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Through the vineyard


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Billinghurst to Amberley

Field patterns

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Billinghurst to Amberley

The South Downs Way above Amberley late afternoon

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Billinghurst to Amberley

Coming down off the South Downs Way just before Amberley

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Billingshurst to Amberley walk


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Updated: Mon, 28-Sep-20

Date # Post
Wed, 17-Apr-19 10

Wednesday walk Billingshurst to Amberley - a South Downs tease - and maybe some early bluebells

SWC 8 - Billingshurst to Amberley

Length: 22.8 km (14.2 miles)
Toughness: 6 out of 10 (one steep ascent up onto the South Downs - remainder of walk 3 out of 10)

London Victoria: 10-06 hrs Bognor Regis and Portsmouth Harbour service CJ 10-13; EC 10-23 hrs
Arrives Billingshurst: 11-12 hrs

Return Amberley to Victoria: 17 mins past the hour

Rail ticket Buy a day return to Amberley

At the start of today's walk you head through a bluebell wood. If bluebells are early this year - and at the time of posting this walk they appear to be - then you should enjoy a full carpet of the 'bells in bloom. Soon afterwards, as you make your way mostly on the flat through open fields, farmland and latterly a vineyard towards lunch, you see in the distance the South Downs. It seems to take an age to get to them later in the day, hence the tease, or as the Directions aptly put it, a pleasure deferred is a pleasure intensified.
Lunch today is in the village of Nutbourne at the excellent Rising Sun pub, a favourite of mine - usually very good food and very good draught beer in an atmospheric, traditional village pub. If you maintain a steady pace during the morning leg of the walk you should arrive at the pub in good time to be served food (12 noon to 2 pm).
After lunch you head towards the South Downs which never seem to get any nearer - all part of the tease. You walk through a golf course and along its access road past its 19th hole, to then walk along the edge of Parham Airfield, used by a glider club, into the outskirts of the village of Cootham. Here you head due south for 1 km down Clay Lane, a quiet road, to find yourself at the base of the South Downs. You now have a short but stiff climb up onto the Downs: once on top, having stopped for a breather and a drink, you then enjoy the ridge walk along the South Downs Way, offering splendid panoramic views. You can head into the Springfield Estate (recommended) on open access land to soften your tread over grass for a kilometer before returning to the SDW. You then drop down to a farm - and through its often sloppy, chalk mud access - and down to a road high above Amberley. You now walk down High Titten road to Amberley. Turn left for the railway station. Go under the railway bridge and you come to the Bridge Inn on your left - an ideal stop for tea before your journey home.
Walk Directions here L=swc.8
It's difficult to be precise on numbers today, as two walkers were on an earlier train, plus a couple with our directions who then chose to do their own thing to be next seen at Amberley station and one walker who set out from Pulborough. Including those on the posted train who met up with others at the Rising Sun pub in Nutbourne, I will put the boat out a bit and declare 10
The bluebells in the wood at the start of the walk were a big disappointment: droopy and bedraggled, in need of water, a blue fuzz they can do better ! But the poor bluebell effort was more than the made up for by the wood anemones which were plentiful and fully open and quite lovely. We were also treated by a large patch of wild garlic on entering the wood, so we were not troubled by ill spirits or the bogey man for the remainder of the walk.
It was a fine Spring day with hazy sunshine and warm making for near ideal walking conditions, with a refreshing breeze on top of the Downs in the afternoon.
On the relaxing, mostly flat morning leg there were several clumps of primroses and other Spring flowers, with some daffs still on road verges and in house gardens and some patches and small paddocks of half decent bluebells. Seeing the young lambs in fields with their mums just added to ones enjoyment of the walk.
The various waifs and strays who set out on today's walk met up at the excellent Rising Sun pub where three of us sampled the cuisine, and sandwichers enjoyed a pint.
We left the pub in batches, with me at the front to be caught up later by two speedsters. Now that climb up onto the Downs: I am sure it gets steeper every time I try it either that, or I'm finding it harder with the passing years I'm sure it's the former. Anyway, once on top the usually stunning views from the ridge were lost in the haze no matter, one could just about make out the main landmarks.
Four of us were on the 17 17 hrs train, skipping tea at the Bridge pub, with most others presumably on the 18 17 hrs service, hopefully finding time for tea at the pub.
Today's walk might have more than its fair share of tarmac, and it is deficient in water features, BUT that said, it has lots of variety, particularly with the contrast between the morning and afternoon legs, and late Spring is the perfect time to wheel it out and give it a spin. I believe all on today's walk enjoyed their day in the Spring sunshine I certainly did.
I am a bit confused by your report, so I'm not sure who you did or didn't count in your attendance number, but I think the convention is that we are supposed to count only people that turned up because of the walk posting and with the intention of joining the posted group walk and who then walk at least a substantial part of the route as posted. But not some random people off the same train who happen to do the same or a similar walk by themselves. I may be wrong...
Wed, 25-Apr-18 14

