Tring Circular

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looking down

looking down

Tring to Berkhamsted

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Towards Ivinghoe Beacon

Towards Ivinghoe Beacon

Tring to Berkhamsted

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Bluebell wood 2

Bluebell wood 2

Tring to Berkhamsted

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Ivinghoe Beacon

Ivinghoe Beacon

Tring Circular walk

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Ivinghoe Beacon

Ivinghoe Beacon


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Bridgewater memorial

Bridgewater memorial


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Tring Circular walk

The Chilterns: An open ridge walk to Ivinghoe Beacon, gentle forests, and a classic village pub for tea.

Group Walk Posts

This is a list of previous times this walk has been done by the club (since Jan 2010). For more recent events (since April 2015), full details are shown.

Like our walks, these posts are copyrighted. You may re-use them for non-commercial events only.

Date # Post
Sat, 14-Oct-17 12

Saturday Walk Tring to Berkhamsted

Tring to Berkhamsted T=2.5.b

Length: 12.8 miles (20.6km) 4 out of 10

"The first part of this route - following the Ridgeway along the Chiltern escarpment to Ivinghoe Beacon - is exhilarating, offering downland scenery as fine as anything on the South Downs. From the Beacon itself, it seems as if you can see half of England on a fine day. Then, by way of contrast, you are plunged into the ancient Chiltern beechwoods of the Ashridge Estate."

Info from a walk comment: A new path along the margin of a field now takes us safely from the station approach road all the way along the main road, until we turn off up the cement track at the beginning of this walk. Enter at the top of the station approach road through a kissing gate on your right hand side.

The walk directions were updated in February.

Get the 0934 Tring train from London Euston, arriving Tring 1017. A return to Tring is valid from Berkhamsted. Freedom passes are only valid to Harrow & Wealdstone. There is a Southern train from Croydon through Clapham Junction to Tring, but the timings aren't particularly good. There is also the Overground line to Harrow & Wealdstone & Watford.
There are frequent return trains from Berkhamsted.

The Bridgewater Arms in Little Gaddesden, tel 01442 842 408, located 11.2km (7 miles) from the start of the walk is an Old English Inns chain pub.

You get to the station before any tea stops, which are a short walk further on, across the canal to Berkhamsted High Street.

The path along the field edge at the start has been incorporated into the directions see the pdf, which should be dated as last updated in May. If this is not what you have, refresh and reload it onto your browser. The new pdf is also "sectionalised", hopefully making it easier to navigate.
The Berkhamsters might like to consider the Cafe & Bar Here at 28 30 Lower Kings Road. They seemed happy to serve tea and cakes last time we visited. There's also a Bills at 163 165 High Street if you want something more substantial
12 I think set off from the station and all did the official route to the Bridgewater Arms in Little Gaddeson on a lovely mild slightly grey day with a little sun in the afternoon. Food at the Bridgewater Arms was good but service was interminable.
7 of us after lunch went directly south through a Capability Brown valley to Berkhamstead where the going underfoot was dry and grassy with none of that slippery mud that we had had in the morning. The route which was suggested by MA was through Golden valley and then Frithsden Beeches and then Berkhamstead common and then the last 700 metres to the station back on the official route. Thus we did 17.6 km according to the Sat Nav
Tea / coffee /cake was had by 5 of us at ' I love food ' on 24 Lower Kings Rd apparently someone is going to put up a comment on this cafe but it was good and friendly.
Snooze on the train home yeah
Divine Dish
Sat, 13-May-17 19

Tring Circular - last chance for bluebells

Book 2 walk 5 - Tring Circular
Length: 16.3km (10.1 miles) or 20.6km (12.6 miles)
Toughness: 4 out of 10

10.04 train from Euston, arriving Tring 10.49


9.10 train from East Croydon (9.21 Streatham Common, 9.28 Balham, 9.39 Clapham Junction, 9.50 Kensington Olympia, 9.53 Shepherd's Bush) to Tring, arrive 10.39.

Buy a day return to Tring, which also covers you if you come back from Berkhamsted.

For walk directions click here.

I am not going to lie to you. It MAY be starting to get a bit late for the wonderful Ashridge Estate bluebells. But on the other hand they are often out ten days or more later than ones further south (and lower down). I can attest that on 5 May they were glorious. The famous wood here is Dockey Wood (paragraph 31 in the directions) but for my money the best of all - the best bluebell wood in England (sorry, West Wood...) is the much-less visited Flat Isley (paragraph 51 in the directions): that is the one in the photo.

