Woldingham to Oxted walk

Close to London, this walk combines stretches of both The North Downs Way, and the Greensand Way.


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    Hiking In London, May-21

    Close to London, this walk combines stretches of both The North Downs Way, and the Greensand Way.

    Main Walk: 16¾ km (10.4 miles). Four hours 10 minutes walking time. For the whole excursion including trains, sights and meals, allow at least 8 hours.

    This walk is only just outside the London boundary and yet the first part through Marden Park and a steady climb up the side of the valley into Marden Park Woods feels completely rural. In these woods the route joins the North Downs Way and heads west on an undulating stretch, still mostly through woodland. This section ends at a fine viewpoint on Gravelly Hill, a good picnic spot if you can put up with the incessant grumbling from the M25 below.

    The walk then descends from the North Downs ridge into the attractive village of Godstone, which features a large green and a good choice of places for lunch. The afternoon route mostly follows the Greensand Way, heading east from Godstone to Oxted. This section is quite different in character: a more open landscape dotted with small settlements, including one with a magnificent ancient tree in its churchyard, the Tandridge Yew.

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  • Woldingham to Oxted. 4/11/12.
    amib, Nov-12

    A fine walk of almost 11 miles in Surrey, yet just on the fringes of London. Filming at the start was hampered by drizzle, but, slightly later than forecast, this dispersed to reveal some lovely Marden Park scenery and North Down views. Indeed, lunch was taken at one such viewpoint, Gravelly Hill.

    Descending, and crossing over the noisy M25, the scenery is different on the Greensand Way section in the afternoon; it's more one of fields, villages and greens, and disused reservoirs, which appear to be leaking!

    Considering the proximity to London, this is another little gem of a walk, ideal for the shorter days of Winter and Spring