Autumn on the North Downs Way

30-Oct-10 • Sean O'Neill

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Ancient yew in Tandridge churchyard

30-Oct-10 • Sean O'Neill

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St Mary's chapel, Church Town

16-Nov-11 • Sean O'Neill

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Memorial to "Walker Miles", St Nicholas' churchyard

16-Aug-14 • Sean O'Neill

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Bridleway to South Hawke

07-May-15 • Sean O'Neill

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Woldingham to Oxted (short)

31-Dec-07 • moontiger on Flickr

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Woldingham to Oxted (short)

31-Dec-07 • moontiger on Flickr

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Woldingham to Oxted walk


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Updated: Tue, 22-Sep-20

Date # Post
Wed, 01-Jan-20 25

New Year's Day Walk South - Woldingam to Oxted

Extra Walk 2a - Woldingham to Oxted, omitting Godstone

Length: 11½ km, 7.1 m. Toughness: 3/10.

Train: 10:21 from Victoria (Clapham Junction 10:28, East Croydon 10.40) arrives Woldingham 10.56. Return trains from Oxted to London Victoria are at xx:00 and xx:29. Buy a return to Oxted.

I thought this short and scenic walk with a late start and several refreshment options might appeal on New Year's Day. The walk goes through the Local Nature Reserve of Great Church Wood and follows the North Downs Way to the top of Oxted Downs. Here, a bench overlooking a fine view of the Greensand Hills might make a convenient spot to toast the New Year before the descent to Old Oxted. In the afternoon, you pass St Peter's church and the magnificent Tandridge Yew.

There are several pub options for lunch and I'd suggest deciding which/calling them before heading off from the station. They'll be busy today so a large group would need to split between pubs. The walk passes through the village of Old Oxted and returns there later after looping through Broadham Green and Tandridge (which also have pubs). There are 3 pubs close together on Old Oxted's High Street: The Old Bell (Chef and Brewer, 01883-712181), The George Inn (01883-713453) and The Crown Inn (01883-717853). About 15 minutes further on in Broadham Green is The Haycutter (01883-776955). A further option (requiring a short detour) is The Barley Mow (01883-713770) in Tandridge.

At the end of the walk in Oxted are several cafés and coffee shops. On Station Road West, Robertsons at #42 (01883-712777) and Café Papillon at #54 (01883-717031) may be open but if not then JD Wetherspoon's Oxted Inn (01883-723440) next to the station will be. On Station Road East, Little Waitrose Cafe is open as are Caffè Nero at #139 (01883-730220) and Costa Coffee at #62 (01883-723149). Coughlans Bakery at #76 (01883-716972) may also be open.

You'll need to bring the walk directions (with maps) from the Woldingham to Oxted walk page. Click on option a to only print the relevant directions.
A large group assembled on the platform at Woldingham station. I didn't count but I'd estimate 25. The weather was dry and mild misty at times. Thanks to those who brought Champagne, crisps, cake and chocolate, we toasted the New Year at a conveniently located bench on a hilltop mid morning.

The group split between pubs at Old Oxted. The Crown was not too busy and accommodated several of us, though service was slow today. After a post lunch loop around Tandridge, we returned to Oxted where some of us went for refreshments in the Old Oxted Inn before hopping on the train home.

An enjoyable start to the New Year.
Sat, 26-Oct-19 9

Saturday Walk Woldingham to Oxted

Woldingham to Oxted
Length: 16¾ km (10.4 miles). Toughness 5/10.

"This walk is only just outside the London boundary and yet the first part with a steady climb up the side of the valley into Marden Park Woods feels completely rural. In these woods the route joins the North Downs Way and heads west on an undulating stretch, still mostly through woodland. This section ends at a fine viewpoint on Gravelly Hill, a potential picnic spot.

The walk then descends from the North Downs ridge into the attractive village of Godstone, which features a large green and a good choice of places for lunch. The afternoon route mostly follows the Greensand Way, heading east from to Oxted. This section is quite different in character: a more open landscape dotted with small settlements, including one with a magnificent ancient tree in its churchyard, the Tandridge Yew."

Trains: Get the 0950 East Grinstead train from Victoria, Clapham 0957, East Croydon 1010 arriving Woldingham at 1026. Return trains are: xx23 & xx53 to Victoria & xx20 to London Bridge.