If the bluebells are over, you still get a glorious ridge walk in the morning. If you are a sandwich eater, there is nowhere better to stop and eat than Ivinghoe Beacon. For pub lunchers the Bridgewater Arms is often busy but we manage to squeeze in somehow. After a nice walk through the woods (listen out for all the blackbirds singing and notice the lovely fresh green beech leaves) tea at the Brownlow Cafe (an outside kiosk) means waiting in its glacially slow-moving queue, but otherwise this is a lovely spot.

The extension to Berkhamsted is worth doing if you have the energy and has more bluebells in its early stages.

Trains back are frequent - 10, 26 and 56 past until at least 8pm (after that check: you all have smartphones!). The return train to Clapham Junction etc is at 34 past until 19.34 (the last one). Euston-bound passengers can take this and change at Watford Junction.

At 4.40pm on Friday I uploaded a new version of the pdf for this walk, incorporating some updates and changes to options a) and c). The main walk and option b) are unchanged, but if you are using the later version of the pdf some paragraph and page numbers have changed.
19 6 off the Clapham train, 12 off the Euston train and at least 1 joining at the pub. cloudy start sunny later The beeches along the Ridgeway were at their vibrant best with new leaves. Yours truly split off at Ivinghoe for the shortcut to the monument, so yours truly can’t comment on the pub. The bluebells were still out in force. Some spectacular splashes of colour on approach to the monument. I heard Flat Isley was good – I actually missed that , unless the patch I saw was part of it – but there were good shows at the start of the Berkhamsted extension, just past the paddock at Brownlow. Plenty to gush about. Also worthy of mention, buttercup meadows, speedwell and cowslips.
I know of two others did the Berko bit. I’m guessing the others finished at Tringo.

Wed, 03-May-17 7

Wednesday Walk - The Ridgeway, Dockey Wood, the Ashridge Estate and on to Berkhamsted

Book 2, Walk 5b - Tring to Berkhamsted

Length: 20.4 km (12.7 miles)
Toughness: 5 out of 10

London Euston: 10-24 hrs Milton Keynes service
Arrive Tring: 10-59 hrs

Return Berkhamsted to Euston: 01, 15, 31 and 46 mins past the hour until 18-00 hrs, then 18-05, 18-15, 18-32 and 18-46 hrs.

Rail ticket: buy a day return to Tring

If I've timed the posting of today's walk correctly, the highlight today should be the bluebells on display in Dockey Wood, Before this, from Tring station you follow the Ridgeway along the Chiltern escarpment to Ivinghoe Beacon, with fine views from its summit. Onwards then through Wards Hurst Farm, then your visit to Dockey Wood, into the start of the Ashridge Estate, and on to lunch in the village of Little Gaddesden at the Bridgewater Arms.
Post prandial, its through the Ashridge Estate to the Bridgewater Monument, with its cafe. You then divert from the Tring Circular walk as you walk through more bluebell woods on a pleasant, undulating route through woods and over open fields, before finally descending into Berkhamsted, with its tea options, ten minutes or so's walk past the station in the centre of the town.
This walk seldom disappoints - particularly during bluebell season.
T= 2.5
Walk Directions here: L=2.5

Next Week, Wednesday 10 May; SWC 121 - Bekesbourne Circular

Just 7 on today's walk maybe some of our regulars had not recovered from their exertions in the Brecons. They missed a wonderful display of bluebells in Dockey Wood, and later more full carpets in the Ashridge Estate. Before that we encountered wintry conditions and a strong breeze as we made it to Ivinghoe Beacon, but luckily for us, the expected rain held off all day until we were safely back in London that evening. A good lunch was enjoyed by 3 of us at the busy Bridgwater Arms, with the pub kindly allowing our sandwichers to eat in their extensive garden, albeit it was far from warm for outside dining. Suitably fed and watered, we now headed for the Bridgwater Memorial, where we said farewell to the 3 in our party heading back to Tring and home for an early bath. The walk for the remaining 4 of us to Berkhamsted was as enjoyable as ever, more so with the excellent bluebell displays en route. We just made Berko railway station in time for my 3 companions to jump aboard the 16 46: as I have to stretch post walk to prevent my ageing limbs from seizing up, I caught the 17 15 service which whisked me back to London.
Another most enjoyable SWC Wednesday walk.
Sat, 18-Feb-17 19

Saturday Walk: Tring to Berkhampsted

Tring to Berkhampsted T=2.5

Length: 12.8 miles (20.6km) 4 out of 10

You can shorten the walk after lunch to 10 miles, by doing the circular walk to Tring.

