Eastbourne Pier

SWC Walk 66 - Eastbourne to Hastings via Bexhill

28-Feb-18 • thomasgrabow on Flickr

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View east from Eastbourne

SWC Walk 66 - Eastbourne to Hastings via Bexhill

28-Feb-18 • thomasgrabow on Flickr

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Westerly View along the coast

SWC Walk 66 - Eastbourne to Hastings via Bexhill

28-Feb-18 • thomasgrabow on Flickr

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23-Mar-11 • Andrew Murphy


23-Mar-11 • Andrew Murphy


23-Mar-11 • Andrew Murphy


23-Mar-11 • Andrew Murphy

Eastbourne to Hastings via Bexhill walk

Flat coastal walk along the south coast past busy sea front promenades and quiet beaches.


This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Updated: Tue, 10-Dec-19

Date # Post
Wed, 28-Feb-18 2

Wednesday Walk - Seafront Walk with the wind (usually) in the back: Eastbourne to St. Leonards Warrior Square (via Bexhill)

Length: 25.1 km (15.6 mi)
Ascent/Descent: negligible
Net Walking Time: ca. 5 hours
Toughness: 3 out of 10 (if we hit the shingle stretch at low tide, which we should)
Take the 10.17 Eastbourne train from Victoria (10.23 CJ, 10.33 EC), arriving Eastbourne at 11.46.
Return trains: 17.00 (Victoria), 17.22 (Charing Cross), 17.53 (Charing Cross), 17.58 (Victoria) etc. There are also services to Ashford, connecting to High Speed trains to St. Pancras.
Buy a St. Leonards Warrior Square return.
This gentle walk follows the 24 km of flat coastline between Eastbourne and Hastings. It is in 3 parts - 2 seafront promenades with a quiet shingle beach in between which is nice to walk on only at low tide when the flat sandy part of the beach is uncovered. Although the entire walk is quite long, there are shorter options, as there is a railway line following the coast, with several stations en-route (see route map for details).
For summary, walk directions, map, height profile and gpx/kml files click here.
Lunch: The Moorings in Pevensey Bay (8.1 km/5.0 mi, food all day).
Tea: Loads of options along the route, incl. a wine bar right by Warrior Square station. T=swc.66
The first part of this walk, eastwards along the prom from Eastbourne is great. You then wend your way through the modern development of Sovereign Harbour and after that you are on the shingle beach: this is fairly hard going and the only alternative is a suburban road inland (I have done this often, walking to Norman's Bay for a swim....It is not that bad, just a bit unromantic for a mile or two). At VERY low tide, when the tide gets below the shingle bar, the beach is an alternative, but you are talking about the bottom hour or two of the tide here. Even then there is some gloopy mud. Today high tide is at 9.42 and low tide at 16.24.

Once you get to Norman's Bay there are roads behind the beach so it is easier to walk along the coast after that. Then you get to Cooden Beach, which is the start of Bexhill and its promenades.