Wednesday Walk Billingshurst to Amberley - and Advance Notice of Planned Mid-Week Bluebell Walks

SWC 8 - Billingshurst to Amberley

Length: 22.4 km (14.5 miles)
Toughness: 6 out of 10. One steep(ish) climb up onto the South Downs. Remainder of walk 3 out of 10

London Victoria: 10-06 hrs Portsmouth Harbour and Bognor service. CJ 10-12, EC 10-23 hrs
Arrive Billingshurst: 11-10 hrs

Return: Amberley to Victoria: 17 mins past the hour until (and including) 18-17, then 19-28, 20-29 and 21-29 hrs

Rail ticket: Buy a day return to Amberley.

Lunch: The Rising Sun, Nutbourne. 'Phoning ahead advised: 01798-812191. Your 13-30 hrs

If the weather is half decent this should be a lovely walk, with plenty of variety. The morning is mostly flat, but not uninteresting, as you head towards Nutbourne for lunch. Mud warning: paths in the lovely bluebell wood which you walk through soon after you leave Billingshurst are likely to be very muddy still, despite the recent hot weather which will have helped dry them out, but not fully. Hopefully, the bluebells will be near full bloom now, to make up for the slubberdub paths. Once you have left the woods, there should not be any further mud all day (tempting fate, I know.....)

The afternoon, after Nutbourne, is totally different to the morning terrain. The alternative name for this walk is "The South Downs Tease" as you have the escarpment of the Downs ahead of you for ages, and after Nutbourne it takes all of two hours to reach their base before you have the steep ascent up to the top. But once on top, you should have lovely views all around as you walk along the ridge (the South Downs Way, or - better - the permissive path over grassland to its north). You eventually leave the Downs and head down High Titten for tea at the The Bridge Inn, close to Amberley railway station. The afternoon leg of this walk takes at least three hours, so you will be faced with a long - but rewarding - day's walking today, with no option for country dancing back in London this evening, unless it starts well after 8 pm. Best just enjoy the walk today.
Walk Directions here: L=swc.8

Mid-Week Walkers Planned Bluebell Walks

Wednesday 25 April (as above) SWC 8 - Billingshurst to Amberley

Thursday 26 April - Book 1, Walk 9 - Shiplake to Henley via High Wood

Tuesday 01 May- Book 2, Walk 5b - Tring to Berkhamsted via Dockey Wood

Wednesday 02 May - Book 2 Walk 13d - Guildford to Box Hill via Chantries Hill and Shere

May Day Bank Holiday, Monday 07 May - Book 1,Walk 42 - Holmwood to Gomshall, with option of continuing to Guildford

13 started this walk, not including our esteemed walk poster. But it turned out he had got a train half an hour early to get his lunch order in first, so 14. It started out sunny and we hoped we might cheat the weather forecast. But no, at 12.30 the clouds rolled in and the showers started: some big heavy ones and lots of dripping in between, but some dry patches. Up on the downs at the end we had an enormous downpour, then bright sun, then more rain. So in all sunny at first then quite wet.

Otherwise, a fine day out. As author of this walk I tend to be modest about its charms, but several in the group were fulsome in its praise. The bluebell wood at the start put on a decent show about 70% out I would say and there were other small patches during the morning. The walk also has a vineyard, whose magnificent display of dandelions was being slaughtered by a motor mower as I crossed it, and a glider runway where we saw one bring towed into the sky as we passed. And up on the downs in the gap between the deluges there was a razor sharp view of the North Downs and all in between.

Eight of us lunched at the wonderful Rising Sun: alas, the rain banished us from its glorious garden but we had a nice big table in its characterful bar. I did not see any other diners. By basic arithmetic that leaves six sandwichers, of who three went on to who knows where. Three more left to get a bus to Pulborough to escape the rain or to go to evening events, I do not know. So eight of us got to The Bridge at the end of the walk for a hurried tea before the 6.17 train home. For much of the journey the sun shone, but it proved to be a canny choice of departure time since there was a massive power at Victoria just after we got back.
Tue, 25-Apr-17 11

Tuesday Walk - a South Downs Tease - with an early bluebell wood

SWC 8 - Billingshurst to Amberley

Length: 22.4 km (14 miles)
Toughness: 6 out of 10 (one steady, steep climb up onto the Downs, otherwise 3 out of 10)

London Victoria: 10-06 hrs Portsmouth Harbour / Bognor service. CJ 10-12 hrs, EC 10-23 hrs
Arrive Billingshurst: 11-10 hrs

Return: Amberley to Victoria: 17 mins past the hour to and incl. 18-17 hrs, then 19-28 and 20-29 hrs
and 17-25 and 18-20 hrs via Arundel

Posting of walk subject to possible Southern Rail travel disruption- strike action.