This is a lovely walk. "The first part of this route - following the Ridgeway along the Chiltern escarpment to Ivinghoe Beacon - is exhilarating, offering downland scenery as fine as anything on the South Downs. Then you are into ancient Chiltern woodland. The paths are generally pleasant and easy underfoot, but note that on the Ridgeway the exposed chalk in some of the paths can be slippery in the wet, and in the woods the paths can be very muddy in winter.

Trains: 0934 London Midland train from Euston to Tring 1017, (freedom passes only valid to Harrow & Wealdstone). There is also a Southern train to Tring which wends its way through London, and arrives at 1039 (Clapham 0939) if you don't mind making up the time.
Berkhamsted has a 15 minute service back to Euston, or the Southern trains are hourly xx39.

Lunch: Bridgewater Arms, Little Gaddesden, 01442 842408

Directions are here
19, including two late starters. One of the latter came on the Clapham Junction train but only because of a mix up at Euston. No one else got this train that he noticed. The other came on the Clammy Junction train an hour later, did a short cut to lunch and then followed his own route in the afternoon but he had lunch with us, so we are counting him. The day started rather misty but sun came out later. So we had the bits with the nice views in the mist, and sunshine after lunch in the woods. But the golden light on the bare trees was lovely and it felt almost dare I say it? springlike. Bliss it was in that afternoon to be alive.

At least one group insisted on using an out of date edition of the book. Be warned by their story! They went the wrong way at Ward's Hurst Farm and got attacked by a gaggle of geese (admittedly while on a public footpath). One was bitten. Later in the pub we googled how to deal with aggressive geese and it turns out turning your back and running is not advised. It spurs them on, apparently.

Twelve wanted a pub lunch so we phoned the Bridgewater Arms when we set off from the station and were told categorically they could not accommodate us. So we arrived anyway in dribs and drabs and they accommodated us fine. Indeed they seemed to me to be never more than two thirds full. The food was a tad slow coming but only a tad. Portions and quality were good. The Vegetarian Indian Feast was a rare veggie meal served in walker (or Walker) sized portions.

I don't know who did what later but four of us at least walked to Berkhamsted in the lovely sun and went to the Crown in the High Street. On the way I stopped by the canal at dusk. And at that moment a blackbird sang..... Two, actually. My first of the year.
Sat, 22-Oct-16 22

Saturday First Walk - Autumn colours and Ivinghoe Beacon

Book 2 Walk 5 - Tring Circular
10.1 miles/16.3 km, Toughness 4 out of 10

This walk starts with a bracing ridge walk up to Ivinghoe Beacon, before passing through the woodlands of the Ashridge Estate to the Bridgewater Monument, and finally descending to the village of Aldbury.

Trains: 9:24 from Euston to Milton Keynes Central, arriving at Tring at 09:59. Return trains xx10, xx26, xx56 for Euston, or xx34, xx39 changing at Watford Junction.

Lunch: Bridgewater Arms, Little Gaddesden, 01442 842408

Tea: The National Trust cafe by the Bridgewater Monument has tea and cake. Or furher on in Aldbury village are the Greyhound Inn and Valiant Trooper.

Click here for full details and walk directions

22 on the walk The weather was misty and chilly poor visibilty becoming low autumnal sun later.
A very pleasant day for walking though Bridgewater arms pub lunch was only okay
At least 5 of us climbed the monument at Bridgewater monument ( £2.50 if you are not a NT member ) and that adds 66 metres to the length of our walk and makes it a 9 out of 10 for toughness but the views were still a bit hazy
Valiant Arms tea was okay but far from valiant
Thanks for a good day.
I Strain
12 when I counted Maybe a typo by the walk reviewer
Lovely walk despite the misty start. Re the refreshments, I'd say the Bridgewater Arms has a good value menu (£5.95 for v good fish and chips)and Valiant Trooper did a v nice tea, in proper pots! Chocolate brownie went down well.
Sat, 09-Jul-16 4

Saturday First Walk: Tring to Berkhamsted

Tring To Berkhamsted

Book 2 Walk5b
12.8 miles (20.6km) 5 out of 10

The morning has an enjoyable, steady climb along The Ridgeway to Ivinghoe Beacon, followed by woods and open fields at the end. It is best not to use pre 2011 books for this walk, download the instructions instead.