Having said all the above, this is an interesting bit of coast. I pay it an annual visit for sea swimming each year and always enjoy its remoteness.
Yes an intriguing walk. It looks it could be bracing with the wind coming from the east bringing lower temperatures.
Will anyone still do this walk if it's snowy? Thanks
Why not? What's wrong with snow? I've been waiting for years for a snowy walk.
was thinking more along the lines of London Snow Transport Upthespout..
If the snow forecast is right you would be extremely foolish to attempt this journey. The points will be frozen and we have the wrong kind of snow remember. Even the tube lines are already problematic due to the freezing weather and its only Monday with just a few snow flurries. A London suburbs walk would be a much more sensible post for Wednesday.
feel free to post a second walk
I was intending to do a Thames Path walk alone today, to stretch my legs, but mid week walkers less than keen on travelling to Eastbourne are welcome to join me. So I have posted a make shift second Wednesday walk for thee and me.
As Walker says in his comment: an interesting bit of the coast. Grand houses in Eastbourne, Bexhill on Sea and St Leonards, pretty beach side cottages and beach huts in the smaller places, a wide sandy beach, proper cliffs, an undercliff path and long stretches of remote and quiet pebble beach.
The 10.17 was delayed and was then taken out of service at Croydon for an unexplained technical fault, so we were effectively on the (also delayed) 10.47, eventually starting the walk 45 minutes behind schedule. The going was good, despite the fierce wind from the front and we reached Pevensey Bay just after 2 and found The Castle Inn a very welcoming place with 2 fireplaces and decent food. In light of the train delay and the remaining daylight, we took the bus to Collington and picked up the walk again there, conveniently cutting out most of the shingle.
A train to Cooden Beach would have been another option but we had just missed it. There then came the pretty stretch past Bexhill, the cliffs and along the wide beach (it was low tide) and finally St Leonards. After a brief stop at The Wine Shed for a drink and a bite the 18.58 train. Should be posted more often. 2 sunny cold with a fierce easterly
Oh, the snow... Just flecks of it, none in the wind exposed places.
This sounds like a good walk for a warm summer forecast maybe with some swimming opportunities?
Indeed, like every other walk I know this would be a good walk in summer, as much as it is a good walk in winter (as most coastal walks are). As for the swimming, I suggest you lobby those walk posters known to cater for that particular minority interest.
Well done for doing the walk in tough conditions. Enjoy the energy sapping naysayers.
Wed, 15-Jul-15 10

Midweek day walk Battle to Hastings

Battle to Hastings - surf and turf

The 1066 trail, Art at Bexhill and beaches to Hastings

The first section of this walk is map led, the second section forms part of Book 3* Walk 66

*Online only

Length : 17 km or 11 miles

Toughness : 3 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 9:45 am train from London Charing Cross (9:48 Waterloo East) to Battle Or
Catch the 10:15 am from London Charing Cross (10:18 am Waterloo East) to Battle

Meeting point : Battle Station at 11:03 Or 11:42

Tickets : Buy a Cheap day return to Hastings (You can travel on the HST route but the journey time appears to be longer)

Travel Options: I have put two times up for travelling because of the high costs for some on the earlier train.
Thomas will travel on the later train and I will travel on the earlier one.
I'd estimate that team Thomas will most likely catch up team Dent by late lunch at Bexhill where we can all set off on the afternoon leg to Hastings - well that's the theory anyhow.

Brief Description

I thought it was about time the Wednesday folk had a chance to visit the seaside, so this weeks walk is a hybrid offering a map led section in the morning and part of Book 3 Walk 66 (what an appropriate number!) in the afternoon.
The morning section is along the 1066 trail (Bexhill link) to lunch at Bexhill-on-Sea. Then along the sea front to Hastings in the afternoon (Maybe a chance of a paddle or swim)
High tide on this section of the coast is at 10:30am about halfway out by 2:00pm

You may find a map for the morning section here

You may find details of the Bexhill-on-Sea to Hastings section within the walk here

Suggested Lunch stops

The De La Warr Pavillion at Bexhill-on-Sea

Suggested Tea stops

Plenty of Chippies to choose from,
Lots of cafes which shut before five or don't open Wednesdays, but The Bullet Coffee House tel: 01424717477 at 38 Robertson Street (TN34 1HT) appears to be open to 5:00 pm
Please do post any other recommendations you have for good tea stops.


OS Explorer : 124

Return train times

Trains return from Hastings at the following times ...
:19 minutes past the hour to Charing Cross(via Waterloo East) journey time 1 hour 45 minutes
:55 minutes past the hour to London Victoria journey time just over 2 hours

