Wanborough to Godalming walk

Over the North Downs ridge to Watts Gallery, then a ramble to historic Godalming


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  • Wanborough to Guildford. 15/4/23
    amib, Apr-23

    Some of this walk was partly done in January 2010, and recorded on a mobile phone, so today's 12.5 mile update to Guildford was much needed.

    It turned into a decent afternoon, with a slight northerly breeze, but it was very muddy in places, with high river levels. The season's first pair of Swallows were seen, which is always a joy.

    Lunch was had at Watts chapel, though there is a cafe nearby in the Gallery area, or a pub shortly after.

    The 4 mile extension beyond Godalming, along the River Wey, is well worth doing.

    A very good walk, even allowing for the muddy conditions. The crossing of the A31, Hogs Back, is an annoyance, as was the noise from it, which is never far away for much of the walk. Plenty of bird-song at this time of year helps to soothe the mind though.

  • Wanborough to Godalming. 25/1/10.
    amib, Jan-11

    Around 7 miles of walking through the Surrey countryside. Passing Wanborough church, one of the smallest in Surrey, and a gallery honouring the Victorian painter/sculptor, George F Watts, at Compton, where the walker can take lunch. Afterwards, the walk continues through woodland before arriving at the River Wey and then on to Godalming.

    (Mobile phone quality).