If you have a map, you can make a small extension to Gallows Hill from the top of the Beacon, and take a path from there to re-join the walk on the Icknield Way.

Trains: 0934 London Euston arriving Tring 1017. Trains from Berkhamsted are approx every 15mins

Lunch: The Bridgwater Arms in Little Gaddesden. This part of a chain, Old English Inns, and you can get a £5 voucher by joining their mailing list (I haven't checked the T&Cs). From what I remember, there isn't a picnic spot in the village, so best to stop a bit before you get there if you're planning on having a drink in the pub.


Highly recommend The Attic tearoom on the top floor of Home & Colonial shop at 134 High Street in Berkhamsted. According to their website, they are open until 17:30 on Saturday.

There are quite a few stairs to climb to get to The Attic, but the cake is worth it.

4 warm and breezy with occasional sunny intervals
A surprisingly small group for a fine July Saturday. We followed the main walk as far as the Bridgewater monument, stopping for liquid refreshment at the Bridgewater Arms much needed after the morning exertions in the pleasant and spacious garden. We then did the extension to Berkhamsted, which was clearly longer than the 4.3 km (2.7 miles) stated in the directions. It took us 1 hour 25 minutes at a steady pace on a largely firm and level or downhill surface, so I would estimate the correct length as 4.3 miles (6.9 km). This would mean the total distance walked was 14.4 miles. The directions were helpful. I suggest one amendment in paragraph 37 to read as follows: "In 50 metres, you emerge onto a concrete car wide track. 30 metres after the start of the track, turn left through a gate into a field"
Thanks for the very precise walk update: that is useful.

The Berkhamsted extension is not 2.7 miles long and the walk document doesn't say it is. Going this way is 2.7 miles LONGER than the main walk, the distance you DON'T walk from the Bridgewater Monument to Tring station having to be subtracted from the 4 miles or so from the monument to Berkhamsted. I will try to make this clearer.
Sun, 20-Mar-16 6

Sunday first walk: Chiltern ridge and woodland

Book 2 Walk 5b Tring to Berkhamsted
Length: 20.6km (12.8 miles) Toughness: 5/10

10:01 Northampton train from Euston arriving at Tring at 10:36.

Return trains from Berkhamsted to Euston are at xx06, xx:20 and xx:39 (journey time 32 minutes). Buy an off-peak day return to Tring.

This variant ending of an ever-popular walk is due a Sunday outing, though some may regret that it comes a few weeks too soon to catch the wonderful bluebell displays en route(sorry, Peter!). After following the Chiltern ridge as far as Ivinghoe Beacon, with superb views all the way, the route follows woodland tracks and paths to the lunchtime pub and then onwards to the Bridgwater Monument before descending through open fields to Berkhamsted. More information about features of interest on the route can be found on the Walk 5 page.

After leaving Ivinghoe Beacon, a short cut direct to the Bridgwater Monument saves a couple of miles walking but cuts out the lunchtime pub so you’d need to lunch at the Ashridge Estate visitor centre next to the monument if you opt to do this.

The recommended lunch stop is Bridgwater Arms (01442 842408) in Little Gaddesden. As always on a Sunday, reserving a table is advisable. A good place for tea in Berkhamsted is the Attic Cafe - on the top floor of the Home & Colonial antiques shop, 134 High Street (01442 878713; turn left when you reach the High Street. It closes at 5pm on Sundays and offers excellent home-made scones & cakes and a wide range of teas in generously-sized pots. There are plenty of other places too.