Lunch: Godstone, 9½ km along the main route. The Hare & Hounds (01883-742296) serves typical pub food; the more up-market alternatives are the White Hart (01883-742521) and the Bell Inn (01883-743216). Light lunches are available at the Green Rooms of Godstone

Tea: Various options in Oxted, including a pub by the station.
If the weather is bad, you could do the shorter version of this walk, Oxted Circular. Alternatively, it's about 45 mins walk from the lunch stop in Godstone. If the weather turns bad, you could walk to Godstone station. You'd need a map for that however as directions are not included in the walk instructions. It looks like there is also a bus between Godstone and Godstone Rail but you'd need to check details yourself on traveline.info
I meant to say 45 minutes walk from the lunch stop in Godstone to Godstone train station.
If you want to abandon the walk at lunchtime I wouldn't recommend the 4 km road walk to Godstone station. There are details of three bus routes through Godstone Green and links to timetables in the walk document.

NB. The shorter version of this walk doesn't go through Godstone Green (and isn't an Oxted Circular).
Buses leave Godstone Green to OxtedEnter at 49 mins past the hour
With the weather forecast for this afternoon being v wet I expect to do the 5 mile short route to Oxted and have lunch there.
2 of us lightweights did the 5 mile short route direct to Oxted with lunch at The Bell Old Oxted and then tea in Oxted and a train arriving back in London Bridge at 14.30
We avoided any rain as I suspect did the Godstone group so I will leave them to write up a proper report
9 off the train & car. 2 took a short cut. Dry morning with light rain all afternoon. 5 in the hare & hounds, 2 picnicers. The 5 resisted the temptation to get a bus & had a muddy variation to Oxted.
Sun, 13-Jan-19 15

Sunday Walk: Woldingham to Oxted

Main Walk: 16¾ km (10.4 miles). Toughness 5/10.
Short Walk, omitting Godstone: 11½ km (7.1 miles). Toughness 3/10.
Though just outside the London boundary, the first part of this walk through Marden Park and Marden Park Woods feels completely rural, following the North Downs Way west on an undulating, mostly wooded stretch.
The full walk takes you into the attractive village of Godstone, with a good choice of places for lunch. The afternoon largely follows the Greensand Way east to Oxted, through a more open landscape dotted with small settlements, including Tandridge whose churchyard is home to a magnificent old yew tree.
Trains Get the 9:53 Oxted train from London Bridge (East Croydon 10:09) arriving Woldingham 10:25. Get a return to Oxted.
Return trains at xx:29 and xx:59.
Main walk: Godstone has three pubs and two tearooms around its large village green. The Hare & Hounds (01883-742296), the White Hart (01883-742521), and the more up-market Bell Inn (01883-741877).
Also the Green Rooms of Godstone (01883-740407), and the Old Forge Deli Café (01883-743230).
Short walk: The suggested lunch place is The Haycutter (01883-776955) in Broadham Green. Before that, there are three pubs in Old Oxted High Street : the Old Bell (01883-712181), the George Inn (01883-713453) and the Crown Inn (01883-717853). Later, a short detour would take you to the Barley Mow (01883-713770) in Tandridge.
Two possible tea places in Station Road West: Robertsons at #42 (01883-712777; open daily to 5pm) and the Oxted Inn, a Wetherspoon's, right next to the station (01883-723440).
On the other side of the station, Station Road East, you'll find Caffè Nero at #139 (01883-730220; open to 5pm), and Costa Coffee at #62 (01883-723149; open to 5.30pm).
Directions here
14 assembled on the platform but we picked up the walk inspector late on in the pre lunch section who had caught a later train and done a short cut and was waiting for us at a panoramic viewing point so we'll count him as well making a total of 15. Two dropped out early on to do their own thing. Weather w= mild and cloudy. The ground was dry with little mud so we made good time along the undulating woodland trails. Four ate in the Hare and Hounds and the "sandwichers" met up with them fora drink before setting off on the afternoon leg.

Just before lunch a small hawk (about the size of a wood pigeon) was spotted in a tree mewling piteously as it appeared to have lost its handler. The bell on its leg could be heard when it fluttered away. I resisted pleas from the group to attach a piece of sandwich meat to my arm to lure it down but lets hope it found its way back home. Also a lost hat was reunited with its owner by 2 assiduous back markers.

