".

So 5
Wed, 07-Jun-17 6

Experimental Wednesday – Exploring a New Route from Stonegate to Battle

Book 2 Walk 19; SWC Walk 222; SWC 30: Stonegate to Battle – An Experimental Exploration Using Parts of 3 Walks! T=SWC.222

Distance: 14 Miles or 22.5 km for those more metrically minded (with an option to shorten to 12.5 miles (or 20 km) by using the start from SWC 112 which takes a more direct route to Burwash).
Difficulty: 4 out of 10

Train: Take the 10:15 AM Southeastern Hastings bound train from London Charing Cross (10:18 Waterloo East; 10:23 London Bridge; 10:40 Orpington) to Stonegate, arriving 11:26. Return trains from Battle are roughly just past the hour by a few minutes and 36 minutes past the hour until 19:02; then, XX:07 until 22:07. Buy a day return to Battle.

This walk is a bit of an experiment – pulling together sections of three walks to create a new route from Stonegate to Battle. I had planned to post it a bit earlier in the year – but circumstances required a deferral. Unfortunately, a small section of footpath may be overgrown at this time of year – but, hopefully, since it is still early June it will be passable. Our journey features a seldom posted route via Brightling with its strong “Mad Jack” Fuller associations.

We will start with the Book 2 Walk 19 route from Stonegate to Burwash for lunch (a shorter option, saving almost 2 miles/3.5 km, is available using the route to Burwash from SWC 112). After lunch, we will continue with Book 2 Walk 19 for a short distance past Batemans (basically to the [§] at the bottom of the second column of page 4 of the PDF instructions for Book 2 Walk 19) where we will pick up the interconnector instructions from SWC 222 – care will need to be taken here as we will be following these interconnection instructions backwards for a few kilometers. We will then pick up the instructions for SWC 222 proper and carry on with them using the Battle ending option which picks up the instructions from SWC 30 for the shorter ending via Netherfield. It appears that we will be able to stop for afternoon refreshies at the White Hart in Netherfield before setting out on the final leg into Battle. You can find more information about the walk and download the walk instructions here, here and here. Please bring all three sets of instructions (or relevant portions thereof). If planning to do the shorter route to Burwash in the morning, those instructions can be found here.

Burwash has a couple of options for lunch – the currently recommended is the Rose & Crown pub (01435 882 221). Battle has a host of options for tea and stronger post walk libations.

Enjoy the walk!
Is heavy rain forecast ?
Au contraire...... Mucho Scorchio! (Walter Weatherman)
Perhaps it was the requirement to bring three sets of instructions or perhaps it was the reference to "experimental" or "reading instructions backwards" or perhaps many were simply resting up for a nice long walk on Saturday....whatever the reason, just 6 brave souls alighted from the train at Stonegate into bright and blustery conditions for an interesting exploration of the high weald. The morning route to Burwash was as pleasant as ever including some time spent enjoying the whimsical sculptures on a farm property and the surprise of discovering a few more art works on the approach to Burwash. Shortly after lunch 5 of the 6 (one doing a shorter option due to evening commitments) set of on the longer than advertised experiment which mainly went well gpx routing providing some guidance in just a couple of key spots. We passed through Brightling visiting both the Jack Fuller mausoleum and tower (which we climbed); then there was a slightly long road section to join the Battle route. The White Hart in Netherfield was a delightful spot for early evening refreshies with excellent views from its terrace over the surrounding area. Upon arrival in Battle we had just enough time to stop at the Tesco Express near the Station for some provisions before catching the 20:07. A very full day at the office.
I was completely put off this walk for all the reasons given above. When only one walk is posted during the week those of us who do not want this level of exploration are really hard done by. We have had up to 21 walkers when we keep the walks simple and easy to read. Please could these experiments be done privately or at the weekend when there is more choice on offer. Thanks
Sat, 24-Oct-15 11

Third walk

SWC 222b Robertsbridge to Stonegate
Length: 18.5 km (11.5 miles). Toughness: 3/10

Catch the 9:18 from London Cannon Street (London Bridge 9:22) arrives Robertsbridge 10:34.