You will need to take the latest (2011) edition of Book 2 or else download the Walk Directions.
Just 6 on this walk which was a bit surprising given its a lovely outing but perhaps some got left behind at Euston where a platform and display board mix up meant a mad dash for the train. Needless to say there was no apology from the rail operator but so long as they are allowed to rip you off with impunity why should they care?
Weather fine and sunny. A bit of strange day this as when we got to the road and the "there and back leg" to Ivanhoe Beacon I decided not to do this for the "nth" time but continue on the main route confidently expecting my faster colleagues to catch me up in about 20 mins. But they never showed up! When we all met up in Berkhamstead they had inadvertently done the Tring to Berkhamstead shorter walk missing out the pub which I think is walk 2 05ab in Sean's master walk list. They were a bit stunned when I explained this to them and to be frank its an easy mistake to make if you are using the book as the multiplicity of paths from the tarmac road can be confusing. (Of course its a cinch with GPS (;>)). Still they had superb refreshments in Berkhamstead's Attic Cafe and enjoyed their day's walking .
in the afternoon I took the opportunity to explore a minor diversion from the route from the pub and I'll write a note on this on the walks comments page. Only David Colver did the walk as advertised so full marks to him!
The ending to this walk is lovely and Berkhamstead is a place well worth lingering in on a fine summers evening. It has a number of interesting pubs and cafes and "artisan" type places.
Did the walk as PeteB indicates. I've been to the beacon many times but always in dull or cold or rainy whether, never in sunshine.

Good lunch at The Bridgewater Arms with the best roast potatoes of the year so far. Why fuss after bluebell woods when there are roast potatoes to savour?

It might be worth updating the directions to say that while the Attic Tea Room closes at 5pm on a Sunday, it has a sign saying that last orders are at 4:30. I arrived at 4:33. So took tea at Carluccios, but saw no sign of the others.
Sat, 24-Oct-15 20

Sat Walk 1 - Tring Circular

Tring Circular, Book 2 Walk 5
10.1 miles/16.3 km, Toughness 4 out of 10

This route starts with a bracing ridge walk up to Ivinghoe Beacon, then passes through the woodlands of the Ashridge Estate to the Bridgewater Monument, before descending to the village of Aldbury.

Trains: 9:24 from Euston to Milton Keynes Central, arriving at Tring at 09:59. (09:41 Watford Junction). Return trains xx10, xx26, xx56 for Euston, xx34 for South Croydon

Lunch: Bridgewater Arms, Little Gaddesden, 01442 842408

Tea: The National Trust cafe by the Bridgewater Monument has tea and cake. Or there's the Greyhound Inn and Valiant Trooper in Aldbury. Nothing at Tring station.

You can download the walk directions here.

20 on this walk. dismal damp but never really properly raining so cannot complain. Autumn colours starting to come through. Quite pretty in places. 3 or 4 opted for the shortcut to the monument. The rest went to the Bridgewater Arms which was friendly and accommodating. Later, some stopped at the Brownlow. I got the 3:34 back to Shepherds Bush. Don’t know what the others did, they all vanished in the woods.
Wed, 08-Jul-15 6

Midweek day walk - Tring Circular

Tring Circular - a Tube chaser challenge

The Chilterns: An open ridge walk to Ivinghoe Beacon, Ashridge forest, and a classic village pub for tea

Book 2 Walk 5

Length : 13 km or 8 miles

Toughness : 4 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:24 am train from London Euston to Tring station or
Catch the 9:39 am from Clapham Junction arriving at Tring 10:37 am

Meeting point : Tring Station at 10:59 am

Tickets : Buy a cheap day return to Tring

Brief Description

With the possibility of a Tube strike later on in the day, I've posted this as an extra walk (in addition to the Winchester Circular). I would suggest walkers do the shorter version of this walk to arrive back in Euston in good time if the potential industrial action is confirmed. (In any event, there are good bus services from Euston) You may find full details of the walk here and a downloadable PDF here

Suggested Lunch stops

The Brownlow Café, a National Trust kiosk on the Ashridge Estate.

Suggested Tea stops

Possibility of a quick cuppa at The Greyhound at Albury if strike is on.


OS Explorer : 181

Return train times

Trains return approximately every 15 minutes to Euston with one an hour to Clapham Junction
Planning to do this walk instead of the Winchester one because of potential tube strike tomorrow.
6 on this walk with a longish shower in the morning but sunny later on".
A shorter walk for those who may have had travel difficulties returning home from Waterloo after the tube strike started.
We skipped Ivinghoe Beacon and headed straight to Brownlows for a good value and tasty lunch. Fresh cream and strawberry scones were on offer and were yummy. Five returned to Tring via Albury, while the poster went off to explore routes around Ashridge College before slipping down through Frithsden woodland to Berkhampsted.
Wed, 06-May-15

Midweek Day Walk - Tring to Berkhamstead

Tring to Berkhamsted

Ivanhoe Beacon, Ashridge and the Bridgewater Monument

Book 2 Walk 5

Length: 21 Km or 13.0 miles
Toughness: 4 out of 10
Getting there: Catch the 10:24 from London Euston to Tring