Both trains stop at St. Leonards Warrior square station about 3 minutes later should you wish to return from there.
Should you wish a pre lunch thirst quencher. you could try the The Plough at Crowhurst
Fab choice and will definitely be there. Hope the weather will be nice enough for a paddle.
Monsieur Dent: 9.45? Really? Am I missing something? A Hastings rtn is £31.80 for that train. With a 10.15 train (and a Network Railcard) it's only £18.00. Are you trying to turn this into an OAP only walk? If so, can we then pls have a 2nd posting for the (slightly) younger mob?
...or take the 10.15 and play catch up? Fine with me...
Donner und Blitzen!, yes over £30 is too much.
The longer section of the walk is in the morning, so hence my choice of an earlier train.
Anyhow, may I suggest that for those fleet of foot and without an Older Person's Railcard go for the 10:15 train as suggested by Thomas?
Intend going. 10.15 train
another vote for the 10.15 !
appreciate you posting the walk Mr Dent but it's always been a post 10am train for the midweeks
OR alternatively a 2nd posting for the younger lot as Thomas suggests ?
Will join Thomas on the later train at Waterloo East since it takes me 30 mins plus on my local train to get into London and you cannot get through the barriers at Waterloo until 9.30 even if you re a senior traveller. I have mentioned this before Mr Dent please note. No one older or younger needs to spend this kind of money on an unnecessary train expense when the lunch stop is just the very simple cafe at the De La Warr pavilion no time pressure surely?
Looking forward to do this walk.
might it not be better to bow to pressure of opinions, make it easier on yourself and just put the 10.15 train on the posting Mr Dent ? otherwise sadly walk is fragmented before we even get there !
For anyone willing to pace on to Hastings Old Town: the Jerwood Gallery (open until 17.00) is currently showing LS Lowry and Quentin Blake: http://www.jerwoodgallery.org/whatson/current#
first section is map led...do any of the people intending to catch the later train have the correct map please ?!
there's a link to the map further up in the posting
10 overcast with hints of precipitation turning to sunny with blue sky
6 off the 9.45 dep., 4 off the 10.15. 19.8 km/12.3 mi as per gpx.
Very pleasant walk down to the coast to Bexhill along the 1066 Bexhill Link. Quiet, varied, lots of woods, a few hillocks, some vast fields and only a few stiles. Lunch in Crowhurst for the late starters (very friendly service, but run of the mill food). Tea and exhibitions at the De La Warr Pavilion (Bridget Riley and John Stezaker). By then we were with Monsieur Arthur himself. Then on towards Warrior Square Station along the coast. Pleasant stretch of the South Coast this. Finish (for some) at a rewarding new Wine Bar/Bistro 100m from the station.
Nice day out.
Yes, can certainly recommend Wine Bar / Bistro mentioned by Thomas, it's
The Wineshed, 52 Kings Road, St Leonards
TN37 6DY tel 01424 420020
Great food and not expensive.

The first half of this walk was lovely then I lost Mr Dent when he stopped to tie his shoelace in an empty field and simply disappeared! Following a waymarked route, I somehow overshot Bexhill completely and ended up in Bulverhythe. Had a great walk through the sea shallows from Hastings Pier to the lifeboat, then met up with one other slightly puzzled walker on the train home Glad to hear that Arthur didn't drop through a Portkey into an alternative universe.
Ah, that's what happened to people! Realising at Crowhurst that we would not get to the suggested lunch place until quite late I set off on a bit of a march reaching the De La Warr pavilion at 2pm where I had lunch from their pretentious and not very appetizing lunch time menu (probably best just for tea and cakes) before setting off with B at 3pm to Hastings. (We waited for others at the junction of the main coast road and the road at the end of the 1066 route. We reached Hastings main line station at just after 6pm where B caught THE 6.19 and I lingered with a coffee and read some news apps. I then met up with Carol on the 6.50.

Incidentally the distance for this walk is longer than the 11m advertised.
As follows:

1. Battle Station to Bexhill sea front = 12.33km
2. There and back to Pavilion say = 0.4km
3. Bexhill to Hastings main line station = 7.88km

This makes the walk 20.61km (12.89m) a bit less if you catch the train at Warrior Square.
Good day out though and respect to Carol for her creative route to the sea front.
Sun, 30-Jun-13 12 Pevensey to Hastings
Sun, 26-Jun-11 Bexhill to Pevensey
Wed, 23-Mar-11 Eastbourne to St Leonards