Most caught the 3.29pm train back to London whilst I and 2 others had a coffee at Costas and caught the 3.59. A superb day out with much witty chat and banter obviously not from me on a walk which deserves a spring or autumn outing to see it at its best.

Best wishes to the walker who is tackling a challenging mountain trek in Ethiopia to raise money for children in need. Finally a special mention in dispatches to the venerable and venerated SWC stalwart who using written walk instructions of vintage provenance drawn from the bowels of his unique bespoke filing system managed to take a wrong turning after lunch and ended up doing a huge extra circular section to complete a walk of around 13 miles and still just missing the 3.29pm train. A fine adventure in the very best traditions of the Saturday Walers Club (Sunday section.)

Thu, 28-Dec-17 18

Thursday Walk: Woldingham to Oxted - A North Downs Breezer

Woldingham to Oxted (SWC walk 2)
Length: 16.8km (10.4 miles)
Toughness: 5 out of 10

9.53 train from Victoria (9.59 Clapham Junction, 10.10 East Croydon) to Woldingham, arriving 10.26

Buy a day return to Oxted. You can't use your Network Card, as the train is before 10.00, but as the fare is only £10.90 and this is a weekday when there is a £13 minimum on Network Card discounts, it makes no difference anyway

For walk directions click here. For GPX click here.

This fine romp along the ridge of the North Downs, then descending to the valley to walk along to Oxted, made a convivial post-Christmas outing two or three years ago. There is a bit of M25 noise en route but you will be too busy telling everyone about your Christmas presents to notice that....

The lunchtime village, Godstone, has three pubs and a tea room, so we won't starve. Oxted has two tea rooms, a Caffe Nero open to 6pm and a modern pub conveniently sited right by the station (didn't you have enough booze at Christmas??), so you won't die of thirst either.

Trains back are at 19 past to London Bridge (slightly quicker) and 24 and 54 past to Victoria, though mysteriously no 24 and 54 train is shown on the National Rail Enquires site for 18.24 and 18.54. There are trains 17.24, 17.54, 19.24 and 19.54 so I am assuming the lack of 18 past ones is a typo. T=3.2
It is a bizarre fact, but 28 December is often a sunny day. It was so in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, and it was so in 2017. A glorious day in fact cloudless, windless, a deep blue sky, frozen ground with just a few flecks of snow in places meaning there was much less mud than there might have been. What a joy it was to be out.

18 took advantage of all this, 2 of them late starters who we only met at tea. The rest of us enjoyed a lovely ridge walk in the morning, with sun drenched views, though it has to be admittedly plentiful motorway noise too.

We had been helpfully informed at the start that all three pubs in Godstone were deficient. One certainly was the Beafeater chain pub has closed and shows signs of being redeveloped into housing. We had been told that the Hare & Hounds was slow but some ate there, I understand, and had no complaints. Six of us went instead to the upmarket Bell Inn. It was fully booked but we squeezed into the bar. The food was OK, I guess.

The afternoon with its low lying country is a nice contrast to the afternoon. We six Bellers had coffee in the Barley Mow and got to Oxted in time to join a few other walkers in spreading more mud onto the floor of the Papillon Cafe, whose staff were just sweeping up the last lot. We all got the 16.54 train, but one (me) got off at Woldingham for a lovely hour long moonlight walk. Stargazer, you were missed.
I can recommend Coughlans' Bakery as another tea stop. It's on the high street on the other side of the station to Cafe Papillon. It has a nice selection of cakes and mince pies and about 4 or 5 tables at the back for eating in. It was still open and serving just before 17.00.
Thank you for your walk report Walker but the real number of walkers was a little over 18, though I am not sure how we quantify someone who joins us for say and hour and a half. You missed the ‘Inspector’ who supposedly had come out to check on the lunch venues but it seems that he only visited the Hare & Hounds where he had several pints and scrounged loads of chips from us 4 diners.
He then had a short stroll with us before returning to his car outside the Hare & Hounds as he had ‘an important meeting’.
All the best
A. Wellwisher

We noticed that The HayCutter Inn, which is stated as closed in paragraph 13, has now re opened.
Sun, 29-Jan-17

The North Downs near London

Free walk 2 Woldingham to Oxted (Main walk)

Distance 16.75km (10.4m). Toughness 5/10

Trains 09.53 London Victoria (Clapham Junction 09.58, East Croydon 10.09) arrives Woldingham 10.25. Return trains from Oxted are at xx:28 and xx:58 mins past the hour. Buy a day return to Oxted.

