Saturday Walkers Club

Create A New Walk for this Website

Anyone may create a new walk for this website (i.e. you don't have to walk with the walking club).

  • If you do walk with the club, have a word someone who's already done one, e.g. David, Sean, Thomas, Marcus or Peter.
  • Have a look at the walk map for inspiration, for example, at the time of writing, there are few walks north east of London, or in the New Forest.
  • Walks thats are shorter or longer than the ones we currently have are encouraged, as are ones that visit towns or attractions (e.g. Bath, National Trust properties).


  • New Walks should (i.e. not must) be public transport friendly. NB public transport includes buses as well as trains.
  • New Walks are usually suitable for a day trip from London, i.e. within the 'Network Railcard Area'
  • New Walks may be either :
    • a map walk (give an overview of the route, and an OS map is required to do the walk), or,
    • contain detailed walking directions (no OS map required)
  • Walks with detailed walking direction:
    • must be walk checked by either
      • by the club. You may wish to liaise with us (via the the club's email address on the 'contact us' page) about organising a club "walk check".
      • or by someone other than yourself.
    • its a good idea to re-check them in the opposite season to which they were developed (e.g. write in summer, re-check in winter)
    • may contain a sketch map of the route
  • A GPX route of the new walk is helpful (don't worry if you don't understand this!)
  • Walks may be submitted in MS Word (which is the most popular), or PDF format - just email it in. HTML is of course preferred, but few people choose it.
  • You may retain ownership of the walk if you do not wish to donate it to the walking club, however,
    • You must commit to maintain the walk as time goes by,
    • Or, allow us to do so if you do not.

HTML Walk Template

If you decide to aubmit the walk in HTML format (rather than MS Word), here's how to do it

There are 2 HTML templates, walk_details (for the tabular text at the top of the page) and walk_instructions (for the list of walking instructions). Even if you submit a walk as a Word document, please try filling them in, at least the walk_details one.

walk details walks _instructions

  • Download the templates - If they displays as HTML (not as plain text), use "View - Source" in your web browser to get them.
  • Please fill in the gaps!
  • To test what you have done: File - Save As - "walk_details.html" or "walk_instructions.html" on your PC, and then use File - Open in your web browser to view it
  • To get an existing walk's file: replace index.shtml with walk_details.html or walk_instructions.html in the walk's web address e.g.
    • book 1, walk 7 is:
    • book 3 (swc walks), walk 12 is:
  • Edit this file in notepad (or similar, DO NOT not use MS Word)
  • walk_details - The rows are all optional, feel free to add new ones
  • Please do not include any HTML style or font tags - we use a 'CSS' style sheet<
    • The "tags" to use are: i (italic), b (bold), ol ul li (lists), p (paragraph), a href (link), table tr th th (tables)