The headline walk was originally planned to be 222a Robertsbridge to Battle. However there are engineering works past Robertsbridge, necessitating a rail replacement bus journey from Battle to Robertsbridge to connect with the train back to London. Even though the bus journey from Battle is less than 15 minutes, thought best to go for the Stonegate ending. If you're not too bothered with the bus journey then probably preferable to go for 222a, as Battle has plenty of tea places / pubs vs. the isolated station at Stonegate. So if undecided on the day, buy a day return to Battle to keep your options open.

Aside from the main headline walk, there are other options - all detailed below. For the Battle ending, buy a day return to Battle.

For the longer walk 222c it is recommended that you take some provisions just in case you are delayed and don't make it in time before they stop serving at 14:30 at The Ash Tree

[Link to zip file with gpx data for 222c]

All walk options are detailed below #WalkDistance kmTo lunch kmTrainDirections required 222Robertsbridge Circular18.3N/A9:18 SWC Walk 222 pages 1-7 222aRobertsbridge to Battle19.7139:18 SWC Walk 222 pages 1-5,7 + SWC Walk 30 pages 3-5 222b Robertsbridge to Stonegate18.5139:18SWC Walk 222 pages 1-4, 7-9 + CW2 Walk 19 pages 4-7 222c Robertsbridge to Battle (long option) 34.522.58:18SWC Walk 222
Return bus from Battle to Robertsbridge Station Battlexx:22 xx:52 18:52 xx:52 until 21:52 Journey time less than 15 minutes, to connect with the Robertsbridge train.
Return trains Station Robertsbridge xx:14 xx:44 19:14 xx:14 until 22:14 Stonegate xx:23 xx:53 19:23 xx:23 until 22:23 T=swc.222.b
Intend going on the Robertsbridge to Battle walk via Brown Bread Street (222c) catching the 8:18 train.
Intend going on the extended walk 222c (catching the 8.18 train!) as this is probably the last chance for a good long walk this year. Will report on any otherworldly structures we come across.
4 overcast and a little humid but mostly dry

Robertsbridge to Battle (long option, 34.5 km)

2 off the train at Robertsbridge, having traveled on the advertised 08:18 train from Cannon Street. 1 walker traveled on the service half an hour earlier, and another an hour and a half later. All managed to meet up at the Ash Tree Inn at Brown Bread Street, 22.5 km into the walk, and finished the walk together. Overcast in the morning and a little bit humid, but actually very lucky with the weather, with only about 2 minutes of rain as we put our boots back on after lunch. The sun attempted to break through in the late afternoon. A quick pace all day in order to get to Battle before it got dark.

Lots of ponds on this walk. And lots of animals miniature goats, regular sized goats, Belted Galloways, geese, sheep, squirrels. Hobbyist mycologists would have been pleased with the variety of fungi along the route. Nice autumn foliage. From Robertsbridge to Brown Bread Street, many of the stiles are in a poor state. The section from Brown Bread Street to Robertsbridge was very easy to navigate as it follows the well signposted 1066 route.

1 walker had lunch at the Ash Tree Inn, the rest had snacks and sandwiches on the hoof, and a drink at the pub. Food reported to be good, but service a bit slow. Arriving at Battle, 1 went immediately for the 'train' (replacement bus) and remaining 3 had a drink at the very nice Chequers Inn. Then onto the bus to Robertsbridge where we decided to have dinner at the Ostrich Hotel next to the station. Plain fare but tasty, cheap and very cozy, friendly staff. Took the 21:14 back to London.

About 7 in the 9:18 train contingent, going from Robertsbridge to Stonegate.

Satisfactory lunch in the Wheel Inn, Burwash Weald, which was reached at about 1410. The rather long morning, some very high stiles, and mud, modest by winter standards but slightly surprising at this time of year, made the walk feel something of a route march and seem rather longer than the 11 12 miles advertised.

Humid in the morning leading to rain for about half an hour after lunch then clear.
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