Rail ticket: buy a day return to Amberley

This walk gets fewer outings than it deserves, walk posters preferring its sister walk, SWC 9 - Pulborough to Amberley. Both walks contain a fair bit of road walking, particularly the legs up to the base of the South Downs, but there are lots of nice sections to savour on both walks. This time of year is an opportune time for posting the Billingshurst walk, as shortly after the start you walk through an extensive bluebell wood (Rosier Wood), often muddy, but if the 'bells are out you tend to overlook the mud.
The walk thereafter is a tease, as you see the South Downs in the distance ahead as you proceed in a southerly direction towards them, but they never seem to get any closer. In the morning you wend your way through farmland, copses, more bluebell woods, then a vineyard, before you reach the small village of Nutbourne, with its pub, the Rising Sun, a favourite of mine, and your suggested lunch stop. Best 'phone ahead with numbers, your e.t.a being 13-30 hrs. 01798-812191.
After lunch you can mix and match your onward route, should you wish, with the Pulborough walk , which shares your lunch stop. That said I prefer the route in the Billingshurst directions, which takes you beside a golf course, then through a glider club, before a long(ish) road stretch (Clay Lane) which leads you to the base of the South Downs. You got there ! Now it's a short, steep, knackering climb up to the top, where, after catching your breath, you embark on a lovely ridge walk, either along the South Down Way, or - much better - the grassy open access land (the Springhead Estate) to its immediate north. After two miles you descend to make your way through the sloppy mud around Downs Farm, then you drop down to join High Titten which takes you down into Amberley. The suggested tea stop on a mid-week walk is the pub next to the railway station - the Bridge Inn.
If you haven't tried this walk before, why not give it a go.
Walk directions here: L=swc.8

Next Tuesday walk, 09 May: SWC 50 - Hassocks to Brighton
Anyone going on this walk?
I hope to do this walk as didnt manage to get out at the weekend.

3 on an early train and 8 on the scheduled service, making legs 11 on a fine sunny day and warmer than forecasted, although it was chilly in the breeze on top of the Downs. Before that we enjoyed good bluebell displays in Rosier Wood and elsewhere in the morning, although the bluebells are in desperate need of a drink. The solid, baked ground, in place of the usual muddy sections, was evidence of no rain for over two months. An excellent lunch was enjoyed by the four of us who dined at the Rising Sun in Nutbourne and our sandwichers enjoyed drinks in the pub's relaxed atmosphere. Suitably refreshed, we set out on the long afternoon leg, with the three early starters being ahead of the main group. The Parham Glider Club put on a nice display for us of tugs taking off and gliders landing as we made our way to the foot of the Downs. Once on top, the views were as good as any I had ever experienced as we progressed through the Springhead Estate before descending into Amberley. The 17 17 hrs train for the three of us, and the 18 17 hrs train for the rest, who had time for refreshments at the Bridge Inn. A thoroughly enjoyable day in the best of company.
Wed, 13-Jul-16 9

Midweek day walk - Billingshurst to Amberley

Billingshurst to Amberley

Gentle countryside, a delightful pub at lunchtime, the Southdown Gliding Club airfield and a climb onto the South Downs with panoramic views.

Book 3* Walk 8 *online only

Length : 22 km or 14 miles

Toughness : 5 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:06 am Southampton train from London Victoria to Billingshurst (10:12 from Clapham Junction and 10:23 from East Croydon)

Meeting point : Billingshurst Station at 11:10

Tickets : Buy a cheap day return to Amberley

Brief Description

Another (albeit brief) section of the South Downs. Hopefully Southern will run the train!
The walk starts with gentle countryside and then visits the village of Nutbourne where the recommended Lunch Pub is the Rising Sun.
After Nutbourne, there's more gentle countryside, a gliding club airfield, before a brisk climb onto the South Downs.
Here, Walkers are rewarded with great views in all directions before descending gently into Amberley.
You may find full details of the walk here and a PDF here

Suggested Lunch stop

The Rising Sun in Nutbourne t:01798 812191

Suggested Tea stops

The Bridge Inn slightly beyond the entrance road to Amberley Station and under the railway bridge t:01798 831619
The Riverside Tea Rooms opposite the Bridge Inn t:07765 790414 - you'll need to be there before 5pm