(Southern Rail states this service should be unaffected by RMT action so fingers crossed!)

This is a lovely walk with lots of interest and close to London. It combines sections of the North Downs Way and the Greensand Way and the morning section feels particularly rural. Full walk instructions and information about lunch time pub and tea options can be found here

Note: for the directions for the main walk remember to click Main Walk via Godstone 16¾ km option
Mon, 28-Dec-15 17

Bank holiday Monday walk - A quick ramble over the North Downs

SWC walk 2 - Woldingham to Oxted
Length: 16.7km (10.4 miles) with shorter options
Toughness: 5 out of 10

9.53 train from Victoria (9.59 Clapham Junction, 10.11 East Croydon) to Woldingham, arriving 10.26

Buy a day return to Oxted.

For walk directions click here.

It looks as if no one else is going to post a walk for today (which is a bank holiday), so here is my suggestion.

This is a bright and breezy walk up over the North Downs. True it has some proximity to the M25 for a while, but it passes through grand scenery, and - perhaps more to the point - has a choice of three pubs for lunch in Godstone, one or more of which will surely be able to squeeze us in.

Tea places in Oxted may be in shorter supply, but the Oxted Inn by the station is a reliable fall-back and I am betting Caffe Nero will be open too.

There are all sorts of shorter options and short cuts for those that wish them.

Trains back from Oxted are at 19 past to London Bridge and 24 and 54 past to Victoria.
Thank you for post I g.
If there is a large group, it's best to split up and try different pubs. Past experience of a large group in a single pub in Godstone at this time of year was very long waits for food for those could get served and some walkers not being able to order.
17 on this walk, which made a fine outing in the low winter sunshine (such a relief to see something other than grey clouds). Still wierdly warm with some walking in shirtsleeves.

The new route along the top of the North Downs seemed to reduce the traffic noise from the M25, which in any case never seemed intrusive. We split between the Hare & Hounds and White Hart for lunch, enjoyed the Godstone almshouse chapel and the amazing Tandridge yew (surely the biggest of all the ancient yews we see on these walks), and finished the walk at 4pm. Tea in Caffe Nero (who were very nice about the mud we left on their floor) and then home.
Wed, 16-Dec-15

Midweek day walk - Woldingham to Oxted

Woldingham to Oxted (Main Walk with short cuts)

Close to London, this walk combines stretches of both The North Downs Way, and the Greensand Way.

Book 3 Walk 2

Length : 14½ km or 9 miles

Toughness : 4 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:23 am train from London Victoria and alight at Woldingham
Calling stations

  • Clapham Junction: departs 10:29
  • East Croydon: departs 10:41

Meeting point : Woldingham Station at 10:56

Tickets : Buy a cheap day return to Oxted

Brief Description

You may find full details of this walk here and Kindlefolk can download a mobi here

Should the weather turn out to be ghastly, there is an option to do the short version of this walk.

Suggested Lunch stops

There are three pubs and a tearoom in Godstone.
Connoisseurs of fine cuisine may find The Bell the best gastro choice.

Suggested Tea stop

Café Papillon

Those of you who may wish to try something stronger could try ...

The Oxted Inn next to the station


OS Explorer : 146

Return train times

Trains return from Oxted to London Stations at the following times ...

to London Victoria at 15:54 | 16:23 |16:54 |17:24 | 17:53 |18:23

to London Bridge at 16:19 |17:20 |18:18

doing this, anyone else?
arthur which one to print out please ?
Which anonymous is it this time? jfk Hoping to go
Print Requester
I'd suggest clicking the This Link and printing the full monty.
On the map page the walk option I've posted goes south then down the dotted line before turning east. Curving south and slightly east to Godstone for luncheon.
On the afternoon leg the walk turns north at Tandridge swinging east to follow the second dotted line into Oxted.

