Long man of Wilmington

Berwick to Eastbourne

14-Jun-08 • moontiger on Flickr

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Even Giants Rest after Giant Steps!

Lunch stop Wilmington, prior to ascending the South Downs. D.Allen Vivitar 5mp

01-Sep-06 • magyardave2002 on Flickr

book2 swcwalks walk27

Book 2, Walk 27, Berwick to Eastbourne 2

...a waste of a good walk. 17 February '07

17-Feb-07 • MEW2005 on Flickr

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Walk from Berwick to Eastbourne

View of South Downs.Taken near Wilmington, Sussex. D.Allen Vivitar 5mp

01-Mar-07 • magyardave2002 on Flickr

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Bee and butterfly window

Wilmington church ... Berwick to Eastbourne

06-Jul-07 • moontiger on Flickr

book2 swcwalks walk27

Book 2, Walk 27, Berwick to Eastbourne 3

The man, 7 July '07

07-Jul-07 • mew2005b on Flickr

eastbourne berwick longman book2 swcwalks walk27 tocw227

Book 2, Walk 27, Berwick to Eastbourne 4

Paradise... 7 July '07

07-Jul-07 • mew2005b on Flickr

eastbourne wilmington berwick book2 swcwalks walk27 tocw227

Berwick to Eastbourne walk

A reservoir, then the South Downs Way past pretty villages (Jevington and Wilmington) and a ridge walk.

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