OS Explorer : OL10 and OL34

Return train times

Trains return from Amberley to London Victoria at 17:17 | 18:17 | 19:28 | 20:29
If you would like a slightly less strenuous walk or the train has been delayed or cancelled, you might like to stay on the train to Pulborough (alighting 11:17 am if on time) and walk the morning section of the Pulborough to Amberley walk (Book 3 walk 9) to join up with the Billingshurst starters at the Rising Sun
who is doing the shorter or longer walks?
Count me in for the longer one Stacey
I've just had a peek at the National Rail Web site to see if Southern is still running the train with it's new reduced timetable. At the moment it is still scheduled to run, so I will be doing the posted (Billingshurst) start.
If anyone is intending to do the shorter (Pulborough) start perhaps you can pop a comment up to say so?
Hmmm ... I may have been a bit optimistic with the train journey for this walk.
You may find full details of Southern's revised timetable Here with a useful link to a map of revised Services.
The good news is the service is running on the "green" line from Victoria to Arundel for which Southern say "Most Southern trains will run on this route, but please check before travelling"

9 on this walk with 8 off the train and 1 late starter who caught a later train and caught a taxi to the lunch venue.
A day of showers and sunshine starting in woodland with fields, meadows and a cheeky little hill before a vineyard. Just prior to lunch a field full of many sheep breeds and a Llama minder rushed towards the last 3 walkers, presumably expecting to be fed.
Unusually, the Rising Sun was a little disorganised with some walkers waiting a fair while for food and one whose meal was forgotten. (She did however get a refund and a complementary yummy looking sandwich)
The afternoon section continued initially with bright sun, but was followed by frequent showers. The upside of this was a nice rainbow on the South Downs Section (and of course the views ...).
The last three on the walk took tea at the Bridge Inn, where the showers cleared to be replaced with a pleasant evening sun.
An interesting day out with varied terrain and weather.
Sat, 10-Oct-15 18

Saturday Second Walk - Walking south towards the South Downs

SWC Walk 8 - Billingshurst to Amberley
Length: 21.9km (13.6 miles)
Toughness: 5 out of 10

9.32 train from Victoria (9.38 Clapham Junction, 9.48 East Croydon) to Billingshurst, arriving 10.44

Buy a day return to Amberley, from where trains return at 17.17. 18.17, 18.59, 19.29, 20.29 and 21.29.

For walk directions, click here.

With just three Saturdays left before the Great Darkness descends, this is nearly the last chance (for most of us, at least: we pass over those superhumans who say 15 mile walks are possible in January) to do longer walks. So I have picked this walk to make full use of the daylight.

It is also one of the more neglected walks in the SWC repertoire, having not had a Saturday outing for two or three years. It would be idle to pretend that it is an undiscovered gem, but it is certainly a pleasant enough day out with various small delights, heading southwards across initially flat country but gradually becoming gently hilly, with increasingly fine views of the South Downs.

Lunch is at the very lovely Rising Sun in Nutbourne, one of my favourite SWC walk lunch pubs and one I am sorry we don't visit more often. It is the only lunch option, so is maybe worth giving a courtesy phone call if the group is large, but (famous last words!) it has always previously managed to accommodate us easily.

You have 7.8 miles still to do after lunch, but plenty of daylight to do it. The South Downs now loom larger and larger in the landscape, and finally you climb them and follow their ridge, with fine views, down to Amberley.

Speedy types may get to the Riverside Tea Rooms before they close at 5pm, or divert to the Amberley Tea Rooms, which close at 5.30pm. For the rest of us, there is the not inconsiderable consolation of the Bridge Inn, one of the very best end of walk pubs, which has the dual advantage of serving wonderful food and being immediately adjacent to Amberley station. Linger a while there and toast the memory of the summer now past….
18 or possibly 20 on this walk. hazy sun in the morning but cloudy pm A very pleasant and talkative group who I think all enjoyed the walk and its various little delights. A path diversion is being proposed at one point in the route, but I had a chat with the homeowners who are proposing it and they walked the route with me, so I will incorporate this in the directions.

The Rising Sun pub was as charming and friendly as ever but despite being warned of our coming were decidedly dozy in taking orders. They insisted on serving all thirteen meals at once, which meant we waited nearly an hour while they cooked them all. But this time was spent pleasantly in the garden it is only a pity that by now the hazy sun of the morning had given way to cloud.

As a result of all getting served at once, we did leave lunch together, however, and we largely kept together in the afternoon despite keeping up a fairly determined pace. After a close up view of a glider being towed into the air at Storrington we had a stiff climb up onto the downs a strain on aching leg muscles but a nice finish along the top.

Most had the briefest of drinks in The Bridge before getting the 6.17 train. Six of us lingered as instructed by the walk post, however, and four of us had dinner, catching the 8.29 (by which time it was impressively dark).
Wed, 09-Jul-14 Billingshurst to Amberley
Sat, 08-Oct-11 Billingshurst to Amberley
Mon, 03-May-10 Billingshurst to Amberley
Mon, 13-Apr-09 Billingshurst to Amberley
Sun, 30-Sep-07 Billingshurst to Amberley
Sat, 14-Apr-07 Billingshurst to Amberley