Descending to Glynde (anticlockwise)

Lewes Circular walk

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Medieval (Lewes to Saltdean & Brighton)

A window in the ancient church at Southease (England). This window dates from the 15 century. The wood carving is modern. The tower dates from the 12th century and houses two bells, one of which is dates c1280 and is the oldest in the county. Before the Reformation, the walls were covered with colourful paintings depicting biblical stories for those who couldn't read the text of the time. Henry VIII had them whitewashed! "In 966 King Edgar granted the church to Hyde Abbey in Winchester. The original charter is in the British Museum and a copy is on display near the door; Southease must have been quite a flourishing church and village with a thriving herring fishing industry, recorded in the Doomsday book as being one of the largest in the area. "

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Section two from section one (anticlockwise)

Lewes Circular walk

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Between Southease and Glynde

Lewes Circular walk

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Walking ahead

Lewes Circular walk

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View of the downs (section three anticlockwise)

Lewes Circular walk

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Mount Caburn

East Sussex. Just short walk from Lewes. Stunning views from its top on parts of South Downs and river Ouse valley. So it is totally unsurprising, that it was used as a location for Iron Age hill fort. Home for lots of butterflies:)" rel="nofollow

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Lewes Circular via Glynde and Southease walk

An energetic walk over the South Downs with great views throughout.

Hiking Weather

10 Day Forecast for Lewes

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Cloudy start, then sunny spells with the risk of showers.


Feeling very warm or hot with light winds and developing sunny spells through the day, this heat perhaps enough to trigger isolated thunderstorms later in the afternoon. Maximum Temperature 29C.


Becoming dry as showers ease for a time overnight. Some patchy mist and fog possible, with showers returning to eastern areas by dawn. Minimum Temperature 13C.


Early cloud, must and fog will be slow to clear, with some places remaining cool and cloudy all day. Isolated showers are likely through the day, these perhaps heavy. Maximum Temperature 24C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Very warm and humid conditions will persist, with a continuing risk of heavy showers and thunderstorms, but also some drier, sunnier periods. Winds should be mainly light. Some coastal mist.

Day 6 to 15

By the end of the week and during the weekend, there will be a good deal of dry and fine weather around, with sunny spells. However, there is likely to be some mist and low cloud affecting some eastern coastal districts, although with some sunny spells. However, thundery showers continuing on Friday, before dying out on Saturday from the north. Into next week, there will probably be a good deal of dry weather around, with sunny spells. The driest and sunniest conditions likely to be in the north, with the south perhaps cloudier with risk of thundery showers, especially at first, but probably becoming drier and brighter later. After a warm start, temperatures probably falling, but still likely to be above average.

Day 16 to 30

Through this whole period signals are mixed and weak, which generally gives low or very low confidence at this stage. On balance, probably more generally changeable than of late, with spells of rain or showers becoming more frequent and widespread at times, especially during the first half of the period. However, all parts of the country are likely to see some settled spells of weather, particularly in the second half of June. Temperatures probably overall near or slightly above normal. However, there is the potential for further very warm spells of weather to develop across the UK, which are more likely to occur later in the month.

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