Calling station:
Watford Junction dep 10:41

Clapham Junctionites may wish to catch the 9:39 to Watford Junction (arriving 10:19) and wait for the Eustonites whose train will arrive at 10:40 and depart to Tring at 10:41

Meeting point: Tring Station at 10:59
Tickets: Buy a Cheap Day Return to Tring.
Brief Description:
SWC are pleased to announce this pre-election special. Get away from the election frenzy and enjoy a day in the Chilterns!
This walk is the Tring Circular with the Berkhamsted extension.
I'm minded that it is indeed bluebell time and Dockey Wood (which the walk passes) sports an amazing carpet of these flowers - well worth a visit
The first part of this route - following the Ridgeway along the Chiltern escarpment to Ivinghoe Beacon - is exhilarating, offering downland scenery as fine as anything on the South Downs. From the Beacon itself, it seems as if you can see half of England on a fine day. Then by way of contrast, you are then plunged into ancient Chiltern woodland, lovingly preserved by the National Trust, with fine autumn colours in late October and early November. The paths are generally pleasant and easy underfoot, but note that on the Ridgeway the exposed chalk in some of the paths can be slippery in the wet, and in the woods the paths can be very muddy in winter. All of the climbing is in the first half of the walk: the second half is all flat or downhill.

Full details of this walk may be found here and a printable PDF here.

Suggested Lunch and tea stops
Lunch at the Bridgewater Arms in Little Gaddesden tel 01442 842408
There is an early tea stop option at the Brownlow Cafe
However Berkhamsted town at the end of the walk sports a good array of cafes and these are some five to ten minutes or so from the station

Explorer Maps 181

Return train times:

There are frequent return trains to Euston from Berkhamsted (about 15 minute intervals).
There is also an hourly train at 39 mins past the hour to Clapham Junction.
PeteB your Cotswold map led walk sounds really good for one Wednesday in June/July.. hope to actually walk the walk instead of just reading about it !
Many thanks, melanie
Thanks Melanie. If the Wednesday group do not choose it then I'll post it for my Sunday slot in July or August (the outgoing train for Cotswolds walks beyond Oxford work better on a Sunday than a Saturday but if a Saturday walks setter wants to do it then great.) I'll also be putting a slightly amended pdf in the temps walk directory later this week.
weather wet & blowy, beware!
Weather too violent for me. Mike not going either.
Sun, 01-Feb-15 3 Tring Circular
Wed, 17-Dec-14 Tring to Berkhamsted, with short cut
Sat, 06-Sep-14 0 Tring Circular
Wed, 30-Apr-14 Tring Circular
Sat, 26-Apr-14 17 Tring to Berkhamsted
Sat, 07-Dec-13 7 Tring Circular, with short cut
Sat, 18-May-13 18 Tring Circular
Mon, 01-Apr-13 Tring to Berkhamsted, with short cut
Sat, 23-Feb-13 14 Tring Circular
Wed, 07-Nov-12 Tring to Berkhamsted, with short cut
Sun, 15-Apr-12 Tring to Berkhamsted
Sat, 31-Dec-11 Tring Circular
Sat, 15-Oct-11 Tring Circular, with short cut
Sun, 21-Aug-11 Tring Circular
Sun, 17-Jul-11 Tring Circular
Mon, 02-May-11 Tring Circular
Wed, 16-Feb-11 Tring to Berkhamsted, with short cut
Tue, 28-Dec-10 Tring Circular, with short cut
Sat, 25-Sep-10 Tring Circular
Mon, 03-May-10 Tring to Berkhamsted
Fri, 01-Jan-10 Tring Circular, with short cut
Wed, 02-Dec-09 Tring to Berkhamsted (short walk)
Sun, 22-Nov-09 Tring Circular, with short cut
Sat, 02-May-09 Tring Circular
Sun, 08-Feb-09 Tring Circular
Wed, 19-Nov-08 Tring to Berkhamsted (short walk)
Sun, 03-Aug-08 Tring Circular
Sat, 31-May-08 Tring Circular
Sat, 29-Dec-07 Tring to Berkhamsted (short walk)
Sat, 10-Nov-07 Tring Circular
Sun, 12-Aug-07 Tring Circular
Sat, 05-May-07 Tring Circular
Fri, 06-Apr-07 Tring Circular, with short cut
Sun, 07-Jan-07 Tring Circular, with short cut