If you want to save a few pages then clicking 'Main Walk' generates that route, with the short cuts in §2 and §14 reducing the length by 2½ km. But do head west at the end of §2, not east...
Intend going and would like to lunch at the Bell with their excellent and reasonably priced menu 2 courses for £12.
Print Requester (correction)
I'd suggest clicking the This Link and printing what you need.
On the map page the walk option I've posted goes south then down the dotted line before turning west. Curving south and slightly east to Godstone for luncheon.
On the afternoon leg the walk turns north at Tandridge swinging east to follow the second dotted line into Oxted.
"MAX" the dog

If the designated lunchtime pub allows dogs inside then our regular Wednesday canine walker, 'Max', will be taking his place under a table near me. This dog is extremely well behaved and appears to be well liked among walkers.

Any complaints about Max will be logged and duly IGNORED.

Thank you
Quite a pleasant walk but muddy underfoot. jfk
Sun, 13-Sep-15 8

North Downs and Greensand Way

Download Walk 2. Woldingham to Oxted
17.2km (10.7m); toughness 5/10.
Trains: London Victoria 09.53 (Clapham Junction 09.58, East Croydon 10.10) arrive Woldingham 10.26. Return trains from Oxted at xx:28. Buy a day return to Oxted.
This walk is just outside London and is therefore ideal for those who want to get back to the “Great Wen” reasonably early. It combines stretches of the North Downs Way and the Greensand Way and has some impressive views .

Click here for more information about the walk and its pub lunch and tea options. Scroll down the page to find full walk instructions plus maps and click option M for the main walk instructions unless you want to do one of the shorter options.
Anyone here? Really want to escape the city on sunday :)
I intend to go.
8 sunny and fine
Rail replacement buses from New Cross Gate southwards let 2 of us down so we started 1 hour after the original 6.
2 others clearly displaying the instructions briskly walked ahead towards the North Downs Way where they disappeared from view so I don't know if they opted for a short option. That's the nature of walking independently as I guess they were: you don't show up in the statistics.
We were so lucky with the weather despite some gloomy forecasts.The going was fairly firm and mud free, so we stopped for a picnic with a fine view towards Godstone and way beyond. We passed the Pub stop (one of my favs) around 2.30. I hope the others enjoyed their fayre earlier!
The Greensand Way took us past some great stretches of water and the whole walk was easily navigable and enjoyable if a little gruelling with lots of ups and downs especially just before the end!
We encountered the others who were just finishing their tea at the cinema cafe on Station Road in order to catch the 4.27 to Victoria, having possibly done a short cut somewhere(?)
The two who opted for the later train were in need of an Irish coffee actually latte and Baileys! Great way to finish this diamond of a walk on a fab day out.
Wed, 11-Feb-15 Woldingham to Oxted, with short cut and alternative route
Sat, 16-Aug-14 7 Woldingham to Oxted
Sun, 22-Dec-13 10 Woldingham to Oxted (short walk, omitting Godstone)
Sat, 14-Sep-13 4 Woldingham to Oxted
Tue, 01-Jan-13 Woldingham to Oxted, with short cut and alternative route
Tue, 01-Jan-13 Woldingham to Oxted (short walk, omitting Godstone)
Sun, 16-Dec-12 Woldingham to Oxted (short walk, omitting Godstone)
Sun, 22-Jul-12 Woldingham to Oxted
Sat, 07-Jan-12 Woldingham to Oxted, with short cut (morning)
Wed, 16-Nov-11 Woldingham to Oxted, with short cut (morning)
Mon, 30-May-11 Woldingham to Oxted
Sat, 18-Dec-10 Woldingham to Oxted (short walk, omitting Godstone)
Sat, 30-Oct-10 Woldingham to Oxted
Sat, 19-Dec-09 Woldingham to Oxted (short walk, omitting Godstone)
Sun, 23-Aug-09 Woldingham to Oxted
Sat, 03-Jan-09 Woldingham to Oxted
Wed, 16-Apr-08 Woldingham to Oxted
Tue, 01-Jan-08 Woldingham to Oxted (short walk, omitting Godstone)
Sat, 27-Jan-07 Woldingham to Oxted
Wed, 06-Dec-06 Woldingham to Oxted